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Monday, October 04, 2010

This plateau has GOT to stop. I've been on this same ride for over two months. I've got another tracker and at ONE pound (now that's a reasonable ONE pound) per week, I should be down at least six pounds from where I am. I haven't dropped ANYTHING. The inches are not moving either, although I'm back on the weights. I'm eating within range, I'm exercising. I've added my upper body weight training back in slowly so as to not re-injure the elbow. This has GOT to stop, because I need something freaking positive to happen in my life right now.

My personal life is in shambles. I despise my husband right now. ( I guess despise is a little strong, I'm tired of the some of his reactions to life including catering to his ex-wife and hurting me in the process). Financial life is totally in ruins. My work situation is stressful at best. I've managed to NOT stop exercising and my eating has been well within acceptable calorie limits. I haven't gone over enough to gain and I've actually been within loss ranges for the amount of exercise I do. I've shaken up my exercise routine more than once.

I'm beyond frustrated. and I know I shouldn't be comparing or stating my jealousy, but I see some blogs stating how oh my gosh, they aren't losing 3 pounds a week any more... puhleeze, I never even saw 2 pounds a week, much less 3.

I'm just ANGRY, ANGRY, FRUSTRATED, ready to quit this site, all sites and just do this on my own again. Last time I managed it on my own with no change in eating hab its and lost freaking 30 pounds in six months. I'm now at seven months and barely 22 pounds.

I've reset all my trackers as if I've lost NOTHING. It's the only thing I can think of doing. Just act like I'm starting all over. I'm just a freaking STRESS case right now with nowhere to turn. My friends are in their own worlds, I have no husband to count on and no family.. and I'm so tired of this.
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    The closer you get to your goal the harder it is to lose the weight. The stress sure isn't helping either. Just don't stop trying.
    3152 days ago
    I'm right there with you... Please just stay focused and continue doing what you know is good for you! Don't let ANYONE tell you that stress-levels have nothing to do with weight loss - OF COURSE STRESS EFFECTS WEIGHT LOSS!!! And it effects your health - just stay the course and you will begin to feel better - and when you begin to level out emotionally, your whole being will regain some balance. Blessings to you!
    3153 days ago
    Drink more water, hope you are taking a multivitamin with B complex, extra B vitamins during This Stress Situation. Ever Try Yoga? Ever Try Meditation? Good suggestions have been made and I echo these but I would like to suggest you assign a day, one day that is just for you to do what you want. One day where you are not the responsible person... go for a walk... go to the spa.... go to the beach... go to the library.... go to the theatre... If you cannot make a whole day for yourself make a half day or at the very least 8 hours. All the other stuff will still be there and hopefully with a fresh look you can deal with it. Stress is a killer.
    Work on a less stressful you.
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    3153 days ago
    sometimes life gets in the way, and the stresses we are experiencing really do affect out weight loss... TRUST ME!!! I am so queen of stress right now.
    Continue as you have been doing, and I think being able to tell folks you are angry and mad and pissed is the benefit of this site- I mean seriously someone comes along and tells you look at what you have done.... look at what you have accomplished... and look where you can go... sometimes life seems like its thrown us a curve... best think though you don't need to swing at them all...
    3153 days ago
    Sherri, stress will "hold on" to the extra weight!! Believe me I know! But.....you in the size 8 dress.....think about how far you have come!!!! (That's an order!)

    I don't know what your hubby is like, but Dave is not the lovey dovey type, (which I need him to be sometimes). I know he sees me as the "strong, I wont take any sh--, kinda gal", but we need support, too! Men are plain stupid sometimes, you have to tell him how it's going to be!

    Hey, if you could win the lottery.........think about that, would your life be all you hoped? I daydream a lot, just to get by, sometimes! Fantasy is a great mood booster!

    Hey, like you told me, I'm here if you need to vent!!!! emoticon
    3153 days ago
    Okay--tell the husband to start bagging groceries at the HEB to make some money--you take what's left in the bank account and take a spa day--SERIOUSLY!!!! Kill two birds with one stone--he will be miserable--pay for being a friggin idiot by catering to the ex (I have been in that situation in a past relationship--HORRIBLE--I couldn't go with him to his daughter's wedding because of the ex-wife going nuts)--can't believe I even stayed with him for that and some time after--but not long...AND...getting back to you--you can enjoy yourself and just relax for awhile---make him figure it out and take care of himself and his daughters for awhile...seriously--what would they do without you right now....? Do you ever ask him that? okay---just repeat after me....SPA DAY....SPAY DAY...SPA DAY...
    3153 days ago
  • DITTY1013
    To echo what everyone else is saying, it's very likely that your high stress levels are keeping you from dropping weight thanks to the hormone cortisol. I know things are rough right now, and we can't always change our circumstances to reduce stress. But we CAN change how we react to it. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, whether it's something physical and cathartic like kickboxing or meditative like walking or yoga. Maybe even create a little meditative practice in your life, like making a cup of tea and sitting for 15 minutes, or reading a book, or whatever you can do to relax for a few moments. Plateaus suck, but being constantly stressed sucks more, so do what you can to address that first. Good luck.
    3153 days ago
    It sounds to me like you're doing exactly what you should be doing. Have you looked at other success measurements, such as your waist measurement?

