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Sunday, September 26, 2010

This weekend my sister-in-law got married. We don't have the best history but things are okay between us.I do hair and had done one upstyle on her awhile back and when I asked her how she liked it she said it's fine.I was asking her.."do you want your curls straighter? Do you want it higher?" her only answer was "It's fine" So knowing that she was engaged I let her know shortly thereafter that if she wanted me to do her hair for her wedding day that I would love to and if she wanted someone else to do it that would be okay too. Her answer to that was a curt "Okay."So the last I heard (on wednesday) was that she was going to do her own hair ( she did her own makeup so it was believable to me).I went to her hotel room as my other sister-in-law who is very kind ,loving, and considerate wanted me to do her hair regaurdless of anything.So I walk in and the bride sister-in-law is in the bathroom with her mother-in-law's hairstylist having her hair done!
I was so angry and hurt....I wish she would have at least had the decency to tell me that someone else was doing her hair!! She could have told me on Wednesday when I was doing her color! I wanted to cry but I didn't. I did however just think mean things about her for the whole night! I know it's not all about me and she is the baby and very selfish and inconsiderate. i.e. her mother-in-law made her cake for her wedding and is not a baker okay. She made a three layer cake and poured her heart and soul into this cake.So I am sitting in the living room and overheard her mom-in-law asking her how she liked the cake and my sister-in-law says "it's okay." WHAT ? Seriously omg. I am just stunned.
I wanted to smoke so bad but I did not. I felt really left out as my husband was in the bridal party and I was not and he was mingling a lot while I was sitting thinking nasty thoughts.Moving on I had 4 pieces of cake!!! Ha they werent huge but there were three different flavors and I had to have another piece of my favorite! Thank God I went to the gym yesterday and did and hour of cardio...and thank God I did the same today.This morning my in-laws had us over for brunch and I had a carb festival! I entered everything I ate today into my food tracker and still did not go over!
However now I am in the home stretch and it will be 4 weeks until I am laying on the beach in the Bahamas.I am not worried though. The only thing that would worry me really and truly at this point is if I started binging again and or eating the way I ate this weekend every single day.I made a crock pot chicken for dinner that was heavenly. 2 pounds chicken 28 oz can of plum tomatoes drained...3 minced garlic cloves..1/4 tspn of crushed fennel seeds,salt, and dried thyme 3 orange peel slices....2 sliced red peppers and one yellow onion and cook on low for approx 8 hours or high for 3-4 hours and serve with fresh basil sprinkled over top!! YUMMY!
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    It sounds like you SIL is very picky and hard to please so maybe you are fortunate you didn't do her hair. She should have just told you the truth. The cake sounded good as does the Bahamas. LOL.
    3132 days ago
    There's simply no controlling other people, what they think, what they do, etc. You know that you only have control over yourself.
    Your new sister-in-law already sounds like she is headed for divorce if she can't get along with certain family members or isn't kind to her mother-in-law. When you marry somebody, you marry into an entire family, so you'd better like the whole lot of them!!
    It sounds like you need to find a way to feel completely detached from this person so she hasn't got any power to push your buttons. But here is a secret: She really hasn't got any power over you at all. She never had and never will. All the things that bug you about her and all of your feelings about it is all created in your own head. You are the only person who has the power to disengage the negative feelings and thoughts going out towards her.
    If she really is as inconsiderate as you have described, she'll make mistakes enough that will either make those around her not want to be around her at all or it will land her in divorce court.
    She isn't your problem. Be thankful for that! And be thankful you didn't have to do her hair on her wedding day because it gave you more time to be with someone you actually LIKE.
    BTW your recipe for Crockpot chicken sounds great! I bought a Crockpot last year and everything I cook in it tastes like a$$.
    3132 days ago
    Glad you resisted smoking. Some people are so inconsiderate! It is all over now... and you have the Bahamas to look forward to...
    3133 days ago
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