September Struggles

Monday, September 27, 2010

So today was a pretty grim Monday. On Sunday I was doing great... oatmeal for breakfast, leftover chicken salad for lunch, and shrimp and okra gumbo for dinner. Then I just blew the whole thing late in the evening. My wife and I rented a movie (the new Robin Hood movie, actually pretty good. But anything would be an improvement compared to the Kevin Costner disaster.) So I made some popcorn, which wouldn't be bad in and of itself. But considering I drowned it in butter and sprinkled it with shredded cheese... yeah, not so good. Then on top of that, I decided to indulge in a bag of Reese's Pieces. Oh, and then right before going to bed, I thought a piece of peanut butter and bread would be a good idea. So all in all, I probably ate as many calories in the span of an hour than I ate in the entire day. I was so disgusted with myself, I didn't even log it all in my journal. I put down enough of it to remind me of how bad I blew it and then went to bed.

Then I got to work this morning. I apologize for implying in another blog comment that I was currently unemployed. That was not my intention. I am having significant employment difficulties, but I do have a job. Suffice to say, I am not at all happy with where I am professionally, and coming in to work every day is more and more of a struggle. I am hesitant to elaborate further because I know there can be consequences for what you post online these days, and my employment situation is tenuous enough that I do not wish to exacerbate the situation with my comments. I do realize however that any job is precious and not to be taken for granted, and so for that reason I try not to complain too much about my situation. But circumstances are pushing me more and more to consider alternatives, regardless of how unpleasant they may appear in the short term.

All in all my week is off to a pretty rough start. And it is kind of ironic because I always tell other people not to let little setbacks like this get you down. It is okay to screw up now and then. We all do it. But now that I am the one who screwed up, I have a much more difficult time being that forgiving to myself, mostly because I just feel silly. Of course it doesn't help when I "over do" it for breakfast and now find myself basically out of calories after dinner time tonight. Yeah it's going to be a long night... lots of water and sugar free chewing gum, and then off to bed early. That's probably the only way I can get through the day without overshooting my budget yet again. And if I do that two days in a row, I'm really going to beat myself up over it.

I don't think this will jeopardize my long term goals. I should still be able to lose 15 more pounds by Thanksgiving. Although I do have a week long road trip coming up. That is really going to challenge my new lifestyle. I won't have access to the gym, and I will be "eating out" basically every day, three meals a day for a week. I've already thought of a few ways I can deal with that. I'm planning to bring my workout clothes, and some of my dumb bells. And I tried to always pick a hotel that has a fitness room. I know most hotel fitness rooms are little more than a treadmill or two and maybe a weight machine, but at least I can't use that as an excuse. Plus I can always do some walking, running, or even swimming to burn some calories in the meantime. In fact, swimming might really be great if I can find the time. That is a form of cardio I can't really do at home, so that could even shake up my workout routine in a good way.

Eating out so much is going to be another challenge, but I've already made some progress on this in the past couple weeks, and my wife had some good suggestions for this as well. We have a LOT of storage space in our truck, and we have two big cool chests. So when we're on the road, we could probably eliminate some of the "eating out" simply by going to the grocery store and stocking up on fruits, veggies, and other healthy non-cooked foods like sandwiches. Making our own sandwiches would be cheaper and healthier even than sticking to places like Subway, and certainly better than McDonalds. We've already picked out some restaurants in the towns we will be visiting and checked out some online menus. There are enough healthy options available that I won't be blown completely out of the water by calorie bombs. So at least we have a plan for that.

Here's to hoping the week improves from this point. Never say it can't get worse, because you will always be surprised!
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  • PAULIE1211
    If I can make a suggestion on a fast yummy food, I love laughing cow cheese and the other day I wanted a rich food that was filling so I take 1 wedge of laughing cow cheese, 35 calories and spread it on a 6 inch tortilla 80 calories, 3 pieces of oscar myer deli fresh 98% fat free turkey breast shaved, 45 calories for 6 pieces, so I say 23 calories and a leaf of lettuce, 1 calorie. roll it up and put 2 in a sandwich bag for a fast snack. I hope this give you a idea for a yummy snack that is rich and filling. Let me know what you think! Good luck to you and remember that you are entitled to slip just remember to always get back up! emoticon
    2786 days ago
    dont be afraid to travel with a crock pot or toaster oven..
    it is amazing what you can create for your own meals.. my husband and i always take it when we travel.. it is easy to find healthy alternatives when you eat the hotels breakfast.. but a toaster oven can take care of the rest and save you tons of money along the way.
    (best meal we have made to date in a toaster oven.. Filet and Lobster..)
    2791 days ago
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