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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm blogging really just to blog. I'm so busy at work I can't even think straight, but wanted to say something while I had it in my head. Been reading a lot of blogs about the aha moment that it's a lifestyle, what's your motivation to continue, starting over, new goals, coming back and it's just crazy, but it's life. I found it funny though because as I was coming back from my workout, I was thinking to myself.. Okay I need a kickstart. I've been hovering at this same weight for almost two months. I'm still working out. Calories have pretty much been in check, so what's the deal. So what to do, what to do. and of course I don't know if you've seen my pictures but my legs/butt/thighs are HUGE). So many people I see writing, I don't want to hear my thighs rubbing any more. Ladies/gentlemen, I don't even know if that's feasible for me because my inner thighs are so big. and the sad part... there's so much freaking muscle there. You can feel it, you can see it when I do adductor/abductors (I push some major weight).. why are they so huge. Well, I had a epiphany... well a something. Why don't I kickstart with a fat burning diet. Something a competitor would go on for at least a week before a competition. MAYBE, just maybe, so I'm putting a diet together in my head. Yeah, it's going to happen on Sunday. You're like why not start it now... well no, I'm going to the State Fair for the second time in my life and I'm going to enjoy me some roasted corn.... that won't be on the diet. So Jump start on Sunday. See I'm making goals and changing things up too.

So none of that is what I wanted to blog about. I even changed the title of my blog. hehehehe.. okay, stress alert. The good news, husband got a job. Hardly any pay, but a job in his environment. Bad news... if I don't get out of mine, I will go postal. Okay, I'm off... my daughter told me there was a shooting at University of Texas (she goes to Texas Tech) and I need to check up on the news.

Edit: I feel like I'm being confusing. The "diet" is just a one week thing, more of a detox. I've got the lifestyle thing. I'm just trying to motivate my body to feel something different. and as far as the thighs, I don't mind the largeness as long as they are toned. They are getting there. I really wasn't complaining, just making mention. Have a great Wednesday everyone.
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    I think the kick start will be just what you need to get your body confused. That is pretty much wheat we need to do to keep the weight loss going. WHen it gets comfortable it just stays at a plateau. I think that might be what is going on with you. Keep us posted on your progress.
    3124 days ago
    Run, lift light weights with high reps like 3 sets of 20 stay away from the adductor/abductors machines they make your thighs larger. Think about not waiting til Sunday. It is a lifestyle change you can go to the Fair and have food. You just can't do it everyday/every week/once a week every week, but the Fair will go away for another year. I mean don't go NUTS but pick the foods you really want and have them.

    Also remember you see yourself more critical than everyone else does. We pick up our own features of ourselves that we don't like and magnify them in our heads.

    3124 days ago
  • DITTY1013
    Running is a great way to slim your legs. Mine are naturally bulky, too, thanks to genes and years of soccer, but running has done wonders. I've got knee issues, but short runs (I rarely exceed 5k) are manageable. Also, you might want to steer clear of those adductor/abductor machines at the gym. The motion isn't a natural one. Stick to the classic Jane Fonda-style floor work so you're lengthening & toning those muscles rather than building them up. (That's what Jillian Michaels says anyway, and I've had enough good results to trust her.) Good luck to you!

    3125 days ago
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