Day 47-53 Took a break

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sparkpeople, exams, and life was too much to cram into every day. So i took a week from checking in on sparkpeople. But, it's weigh in day so i figured it'd be a good time to check in.

Miss me?

So, remember how i gained a pound last week? that 1 lb that put me 2 lbs away from my goal? Yeah, i told that pound to kiss my * * *. So, I lost 3 lbs this week. I'm down to 170!!!!!! Hit my mini goal!!! I forgot what my 2nd mini goal is, i'll have to go search for it.

Exercise breakdown:
CARDIO (240)
Wednesday: 35 minutes - Walked 2 miles
Thursday-43 minutes - Walked 2.5 miles
Friday - 75 minutes - Walked around mall for1 hr. 15 minutes as exercise, not shopping.
Saturday - 50 minutes - Cleaned the back porch, washed the bikes, etc. etc. etc.
Monday - 37 minutes - Walked 2 miles
Tuesday - none

Wednesday 10 min.
Thursday: 10 min
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: none
Monday: 35 minutes
Tuesday: none

Later edit:
My second Mini-Goal is to lose a total of 50 by Valentine's day. I can do that. 29 lbs to go!
My next reward is at 160 lbs. I get to buy a new pair of jeans! (hopefully in a size 14)
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