The problem with the big picture...

Friday, October 01, 2010

...and what I'm doing about it.
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    Great idea to seek help and take care of yourself, now is the time. I thought when your face brokeout it was stress from so many changes taking place in your life. You are young and learning everyday what makes you tick and how to relate to life with a crazy schedule. Good things are happening and you will take control and relax. emoticon
    2755 days ago
    I feel like such an 'old fogie' when I say this, but Jackie, it's young people like YOU who give me hope for the future!! I say that with all sincerity. If anyone 'deserves' support, it's people like you who are working so hard to better themselves and the world. I agree talking with a counselor is COMMENDABLE and nothing to be ashamed of. Frankly, I don't think even using meds temporarily to get one through a 'rough time' is a bad thing. Sometimes you just don't have the mental or emotional energy to work through the problem naturally at the time. Personally, I hate Xanax. A fourth of one knocks me out and makes me feel crappy the entire next day, but if I'm in a situation where I'm 'trapped' in anxiety and there isn't any other immediate way around it, or through it, I'd prefer not to suffer if I don't have to. (It probably does less damage to your body to take a pill compared to what the mental stress can do to your body..of say..freaking out feeling like you are on the verge of death for an entire plane trip. haha)

    The news is full of people losing it in one way or another and we owe it to ourselves to take care of ourselves and attend to our own needs, whatever they are. YOU are putting out so much energy, you deserve to get some back to benefit yourself!

    I guess the problem with wonderful people like you is they are wonderful because of what they do, what energy they put out there, but by putting it out there, the world can seem to suck whats left right out of you.

    You are an inspiration to so many, and I'd be willing to bet to everyone who knows you in 'real time' also, and I don't think anyone would question anything you need to do to care for yourself. Burn out is a very real issue. I've been through that with 'Compassion Burnout' working with animal welfare charity. The needs out there are so great, one wants to 'fix it' but it's easy to get sucked into the giant 'vacuum' of others needs.

    We love you!!!
    2755 days ago
    Tackling 10,000 things begins with the first step, and what a good one. Thanking you for sharing this. As you told me - don't stop talking. I reallllllllllly understand the homework thing and that is what I am going to do for the rest of the weekend in and out of other things I do.

    As a suffer of PTSD, I am what I am because of the counseling I received. Now, that might scare you because I am quirky; For me, when I began to share beyond the superficial, I learned how to take care of me, and not let others harm me. I still struggle with that, but you know my saying, big girl underwear and I no longer let people with dirty feet walk though my mind. I have learned to vent in 5 minutes or less, oh Jackie, I have found so much joy in that. Get it off, get it gone, move on. Now, jackie there are some days when 5 minutes is not enough, but I don't have the angst, or the pain, I just want to talk about it. I pray well for you. Be Blessed. emoticon
    2756 days ago

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    I'm proud of you for taking care of yourself and there is nothing wrong with going to counseling at all--many people do it and why NOT do it if the school offers it for free? I did it in undergrad for free too and we even had a young woman's support group and it was awesome!!!
    I was once on anti anxiety meds due to panic attacks and depression but went off of them after taking up exercise as a regular part of my life--but if I get really stressed out, I have to think of me first....so Friday I took a personal day from work and it was awesome!
    I wish you the best as always!

    2756 days ago
    Good luck! I think you're very brave for seeking out help and it really does help organise your thoughts. I can say as a person who was always skeptical of that sort of help and too stubborn to take it, that it really does help. I'm glad I was convinced to take it when I was studying because I used to be pretty much dependent on anti-anxiety medication and I've been med-free for a long time now, so that pretty much proves it in my book.

    Spark friends are amazing! I feel honored that you shared this little bit of your life with us, this is such a great community and I wish you the best of luck :)

    2757 days ago
  • GEKKO1
    A school that offers counseling to their students for free is absolutely a good thing! Most well established universities know the stresses students go through, so be proud that you have accepted and determined hat you need the help! You're not psycho or weak, but as you said,"...only human..."

    We know how much you really wanted to attend this university and we all cheered for you when you were accepted. We remain in you're "cheering section", knowing that you will be fine and you will make it through the school year on top. Accept what help is available when you need it and never be scared to ask for it.

    If someone fells you need pills...go to your local grocery store and get some St. John's Wort. I take two 300mg pills every other day and that keeps me from going nutty!

    Take care, you!


    2757 days ago
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    i know how hard that first step is. im proud of u for making it. ur doing it right by starting w the psychologist.

    u have a good weekend as well.
    2757 days ago
    Therapy will help you immensely, give your self a chance to come to terms with your life. Have a relaxing weekend enjoy the weeding. Monday will be here soon enough.

    A new emoticon


    2758 days ago

    2758 days ago

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    I think that seeing someone about the things you have been going through is an excellent idea. And, I am honored that you value is sparkers enough to let us in on it.

    I am NOT feeling like doing my run today... and I was thinking of excuses all day... so, I went and just changed into my workout clothes a half hour before I am leaving so I will leave and go right to it. seeing your vlogs always put me in the right frame of mind.. and I value that.

    Have a great time, stay dry.. and enjoy yourself! get out on that dance floor!!!!!!!
    2758 days ago
  • SHOWME53
    Seeking counseling is awesome. I'm proud of you for looking into it! Everyone needs to have someone who is non-judgemental and who can give you great advice.

    I agree with you about being medicated, it just cover up your problems and does not address them.

    I would be honored to be your friend. I think you are awesome and enjoy your blog. Hang in there and good luck this weekend.
    2758 days ago
  • CAMELA_55
    I agree - online friends are awesome!

    I wish you well with your counseling. My son has gone for about a year, and he is doing great now. I don't understand why most people worry about their physical health and ignore their mental health.

    You sure do have a lot on your plate this week. I know you will do well. Keeping up with your exercise will really help you get thru it. So smart! You have such a great attitude.

    2758 days ago
  • DEE_DEE1972
    Therapy is a great thing, you should not feel uneasy about it. And yes, very likely it will be a psychologist or at least a certified counsellor. And there are a ton of different approaches, but the most important thing is that it will ideally give you some insight and resources for you to handle the million balls that you are juggling in your life.
    You are doing great... hang in there!

    Have a good weekend.

    Delil in CA
    2758 days ago
    1) I absolutely AM a legitimate friend. ((hugs)) And I totally understand -- people who don't have an online community don't always understand how you really can develop friendships with people you have never met in person!

    2) Counseling (temporarily or otherwise) = awesome. I'm proud of you for looking into it!

    3) Good luck this weekend!
    2758 days ago
    I got tired just listening to your list of things to do!

    Therapy is a good resource! A lot of times it just helps to talk it out. :)
    2758 days ago
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