    Honestly, I think it's possible that STRESS is interfering with your weight loss. Do you see a therapist? If not, is it possible (due to time, money, etc) to start? It sounds like you're going through a HORRIBLE time and having someone to talk to might help (especially if you can't talk to your husband, friends, or anyone else). The next best thing (or possibly better, if you don't have a therapist since it can take a lot of time to form a working relationship with one) is to take a good look at your friends, figure out which one YOU feel closest to, call him/her up and say "look, I need your help right now."

    I don't know you, I don't know how much you have to lose, and I don't know anything about you other than what you wrote in this post, but I do know that YOU ARE IMPORTANT. If your friends/family can't see that and don't respond, that's a problem. However, you have so much stress right now that the last thing you need is the additional stress of trying to lose weight. Focus on what you can do to make your life better.

    Edit: after rereading more carefully, it's fairly clear that a paid therapist is out of the question. I don't know what is available in terms of free therapists, but I still think it's a good idea to talk to someone.

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    3153 days ago

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  • ANNC16
    I feel for you. Really I do. It's sooo frustrating when you're doing everything right, and it's just NOT happening!! It could be your stress level that's the problem though. Studies show that cortisol (the stress hormone) can affect weight. It might be an idea to look at the stress articles on here and maybe get some tips from them. There is a stress busting challenge group on here, some of the tips on there might be of use.

    I know exactly how you feel re: you husband, I felt the same (he's now me ex BTW), we split but I couldn't afford to move out of FH, so ended up living under the same roof for almost a year until the divorce settlement went through!I really hope that you don't end up in that situation. Its' extremely frustrating as well to see my ex complain about money, when he earns at least twice what both me and my fiance earn together! He was like that when we were together. My aunt is the same, always moaning about how little money she has, but, in the last 3 years she has been on all inclusive holidays to Mexico twice, and I think it's Brazil this year, for 2 weeks at a time!

    Moneywise, we get by most of the time, but, like you we can't help our kids much. My boyfriend and I have 3 between us aged 21, 19 and 17. My eldest daughter and her boyfriend struggle with my grand daughter, he's just had his hours cut from 40 a week to 16 a week, but at least he's still got a job, they're both trying to get additional part time jobs to try and make ends meet. We try and give them bits and pieces of shopping when we can, I'd rather not eat than see my grand daughter go hungry, and I did a few times when we first moved away from my ex. We are due to be married next year, we are very lucky that my parents are paying for most of it (second time as well), plus his mum is giving us money towards it, but I refused to take a loan out to cover it, I'd rather not have stuff than get into debt.

    Reading your blog from a few days ago it makes me feel very lucky that I have my mum and dad, and my fiance to lean on. I've just basically sacked my maid of honour as she was supposed to be my best friend, sut I hadn't heard from her in over 5 months, so I know what you mean by your friends being in their own worlds.

    I do hope that something positive happens for you. In the meantime you can always email me if you need someone to sound off to, my email address is whosthemumma@hotmail.co.uk.

    3153 days ago
    So sorry you are having a tough time. The plateau could be caused by the stress. Even though you are eating well and exercising, your body is stressed. Stressed bodies react differently than nonstressed ones. Instead of releasing weight, it is held on to "just in case."

    I would suggest for you to find ways to lessen your stress. There are several factors you cannot control: your husband's reaction to things, previous financial decisions, your work environment (to an extent). But within all of these areas, there are things you can control. Your attitude towards your husband: Ok, he's not the nicest person, but you loved him for something at one time...find that reason and hold on to it (at least for now). Your finances...learn from what you've done wrong and work to correct the problems. Your work...go into work with the best possible attitude and remember that you control how you feel. You do not have to like the situation, but you can find something positive in it.

    When it comes to the weight, exercise and eating, look at it as a journey...a lifestyle change, not "I've got to lose weight." If you want this to be a permanent change, than you have to permanently think it is a change...not just for ________. (Fill in the blank with whatever reason you are losing weight)

    This is just my 2 cents worth. Have faith in yourself. You can do this. I pray you choose to stay with SP. It can be very helpful in keeping us on track. But the decision is ultimately yours. It is one thing you can control.

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    3153 days ago
    Sounds like all things in life are giving you a run for your money! Maybe, you should stop looking at the scale and start to monitor non-scale indicators....like your calorie count, your exercise minutes, the impact of exercise on your stress level.

    Good luck and hang in there.
    3153 days ago
  • SG11505
    You are a beautiful and wonderful person. You deserve to have the success you desire. I think you should continue to consider yourself as being successful every day that you exercise and eat within your ranges. Heck, some days it's victory enough that you got out of bed! Keep going. Good luck. You CAN do it. May your plateau come to an end or at least so you the beautiful view that is up next on your journey.
    3153 days ago
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