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I Bought Myself a Virtual Monster Truck!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yep. That's right.

I bought myself a virtual monster truck.

I have a house full of uninvited guests. Two quasi-adults and three teenagers.

No notice. No phone call. Just showed up, all smiles and yelling "SURPRISE!!!", assuming that DH and I had been missing them or something.

These people are not relatives, and we didn't even know them all that well.

They just decided that vacationing in the beautiful Olympic Peninsula was a grand idea, and because I sent them a Christmas card, they had our address. Which, apparently, gave them cause to believe was an open invitation for an invasion.

I am going to use my monster truck to either drive away from my uninvited guests, or perhaps just simply run over them.

Either way, it would be good choice.

You may have noticed that I haven't been "on" much the past couple of days. Yesterday, not at all.

That's because I couldn't get on my computer due to the three rude teenagers who confiscated my computer. They were on it at all hours, including 4 A.M.

Of couse, they had to text message all their friends, play games or whatever.

I don't think they gave it a single thought that my computer was not here for their sole purpose of enjoyment. I mean, who would ever consider having a computer for reasons other than guests' entertainment??

I am starved for music where I can understand the words.

I want to watch my baseball games instead of "Can you Trick this Ride" or soap operas. I don't CARE who wins any reality shows either!

I feel badly for my catty girls, Meng Tsu and YeowLing. They are currently living full time under my bed. I wish I could join them.

Winsten is manic, and is barking and jumping around all over the place. He threw up on the living room rug because the kids thought he could eat off their plates the stuff they didn't want.

Speaking of food, I want a salad for dinner, with a piece of fruit after for dessert.

I want to throw away every single frying pan I have ever owned, and I want more than chips, dip, cookies, soda, pizza or Subway sandwiches.

One of these kids is a vegetarian, and I want to invite her to eat my over grown weeds down. After all, she IS a bit of a nag!! Always on people for what they are eating, their fat intake, and what "If you eat that, this is what you body has to go through to digest it:.............."

I do not want to ride in my car, going to Forks with three teenagers ever again. I want to go back to thinking Twilight is a lovely, peaceful time of day, and has NOTHING to do with vampires.

My hip pain is excrutiating, but the people living in my house right now don't seem to comprehend why I don't want to take them to the beach or tour Seattle.

Even without the hip pain, I still do not want to take them to the beach or Seattle, for that matter!!

I have no interest in playing paint ball with them, and even less interest in hoseing them down after they have played, and then winding up with a bunch of paint balled clothing in my washer.

I am 66 years old. I should be considered to be OLD! I should be granted peace and quiet. I shoud be looked upon as "The AGED ONE". I should be noticed that I am getting tired.

Mostly, I should be allowed to be CRANKY, and tell them all to get the hell out of my house and go HOME, where they belong, before it is necessary to put ME in a home for the criminally insane.

They made a noise this morning that they had to get all their laundry done so they would only be packing clean clothing "for their trip".

From their mouths to God's ears!!!!!

I'm looking for my Monster Truck keys!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I've been a little behind in my Spark reading, so I just got to this one.

    Do I ever think that MoPPET has an excellent idea. It's too bad that you didn't think of that when they arrived...

    I would have probably decked the first kid that got on my computer without my permission. The ensuing uproar would have probably cut the visit mighty short. I don't lose my temper often, but that probably would have done it, and it's not pretty when I do lose it.

    Some people just don't have a clue!! Let's hope that they don't give out your address to all of their friends (if they have any!!). I think I would be ready to put MoPPET's suggestion into action, just in case. I'm not sure I would even invite them to dinner, just a couple hour's visit would have been enough.

    Hope October is better for you.
    2819 days ago
    OK, let me get this straight. These acquaintances just showed up on vacation and wanted to stay how long. They are on vacation and are doing nothing but hanging around your house? That is the height of rudeness. I think I would include a bill in the next card. I vote run them over.
    2824 days ago
    OMG. That would most certainly make me swear off sending Christmas Cards.
    Maybe you need to present them with a bill for Room and Board. Doubt they'd pay it, but it might be a good hint to leave before they run up the bill any further......
    Better yet run them over with your Monster Truck. emoticon
    2824 days ago
  • M0PPET
    OMG. I would have invited them in for dinner and then after dinner given them a slip of paper with 3 nearby hotels written on it and said "here, I wrote this up to make it easier for you to find a place to stay tonight. Nice to see you. Maybe we can meet for lunch sometime while you are here."
    2825 days ago
    Maybe this year you should send them a Christmas card with an address somewhere like Maine or Missouri. Then they can descend on someone else!

    I never cease to be amazed at the rudeness and audacity of people. Sorry you're dealing with this; if I had a real monster truck to loan you, I'd send it your way. Hopefully they will make their exit sooner rather than later!
    2825 days ago
    OMG I would be going insane!!! I hope you can tactfully talk with them about everything. Really that is so rude. I do not know how you are handling it! At keast it is only a virtual truck - right now!
    2825 days ago
    Oh gosh. I wouldn't handle it with any amusement at all!!!!! I know we have our sanity tho!!! Hope they leave soon. I'm still shocked with unbelief at the audacity of these people. I would be close to sending these people a bill for services. How rude!!
    2825 days ago
    Only me and my children are allowed to descend upon you like that, NOT that we ever would, we would at least call to make sure you were home . Who in the @*^%%^ dares to think they can do this??? emoticon emoticon
    2825 days ago
  • AMYJEAN911
    Good Gravy when are they leaving???? You poor thing!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2825 days ago
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