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Air Force Fitness Test, Irrigation, David's Dr's appt

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Today was busy day #1 for this weekend. Tomorrow will be busy day #2. But here's the busy day #1 report.

I woke up at a perfectly pleasant 6:50 am (my alarm was set for 7:15, but I woke up earlier than that out of habit). So I read in bed until my alarm went off (LOVE my new Kindle!) Then I got up, got dressed and drove the 2 blocks to the Air Force base. I signed in for my fitness test and then read my Kindle until 8am when the test began. I weighed 10 lbs more for this test than in March, but that was to be expected with my weight gain from stress and lack of exercise after my leg dual injuries in April. I was only able to start running again last month. But luckily weight itself isn't part of the test... just the waist measurement. And since I'm an hour-glass body type, my waist measurement can handle an extra inch or two before I start to lose points on the fitness test. In March my wasit was a 28.5". Today it was 30" (ugh on the 1.5" gain, but I can reach 31.5" before I lose points on the test, and I know it will go down now that I'm able to fully exercise again.)

Once the weight and waist measurements were done I whipped out my Thomas' mini whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and my water with Nuun (Kona Kola with caffeine). Then it was time for the pushups and situps. I was given red jersey #5 which meant that blue jersey #5 was the person who would call out my numbers and vice versa. Red went first with pushups, so I got down on the ground and got ready. I've continued doing pushups, but I've been slacking a bit on them (along with everything else), and I haven't been doing the 100 Pushup Challenge workouts. But in the last couple weeks I've been working back up from 30 to 46 (max on my test for women 30-39). I did 46 twice in the last week, but it was a struggle and I had to concentrate on beathing steadily through them all. But I figured I could get them done. My only concern was my form. Sometimes when I'm alone I know I don't go all the way down. With the fitness test there are people judging whether you went all the way down and whether each pushup counts. So I made sure I got my elbows to a full 90 degrees on each one. I even earned a "Good form!" comment from the civilian woman who runs the fitness program at Los Angeles Air Force Base. And considering she's Lenda Murray, the former 8-time Ms Olympia, I take that as a HUGE compliment!

Wikipedia page: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le

Photo: www.wear2gym.de/news/wp-

Now, what she is doing running the fitness center at Los Angeles Air Force Base with her also-impressive husband is beyond me! But she was very pleased when I told her I'd Googled her name and she was extremely impressive. Okay, enough about the power house who supervised my fitness test today. Back to the test.

So I did all 46 pushups I need to do for the test. Then it was my buffed-out-looking younger male partner's turn. I was shocked. His form was terrible. He didn't go down far enough on practically any of his pushups. Surprisingly they let him get away with it. And he started flagging in the low 30's. I hadn't expected to do better on pushups than the guy I'd been paired up with. That was kind of an ego boost for me.

Then it was time for situps. Two nights ago I did the 45 in a minute required for the test, but I barely got the final one in before my 1 minute alarm went off. So I was a little worried about time. I did fine today. I went faster and finished the 45 in about 50 seconds, so I had about 10 seconds to spare. Cool. Then my partner went. Again, they were letting him get away with stuff they aren't supposed to. He rested in the down position three times for a couple seconds. Once you do that your test is supposed to be over. It's funny because the reason civilians are running our fitness tests now is supposedly to tighten up the reporting and standards. The concern is that fellow military members were letting people get away with stuff they shouldn't have. Interesting. But at least I know my own test was flawless and above reproach.

So I went into the 1.5 mile run with full points on waist, pushups, and situps. I could get above a 90 (required for excellent) with any run time under 14:46, so I knew I could do it. Since I haven't been running again until recently and I've really taken it easy on speed to keep from reinjuring myself I didn't have any idea what to expect. I went out pretty darned fast - fast. My first lap (half a mile) was 3:30. My last two laps were both about a 4:50. So my final time was 13:11. Not the best, but respectable and more than enough for an excellent. My final score was a 96. In order to get 100 in April (my goal) I will have to run the 1.5 in 10:51. I don't actually have to take the test in April since I got my excellent (Excellent = testing once a year instead of every 6 months), but I have a goal to do it before I turn 40. Once I turn 40 the standards get easier. My pushups drop to 38 and my run increases a bit to 11:22. A time of 11:22 wouldn't be a personal record for me (I've beat that time twice - though admittedly only in my teens and twenties), but a time of 10:51 or faster certainly would be, and I want to try to do it.

