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A Weekend of More Wine Than Water (and my First Offical Race Report!)

Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm going to write this blog in reverse chronological order because my weekend definitely started out better than it ended (dietary wise).

It was a jam-packed weekend from start to finish:

Saturday -
AIDS Walk/Run 5K
Phone date with The Scientist
Post Show going-away party for my friend moving to Africa

Sunday -
Company meeting
Post Show Cast party for dinner and beverages

I just got tired again LOOKING at that schedule. So yesterday started with me dragging my butt out of bed after a late night on Saturday. By the time I got ready I was running late and didn't have time to make myself breakfast, so I ran to Dunkin Donuts on the way and picked up my usual egg white breakfast sandwich (good) and a cheddar cheese twist (not so good). I rolled in to our company meeting and wolfed down my breakfast during our talks about planning next year's theatre season. One of my best friends was there who I haven't seen in a while. She just completed her last round of radiation and is officially now cancer free! She was diagnosed with breast cancer just after New Years of this year and has been undergoing chemo and radiation for the past 7 months. Her hair is finally starting to grow back and she looks great - plus there is a new man in her life so things are really looking up for her. I wanted to hear more so I asked her out for lunch and she obliged. We picked a bar across the street that served up brunch and other bar fare items. I wasn't really hungry as I had just scarfed down a big breakfast, but I ordered anyway and ended up consuming a turkey burger and a huge plate of BATTERED fries. Seriously? But not all was lost - I would just take it easy on dinner...

Easier said than done. When I finally got to the theatre I was met by a panicked director who informed me that our theatre had been broken into overnight and some expensive equipment was missing. Great. Just what we needed. Without going into too many details, enough was missing and spirits were crushed enough that after an impromptu and heartfelt performance of one number in the lobby for the patrons that were waiting, we canceled the show. Not a great day for a cast party, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise that we had somewhere to go. Everyone banded together and arrived at the party for support and we all ended up having a really wonderful time together in lieu of our production. As it turns out, a lot of our cast would have had to leave right after our show because of other show rehearsals and work, but because we all got to the party earlier than planned, everyone was able to hang out and enjoy good food and good company. I knew I was in trouble when I walked in the door and smelled the gumbo and red beans and rice cooking on the stove and saw the chips & dip, olive dish and cupcakes on the table. And after the day/weekend that I'd just had, I let 'er rip! One glass of wine turned into half a bottle (at least), no snacks before dinner turned into consuming half of that olive dish, a huge amount of chips, cheese, crackers, a cookie and a cupcake (though I did also throw in a few handfuls of veggies), and just a small amount of gumbo turned into a full bowl of rice, red beans, gumbo and 2 chunks of French bread to sop up every, last, little morsel of good. I swear I ate like I had never seen food before. And this after already eating a hearty amount of food during the day! Ugh. I hate stress. Everyone says I'm SO good at dealing with it - but really, I deal with it by eating my way through it and that's NOT "good at dealing with it". Thankfully I stopped eating around 6pm and made it home by 7:30pm, so I had plenty of time to digest before going to bed which means I had a great sleep and woke up this morning ready to tackle the world - and get back on track!

So that was Sunday - in a nutshell. Saturday night after the show I was Exhausted (with a capital E) and absolutely did not want to go out to a party. But I knew I wasn't going to see my friend before she left for Africa so I dragged myself to the gathering. It was actually nice - my friends, who I haven't seen in months, were full of compliments (no one mentioned the weight loss, though I know that they could see something different about me and couldn't quite figure out what it was, so decided that it had to be my hair that looked so different :) so literally everyone at the party made a comment about my long, now dark, hair). I got a chance to see my friend who is moving - she's going to Kenya as the new director of an AIDS clinic over there for a whole year. My brother and I are planning a trip to go over to see her next September. It's going to be so awesome. She's living in a small village just north of where the Great Migration takes place, so I'm SUPER excited about going on safari in my new body next fall! So I finally managed to make it out of there at 1am, took a cab home and fell into bed.

