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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I was just looking some SP articles (you know I've got to get my points everyday... emoticon!) and one of them was talking about the difference between fat cells in the belly vs. fat cells in the butt. (Riveting...I know... emoticon!) The thing is, there is a picture of a really big behind in some gray pants and that got me thinking...

(I refrain from my usual Beauty & Beast reference, but if you know it, go ahead it say it...)

I'm sure we've all seen the news stories where they're talking about health issues, especially obesity issues, and they show lots and lots of overweight people...tall ones, short ones, Black ones, White ones, young ones, old ones...they're equal opportunity, you know. They don't show faces, but they show everything else. They think that because they don't show faces, they're providing some sort of anonymity for the person that they're calling morbidly (read: grossly) obese. My question is this:

Do they really think that NOBODY recognizes those people?! emoticon

I always wonder how I would feel if I turned on the news and saw a figure my height, wearing my jeans and my long-sleeved striped shirt, with my white Nike's on walking in the neighborhood where I live or work, ESPECIALLY if they were talking about how fat and unhealthy I I'm the reason healthy insurance costs are skyrocketing.

Maybe it would be sort of different if they truly just picked out people in totally undistinguishable clothing: one navy blue suit with a white dress shirt and plain tie can pretty much look like another; so can school uniforms. When I saw the news yesterday, they showed this girl with blue jeans and a black tank top with a pink and white skull and crossbones on it! You could see her long blond ponytail and the several bracelets she had on her wrist.

"Hey! Doesn't Becky (or Rachel or someone else I know by name) have a tank top like that? I'd recognize those bracelets anywhere! That's got to be her!"

I'd be mortified! The TV news crew would probably have a breaking news story: "Overweight woman goes "postal" at the news station for featuring her in a story on obesity without her permission. We'll have more details at 11:00!"

I think that's horrible! Just so inconsiderate! It makes me quite angry. emoticon Is there any wonder why people like me don't like to go walking or...*GASP*...heaven public? Some of us are already convinced that people are driving by or sitting on their porches laughing and/or pointing (I know they're not, but self-consciousness is a beast to get over!). Believe me, I go out and I do what I have to do any way...and I feel darned good about it most times. The thought of hidden cameras capturing my every jiggle and pasting it on the nightly news...UGH!! The next post you'd see from me would be titled: "Come On, Sparkies! Donate to Get Miss Pooh our of Jail!"

emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    I really liked your blog post today because...

    1) I think this ALL the time when I see those news reports about obesity. And my news channel shows a lot of the same clips if they can resuse it, you know? So they don't have to film more obese people walking?? So not only do they show those clips just once during that one report, they show them over the whole freaking year. Terrible.

    2) If I saw myself, I would call up the news station and BIATCH some people out.

    3) I used to worry what people would think when they saw me running. So... this is kind of pathetic probably... but I ran in "private" at first. I bought a treadmill and I ran every day for months before I felt comfortable running outside in public. I still worry when I'm out that people are judging me.

    4) BUT! I don't think you shouldn't run/jog in public. You should. Think about what you think when you drive by a person who is running. I always send out positive thoughts to them... you can do this! I also think about them if they're maybe a bit heavier than the 'norm' or whatever, and I think, oh... maybe they are starting a journey just like I did back in March. Maybe they're on Spark People. Maybe they are changing who they are, how they eat, how they exercise, their lifespan so they can live longer... maybe they are doing this right at this moment to change their life. And I find it incredibly inspiring.
    2751 days ago
  • MSPOOH404
    @SMILING$LIFE...I think I would so love your Mom!! emoticon emoticon
    2751 days ago
    The way you wrote this is hilarious! But I seriously have thought of this before and I think comedian Jim Gaffigan did a stint on this before. It would be downright embarrassing and degrading. For some reason in this world it's okay to humiliate fat people. I was having trouble in junior high with a girl making fun of me for being overweight and she was a very unattractive girl. My mom told me to say to her, "Well I can lose weight, but you'll always be ugly." (Now my mom was a wonderful person and was not mean spirited by any means, but she hated people messing with her baby!) Overweight people have to not only overcome their own feelings of inadequacy, but deal with narrow minded people who classify them as slobs. Very ridiculous in this so called politically correct world.
    2751 days ago
    Never thought about it. But hey I live in a state with only 500,000 people. I can go to the mountains for the weekend and never see a soul. I always envisioned the trees laughing at me as I go by.
    You still are one of the funniest bloggers I knnow!
    2751 days ago
    Have you ever had a 'friend' send you a picture from I have. The people who take those pictures don't just pick on round people, though. They are equal opportunity haters.

    As for passers-by with cameras, just flip 'em off. That will guarantee you won't be on the nightly news. emoticon

    No, seriously--ignore them. Ignore everybody but your emoticon s. We know, we've all got the same issues, and I'll leave you with the thought that my ex used to persuade his now-wife (the wonderful person--yes, I mean it--who introduced me to SP) to go to the beach in a string bikini--none of them will ever see you again, so who cares what they think? emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2752 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/6/2010 1:54:08 PM
    emoticon Yes there are people out there who would know who it was and that is scary!
    2752 days ago
    Lol, you crack me up.
    It took me a long time to get into exercising because I was convinced that people would be laughing and pointing at me too. If I had to see myself on TV without my consent also, I would go postal too. Hopefully this will never happen.
    2752 days ago
    LOL I have had these same thoughts when I've watched the news.. how does that person feel having their rear-end displayed on tv as an obese example! Id b appalled!!! LOL I'm with you... their next story might b "obese example uses excess weight to clobber camera man! Crew fled for their own safety!"

    2752 days ago
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