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I'm an Avocado

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Found out some interesting information via SP. I have an avocado body shape (based on my waist to hip ratio). Sounds interesting.

Here’s some information I found out about this body shape (not on SP).

Your shape: Your physique is somewhere between an apple and a pear shape. You are not slender or lean but appear stocky and solid, with wide chest and hips and very little narrowing at the waist. If you are fit, your upper arms and thighs will appear muscly and strong.

What this means: Natural therapists believe the avocado-shaped person is affected by an inefficient thyroid — the gland that affects metabolism. This may be why avocado-shaped women and men tend to gain weight easily all over but then find it very hard to lose. People with this body type may find they have an easily triggered stress response, which may interfere with sleep, lower mood or cause muscle tension in the body.

The good news is that, because your weight gain is evenly distributed all over rather than in key areas such as tummy or bottom, you avoid the problematic visceral fat that apple shapes suffer. If you can sustain a healthy weight, your body shape will not elevate your risk of heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer or diabetes.

Health issues: One disadvantage of being an avocado shape can be your lower level of general energy. This may leave you with less get-up-and-go to exercise, but if you can just motivate yourself to take that first step, being active will help to improve your lymphatic drainage and counter any insufficiency in thyroid hormones. However, some apple shapes find they have a generally hyped disposition. If this applies to you, you may love exercise and, in fact, often not know when to stop.

If you are an avocado body shape, you may find that emotional states such as anger, anxiety and depression contribute to your weight gain. This means you could end up with heart problems down the track, even though your weight storage is not in the dangerous abdominal zone. Every time you stress out, your liver releases fats into your bloodstream, which can increase your chances of developing artery-clogging plaques. Studies have also shown that emotionally unbalanced states such as depression and loneliness increase the incidence of coronary heart disease.

This does sound a bit like me. The psycho part--naw the built.


Here's the link on SP where I "found" my body type:

Here's where you can find yours based on waist to hip ratios:

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