Given that my friend is headed out to work in an AIDS clinic, Saturday was bookended by AIDS related events - a nice theme to the day since we're all working very hard to raise money and help people who are still contracting and living with the virus. So on to my official race report for the AIDS Run/Walk 5K/10K in Grant Park that kicked off this whole crazy weekend.

I woke up early to the sound of wind and rain...ugh - awesome. By the time I got my gear on it had stopped raining, but it was absolutely freezing, so what I had planned on wearing wasn't going to work because I needed a couple of extra layers. I still wore my shorter pants and a t-shirt under a tech jacket knowing that we were going to be getting race shirts there. I ate a good breakfast and headed out the door with plenty of time to get downtown. Well - maybe a little TOO much time to get downtown. I made my connections immediately and wound up at our designated meeting place an hour earlier than I needed to be. Because it was so cold, I headed over to a Dunkin Donuts and picked up a large hot tea to sip on and keep my hands warm. Eventually some members of my team arrived and we opted to go hang out in a nearby hotel lobby to stay warm (and also use their washrooms - which were beautiful and so much better than the PortAPotties on the route!).

I was a member of the Season of Concern Team this year - an association that provides assistance and financial aid specifically to artists living with AIDS. They are big in the Chicago theatre community and have season collection drives in which we collect money from patrons who attend our shows, usually over Christmas time. I've known OF various members of the team for a long time now, but this weekend was actually the first time that I met some of them face to face. It was pretty awesome. Here's a pic of our team (minus our runners).

It was really great that I had this experience before my race in November. I was really confused when we got there and didn't know at all where to go or what to expect. There weren't a lot of signs to direct you either, so I was glad to be able to follow other people around that knew where they were going. After we registered some more cash donations and picked up our Walker numbers (everyone was just 2010) we walked back across the Grant Park field (totally muddy) and stood in the huge crowd waiting to start.

There was a brief announcement and then the horn blew and we were off! I figured out that we were actually in a pack of people following the runners. We looked for our friends (one of whom is 6'3" who were in the running pack) and managed to see them take off from the starting line - thanks to her height! We cheered them on and then started to move forward in the group for our walk. It was SO SLOW!!! We weren't even walking at a 25 min/mile pace for the first block. Knowing that it was going to take forever to walk in this pack and being as cold as we were, my friend Eugene and I looked at each other and decided to run. We had talked about maybe running some of the race previously and I said that if he was game for it, then so was I. So off we went - we had to run on the grass to get past the mob of walkers, and my first trip-up happened when I realized that my feet were SOAKED from running in saturated grass. So we stopped and walked for a bit on the path until we cleared another large group. Then we took off again and got a good stretch in before I hit a wall and had to stop to walk again. I'm not sure why - I could have pushed through it, but I realized just how hard it was running around the walkers and without my iPod. Eugene also wanted to chat while we ran, and I just couldn't do it. He didn't quite understand that wheezing for breath is part of my running routine! He got ahead of me and then I lost him in the crowd, so I just slowed down and walked about a half mile before I was ready to run again and catch up to him.

When I did catch up to him we were only 2 minutes from the turnaround point! The second leg of the walk was right along the waterfront. Although the boats and the harbour were pretty the path was littered in goose poop, the wind had picked up again and it started to rain - MISERABLE!!! Dodging the poop made it too hard to run, so we agreed to walk the waterfront and run again for the last 1/2 mile once we were back up on Lakeshore Drive. We finally cleared the underpass to the Drive as a huge group of cheerleaders cheered us on. It was pretty cool. There were a lot of people who volunteered to "entertain" along the route which was a lot of fun. We broke in to a run just as the path veered upwards to a hill - oy! But I pushed through and ran at Eugene's pace to the finish line! We crossed the line at 56:34 - and given that we didn't start until at least 2 minutes into the time, I'd say we did pretty well for a walk/run.

Here's me and Eug at the finish line!

