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52-Week Walking Plan, week 6, day 3 I think I have a cold now, but it could be the onions. LOL

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today I did:

I ate a Nutrigrain Bar - apple flavour - while doing my warm up before my walk. I've finally found something I can eat first thing that doesn't make me nauseous. :-) I'm not good at eating for the first hour or so after I get up, but as the dizzies can sometimes be related to lack of food, I'm trying to eat a little something before I go out. I took a bar with me on my walk yesterday, but with the sinuses forcing me to breathe through my mouth a lot, I was finding that the crumbs were making me cough. So, it was back to trying to eat before I go out. I had tried to wait until after breakfast to go for my walk, but then found that the rest of my day was affected, as I couldn't seem to get going any quicker, and I still didn't want breakfast until more than an hour after I had got up.

I never liked Nutrigrain bars before now, and they don't have a great deal to recommend them, but they have a little fruit in, aren't high in calories or fat, and are soft to chew on, which makes them minimal effort first thing. Tara is highly amused that Mum is suddenly eating them, after saying so many times how awful they are. *grin* I am now a walking example to her of how our tastes change, and that this is why it is a good idea to try things we used not to like, because we sometimes change our minds, and that is ok. :-)

Sorry Folks... slipped into 'Mummy Mode' there for a moment. Normal service has now been resumed. :-)

52-Week Walking Plan
Week 6, Day 3
15 minute walk

I somehow missed one of the clicks when setting the timer on my mobile for the halfway point. I got as far as the bridge which is my usual turning point, got all the way over, then delved into my bag for my mobile to see how many seconds I had left, and it wasn't running. *oookkkaaayyy* So, I switched it off, locked the phone, and turned back, figuring I had probably done about half the time anyway, and the alarm went off just before I reached the house! Yup... after failing to start it, I then equally failed to switch it off. *grin*

I had my usual breakfast - porridge and cooked apple on top, and then did twenty minutes on Tigger to complete my cardio today. That always puts a smile on my face. :-)

I gave Roo a few minutes attention too, though I am trying to save him for lower body workout days. Now that I have a much bigger step, it is a whole new workout. :-)

Upper Body
I just did the Day 3 Bootcamp Video today. I really felt it afterwards so I didn't want to push my luck after over a week off.

After all that, and a short time Sparking, I had to be good and do some paperwork now that the sinuses have let go of the full-time death grip, and transferred to a part-time death grip. Part-time means that it feels rough first thing, lets go somewhat during daylight hours, and then reasserts itself as the evening draws in. Add to that a runny nose and a sore throat and I may well have a cold going on here. I am pretty suspicious about it anyway, and there are a lot about at the moment.

Anyway, I cooked up a very garlicky and oniony ratatouille for my dinner tonight, and tomorrow I am making a batch of my curry, all being well, to try and kill the germs with the spices and garlic. LOL They are going to run a mile before I've finished with them.... or is that meant to be my nose.... hmmm....

In other news, I made a decent dent in the paperwork. Yesterday I read right through all the Tax Return paperwork, and highlighted the relevant sections in the help booklet for ease of reference when I fill the form in later. I will have to ring the office because there are three or four things I'm not clear about at this point, but apart from that it doesn't look as bad as I feared. Let's hope these aren't famous last words. *grin* Today I got about 5 months of receipts straightened out, and have about four more months to go. I am very grateful that I have a very simple business. This is the first time I have been self-employed and had to fill in a tax return. The joy of learning curves. :-)

Well, I have two hours of TV to look forward to tonight - CSI Miami, followed by Drop Dead Diva. The first show starts in fifteen minutes, so I am going to toddle off and settle in. I think I've earned a comfy seat for the viewing, and maybe a nice crochet hook and some soft wool to play with. We'll see. :-)

Hopefully, I'll be able to pop back later on for a quick run through some friends blogs before I head for bed.

Hope you are all having a great day! :-)
Lex xxx
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Loving some random LOLs :-)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have a complaint about your pics Lex - I laughed at each and every one of them, well more a quick (but admittedly loud) chuckle at each of them. Nothing wrong with that, but... the guy who lives next to me, one of my wonderful neighbors who is always so ready to do anything to help, called out after my third chuckle to see what I was making that strange noise for. Told him I was working on my computer and was liable to make even stranger noises than the few he'd heard, so maybe he needn't worry till the dogs started howling with concern. Once again he just got that 'hmm, she's off again...' look on his face, smiled and walked inside, no doubt to tell his partner Chris has lost the plot again.
    2824 days ago
    I don't mind Nutragrain, they kind of remind me of the fig bars I used to love. I don't like doing Income Tax, it has math in it, LOL. I am fortunate my building gets Uni students in every year to do ourrs. Ah the benefits of living in low income senior's housing.. We get to have our flu shots free in the building too.
    I feel for you with those sinuses. I had a corker once that led to severe pain and some numbing of the nerves in my face. So now I am very diligent keeping on top of my allergies so they don't build up on me.
    Feel better soon..
    2824 days ago
    Love the pictures, I needed something to smile at today. Great job on the walk and yes our taste buds do change every few years. Keep up the great work.
    2825 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    Good job working on that paperwork, Lex!

    I'm glad to see that you were able to get a walk in, some strength training, and some Tiggering in to boot!

    Now enjoy you some relaxation and watching your telly!

    Carla emoticon
    2825 days ago
    Cute pics....you always make me smile!

    You are setting such a great example for Tara....nothing wrong with launching into mommy mode...we all need those gentle reminders...lol

    Good on you for getting that paperwork sorted out...one of those jobs that comes with owning a business that just has to get done. Next year you will have all of your receipts organized so that you don't have to go through months at a time. It is great to stretch your wings and take on new things regardless of the learning curve before you!

    Glad to hear you are slowly feeling better. Take Care,
    2825 days ago
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