Okay, the irrigation situation... my dad came down last night (right before I hit the road to drive to Los Angeles for my test.) Once I got back from LA at about 11:30 he and I started back in on the irrigation. We installed the pressure regulators on the two drip stations and I started fixing leaks on the pipes in the front yard. Then it was time for me to go get David for his doctor's appt.

At David's doctors appt I turned in the 80-question questionnaire for the parents and the 59-question questionnaire filled out by David's teacher. She scored it and came to talk to us. She told us that based on the results of both questionnaires she could say with 95% accuracy that David's got ADHD. Not a surprise... as I said, by the time we decided it was time to get a diagnosis and put him on medication it had become painfully clear that that's what has been going on. She then gave us a prescription for a liquid form of the same drug as Ritalin. It's a low dose initally, and it's just once a day. We'll have him on it for a week and then go back to her on Friday.

I only found one pharmacy in town that had that drug, and they only had a 10 day supply (instead of the 30 day supply in the prescription), but I took what they had since I didn't want to have to wait until Monday before they could fill the whole thing. It's funny... we've been dealing with him like this for a couple years, but now that we've made a decision I couldn't wait 3 days to start the medication. Admittedly a big part of that is wanting the full week of him being on the medication so that at the appt on Friday we can discuss the results of the week with as much information as possible, but I also just want to get started so that hopefully any positive effects can start to be evident by Monday when he goes back to school. Please let this be the beginning of an answer!

So Steve and I got home from that and discovered that my dad had continued motoring away on the irrigation. He had finished installing the pressure regulators and had then started digging up the 9 deep sprinkler heads in our center bush area. That was a lot of work. He had to dig down about a foot on each of them so that the heads can be unscrewed, replaced with risers, and capped. Though we're turning 2 of them into drip heads for the bushes. We have to dig out 4 more tomorrow, finish installing the risers and caps, finish laying the drip hose where it needs to go and then we can test the system and fix any leaks that become apparent. But that will have to wait til tomorrow afternoon since the morning is full of swim lessons and soccer practice.

I'm glad my fitness test is over, because now I can go back to planning my workouts around my new goals, and not just around the fitness test.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm just catching up on your blogs. It was awesome to read about how well you did on your AF Fitness Test! emoticon

    It's so great that your dad came down to help you with your irrigation system. I can see where you get your industriousness from!

    - Karen
    2815 days ago
    Holy! I would have come home and taken a nap, not gone straight to work on the drip system! What a day, and what a wonderful test score...FABULOUS!!!
    2819 days ago
    WOWw way to rock your test! 3:30 for that first lap? You SMOKED IT! :D Just think - if you are able to extend that speed for the duration of the test, you have GOT your goal! :D That is exciting!
    2819 days ago
    Deb, I am amazed and inspired by you! I hope you get at least a few minutes to rest and relax this weekend!
    2819 days ago
  • BIGGIRL2082010
    Oh WOW! You are completely AWESOME, woman! :) Debbie, every blog of yours blows me away with all that you do and are, and this was a special treat, reading about that airforce fitness test. I would've flunked all parts of that test. :) And it was interesting to read that the civilians are letting people get away with things in that test. Hmmmm. I guess it depends on how "nice" people are, which I've always thought was a rather arbitrary standard. :)

    Glad that is over with, glad you've got some action going with helping your little boy, and YAY - your irrigation is almost ready to go! You've got a fantastic year ahead - ENJOY it! And I have to say, I'm looking forward to reading about that RV trip a few summers down the road ... :)

    2820 days ago
    Deb you ROCKED that test!

    ...and your Dad did HIS rockin' on your water situation...! :-)

    Way to go!

    2820 days ago
  • SHEILA1505
    Fantastic Debbie - you have every right to be proud of your achievement
    Great to have your Dad help out in such a practical way

    Good luck with the David story and hope the meds improve things

    Big hugs
    2820 days ago
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