My October plan and a picture of my nephew :)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

I must admit that I am really glad that I finished the Ironman challenge last month (September), but I also must admit that it took a lot of energy from me. I felt like I was always exercising and always organizing the next exercise. It was a lot of fun, but i have decided that this month will be all about food food food.

When I exercise I eat more, and when I eat more, I want to eat some more, and I do not lose weight.

This happens when I am exercising over my.. what could I call it... threshold ? Well... How can I explain it...

When I started exercise one time run made me so tired, hungry and I felt like I had done so much that I struggled a bit with the portion sizes. When I had been moving around regularly for three months or so, three times a week run became a part of my routine so I didn't feel this body tiredness and I started to move around some more.

Since I started training for the 1/2 marathon I have been really exhausted.. and then came the ironman thing and wow that took a lot of energy from me, especially fitting the exercise time to my daily live and doing all other things I want to do.

I do not want to stop exercising, so now this month I am only going to exercise three times a week.

Monday: Run
Tuesday: Dance
Wednesday: Run practice and sometimes swim
Friday/Saturday: Run or do other exercise.

I know this is four times a week hehehe.. but you know how it is, sometimes things comes up, so this is the days I am going to use for exercising

Last month I did this

Swim: 3,8
Run: 42,6
Cycle: 181,1

I exercised for: 22h:58m

I think sometimes it is a good plan to take one step back to be able to go forward and now is that time in my live

And here is a picture of my beautiful nephew that my little sister just gave birth to

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    Love the plan....I try to work out 3-5 times a week (optimally 5) for 30 minutes each time. Lately, I've been burning nearly twice the calories a week...but I started feeling really weak and I've slacked off a bit....thinking I've been overdoing it. I will know tomorrow if I've lost any weight this week...but I don't think I have. I'm not giving up...and I'm determined...I just need to know the best way to approach my "perfectionist" attitude.
    2738 days ago
    Very cute baby! That Ironman did me in,too. And the eating!!!!! I am glad you set the challenge, though, as I really enjoyed it. Especially now that it's over!!!I like the idea of concentrating on eating for October. We probably both need to get back on track.
    2754 days ago
    Very cute baby! Have a great October!
    2755 days ago
    He's beautiful! I think you have the right idea about exercise. The same thing happens to me when I suddenly start exercising more. My body seems determined to hang on to the weight. It seems to appreciate when I ease the intensity and duration up slooowly. lol
    2755 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Your plan sounds great!

    I like to run 3 weeks a month, then totally take off a week. I find I'm much fresher that way, and I don't really seem to loose anything.

    Exercise definitely can make you hungry! And it's so easy to think, well, I worked out hard, I deserve it (IDI syndrome, as I call it). It can be really tough to balance making sure you get enough good quality nutrition but don't eat too much.

    Here's to a great October!
    2755 days ago
    Beautiful baby! your plan for October sounds great!
    2755 days ago
    September was a busy month for you and your family. You've certainly earned a break.
    2755 days ago
    Congratulations on your accomplishments, and best wishes in reaching all of your goals. Your nephew is precious.
    2756 days ago
    Your nephew is so adorable!
    Congrats on completing the Ironman Challenge!
    Your October will be successful!
    2756 days ago
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