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Monday, September 27, 2010

Good morning,

Today I didn't go cycling cause need to give my legs a break, back on my bicycle tomorrow. I weighed myself this morning and I'm frustrated and upset with myself, not a good way to start the day or the week. I gained 3.3lbs last week ugh, I've been working my tail off, getting up early to go out and cycle and I GAIN weight !?! SIGH

I'm reflecting on the previous week to find a reason why, to find the culprit something or someone to blame it on but I can't it's my own fault, the following are the reasons I believe I don't loose weight;

1- Everyone tells me I should track what I eat but I refuse to do so. Why? Because I feel it becomes an obsession with food, from experience I know that all I will do is think about what I ate. How many calories have I consumed, how many do I have left, perhaps I eat this in the am that in the afternoon, snack here and oh no only have so many calories left and on, and on! Obviously, I'm only fooling myself that I am right and the scale proves it! Solution: Begin tracking & planning my meals (sigh)

2-I wait far too long to eat, I know I shouldn't be spacing out my meals so far, I can go 6 hours without eating anything because "I'm not hungry" or "I got caught up with work" but it's not helping me at all. When I eat my next meal I'm pretty hungry by then. I've tried to have something to eat every 3 - 4 hours but the excuses start pouring out. Solution: Consistently have something to eat every 3 - 4 to boost my metabolism.

3-Weekends - I feel I deserve to eat whatever I want cause I've been "good" all week. Uhm, my weekends seem to start Friday evenings so that's more than 2 days of eating just about whatever I want. This is very tricky for me cause I've worked so hard all week cycling and trying to make better choices but don't want to restrict myself completely. Solution: limit my "I can eat whatever I want" weekends to one meal and come to terms with the fact that I MUST watch everything I eat all of the time.

That's as far as I have gotten, I also realize that my clothes feel loose in certain areas and that my body is readjusting and I'm building muscle but I'm just frustrated. I had help with losing weight In the past, I had my meals prepared and measured for me so that took out the planning and counting calories that I absolutely do not enjoy doing. But I have to learn to do this for myself, guess I'm gonna have to call my Dr. to reschedule the nutritionist appointment. emoticon

I'm trying not to allow this discourage me, feeling like the weather today (it's raining in NY) and then I remind myself it's OK to feel this way and learn from my mistakes and move on. I know once I truly accept the fact that tracking & planning my meals will be a part of my life that I simply must do, things will improve and become second nature. I must accept that it's a struggle everyday, if it weren't I wouldn't be in the condition I'm in to begin with.

Struggling to keep my thoughts positive but I do have my goal in sight, it's just my mind is in a bit of a haze right now - but I'm not giving up! I just have to realize I can't do everything at the same time and have it done in a week, it requires resiliency, determination and stamina to make it happen.

Thanks for listening,

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    You're absolutely right in all the above!

    However, I don't track daily now, its not conducive to my lifestyle and time available, so I track a day every now and again to catch myself and keep on eye on any weekness. But mainly to keep an eye on my Nutritions I track at the end of the page.

    If you don't want to track daily, use smaller meal plates or bowls - keep the contents very colourful and you won't go far wrong.

    Eating several smaller meals & snacks during the day is more likely to work towards weight loss than 3 'square' meals a day.

    Reading your blog, you know what is right and wrong - its just doing it thats hard isn't it - well thats where your motivation comes in............ Plan ahead with packed snacks in your bag and nibble as you go along the day.

    Your clothes are a much kinder and honest guide to your healthy body than those scales so don't beat yourself up and try weight fortnightly instead of weekly.

    Love M x
    3160 days ago
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