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Push-ups: Interruption & Redirection

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ok, I'm really tired of this conversation...

Me: "I'm doing a 100 push-up challenge."
Friend: "Oh really! WOW! How's it going?"
Me: "Great! I'm up to about a hundred total!"
Friend: "Is that 'real' push-ups or 'girl' push-ups"
Me: "That would be MODIFIED push-ups"
Friend: "Ohhhh. Uh, that's nice." **makes condescending face**

So, I decided to restart the push-ups challenge with real, grown-up, big boy (even though I'm NOT a boy, people!) push-ups. But before that, I am probably going to try to do Week 1 doing "negative pushups".

I read an article (link at the bottom) that seemed to make good sense. The sentence that stood out to me was:

"For those of you who cannot do a push-up, here are some techniques to help get you there. And don’t bother with “modified” or “girl’s” push-ups that are done with knees on the floor. This exercise is a waste of time and, despite conventional wisdom, does NOT prepare the body to perform “real” push-ups."

And then the article goes on to describe the things that you should do to prepare your body. So, my plan is to take these preparatory steps, and then proceed back into the challenge, no matter how long it takes. The whole "core strength" thing that the article talks about, is very important to me right now. My swimming definitely will improve with increased core strength, and I think my overall health will as well.

I am going to be creating a plan and tracking it in a Google Spreadsheet. Unfortunately, the Push-ups Logger that I had been using seems to have quit, and I don't have time to troubleshoot that too.

I'm struggling with: my perfectionism, the little voice that tells me I am a quitter for not just completely the challenge with modified push-ups, and the desire to put my efforts toward things that will improve my health. I'm a little sad to be taking what feels like a step backwards, but bottom line is, I want better core strength, and would like to take on this challenge the "right way".

ETA: Oops! Forgot the link!! :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So the starting pose is what in yoga is called the plank pose: which I can do briefly. But I can never lower to the ground. So I will focus on that first step. Thanks for the link!
    2755 days ago
    Holy cow...and I was just trying to get fired up to 'try' the girl/modified push ups! I mean, I think those are tough enough! They can't be a complete waste of time...I refuse to believe that!

    Jackie...rofl..."a pox on them" sister used to say that, that sure made me laugh remembering her, thanks!
    2755 days ago
    Yes, for those people who make condescending faces at you...are they doing anything? They have no right to judge if they aren't making any fitness efforts! So, a pox on them, and keep on truckin' are doing great!
    2755 days ago
    there is no shame in modified push ups...they are a lot harder than they look when they are done in proper form. I was watching the Biggest Loser last week and one of the contestants was doing modifieds so well and so quickly BECAUSE she was not doing them in proper form. Bob got her into proper form and she could barely do three! That is when I realized what an accomplishment it would be to do 100 of these! Although I do the military ones currently, and I am in week 2, if it ever gets to a point in the challenge where they become too rough for me I will have no shame going to modifieds.

    My step son told me and my husband that in ROTC he can do 20 military push ups in a row "NO Problem". We asked him if they were supervising and making sure he was in exact proper form. He said no they just tell them to do them and don't even watch. So my husband and I got him into exact proper form and he could very barely do 6! So then we got him into proper form for modifieds and he was barely able to get to 10...and this is a healthy and very active 14 yr. old boy!

    If someone thinks modifieds are easy then 10-1 chances are they have never done them in proper form.,.....

    You are doing FANTASTIC and doing what so many others cannot or will not- Congratulations!
    2755 days ago
    Wow, people are jerks :/
    You're doing amazing! Seriously, I can't wait until I get up to 100 push-ups (in sets). My boyfriend is doing the challenge too and he does 'girl' push-ups too so there you have it really :P I was thinking of restarting the challenge with military push-ups after I complete it, but even the thought of it makes me feel tired aha.
    2755 days ago
    Great! The 100 pushup challenge has really helped my arm strength and tone.
    I couldn't do one military about a year ago. Then, I did 30 day shred with modified pushups and kept doing more of those. When I first did the 100 pushup challenge I did about five military. It works very effectively. I try to do 100 three days a week and plan to keep doing it for my core. It works.
    2755 days ago
    Whoops! Added it. Sorry about that! :)
    2755 days ago
    Do you have the link to the article?
    2755 days ago
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