We grabbed water, a gift bag with some granola and Lara bars and some Gatorade and waited for the runners to cross the finish line. Like clockwork, they ran in under an hour and joined us to wait for the rest of the walkers. These girls are amazing - both of them are casual runners, but both are fit (and beautiful) and though they had never run together before they kept pace and finished the whole 10K at an amazing speed!

The walkers crossed the finish line 15 minutes later and we all headed for the meal tables. A steak sandwich and PopChips were on the menu with more water. It tasted good - though probably not worth the calories. I would have preferred a more substantial meal at that point, but my friends wanted to visit with some of the people they knew at the vendor booths, so I went with them. A view of the city and the event set-up:

The rain started again and I was tired, so we walked back to the train and headed home. I sat in a warm bath for about an hour to get warm again!

Here are some things that I learned for next time:

1. STRETCH!!! - although I stretched at home before the race, it was cold, so I should have stretched again before we started, and then I absolutely should have stretched more post-race. At home I have a whole 5 minute routine that I do after my runs. I never realized how important those 5 minutes were until I didn't do it on Saturday and I was in PAIN for the rest of the day and all day Sunday.

2. Race food isn't worth it - I consumed well over 600 calories in Lara bars, Gatorade, the post-race meal and other snacks while at the event. Though it may seem like none of those things "count" after you finish a grueling physical activity, the fact of the matter is that they do! I would so much rather have gone for a warm, sit-down meal with my friends after than to have ate standing up on a muddy field!

3. I need my music - right now, I'm not far enough along on my running journey to be able to do it without tunes. I depend on them to keep my spirits high, keep myself and my self reasoning in my head so I can talk myself through rough patches, and generally to keep time as well. I know a song is typically 3-5 minutes, so I know I only have to get through so many to run the whole race.

4. I am not a runner and a talker - I'm a runner, but it's still tasking for me to run, so my whole body, mind and breath need to be devoted to the task of running right now. I'm sure that will improve, so if we run together - I'll talk to you after the race!

5. I need to set my own pace - if I start too fast, I peter out quickly. And it's hard to manage pace around so many people. So again - I need to stay in my head and work myself through the patches that are harder for me instead of trying to keep up with someone else.

6. Nicer weather is better - nuff said - it was brutal running in the freezing rain :(

I am looking SO forward to my next race - but I'm also anxious about it. I know now that the 3.1 mile path isn't as long as I feared it would be. But I want to do well, I want to RUN the whole thing. It will be ok if I can't or don't - but I really want to accomplish that. So I have to pump myself up and really push myself with my running schedule for the next month.

But all in all - it was a great day. I'm really happy I did it. And I can't wait to do it again!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MMS354
    Belated congrats on your race. emoticon
    2753 days ago
    Congrats on your race, girl! I love that you used the experience as a learning tool too! I can't wait to hear about the next race! And the one after that! ;)
    2758 days ago
    Nice Job! I know you'll do great at the next 5K. My goal is to also not stop! I like you need to set me own pace and slow and steady is my mantra! I'd like to eventually pass the 15 minute mile but for now, I am sticking to it... maybe after a few more pounds come off it will be easier for me!
    2758 days ago
    emoticon on the run! I'm also not a talker or runner, and neither is DH, so it sounds like we'll be a happy, quiet crew!
    2758 days ago
  • WYND10
    Woo hoo! Your race sounds like it went great! And don't worry about the stress eating. It happens to all of us, you are aware and next time you will be better prepared. You're a runner!!! :D
    2758 days ago
    That's awesome that you ran! I am SO not a runner and a talker either!!! My best friend is (she can sing and dance while she runs, too, lol) so when we ran Elvis together I apologized ahead of time and she totally understood. So we'll be good at the Hot Chocolate, baby!!!!! Loved the pictures and yes, that schedule looks exhausting!!! LOL :) Congrats, runner girl.
    2758 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Oh yay!!! I'm glad you had a good race and a fun weekend. You'll do even better at the next one when you start out running! I hear you on all the freebies they give out. You gotta watch out with those because a lot of them are more for long runs and big snacks. But they are yummy!

    Congrats again!
    2759 days ago
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