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The Clutter in my house is weighing me down.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I had a garage sale last weekend, and donated items to various organizations this past week. I plan to get rid of more. To bless someone elses's life with what I don't need. I looked at myself this morning as I got out of the shower, yes I am thin, at my goal weight, but not really fit, my stomach is flabby, arms un-toned, I wonder why? I have been at my goal weight for quite sometime now, yes I have had my share of health ups and downs, surgeries, but I should be able to commit to a regular exercise routine, my disorganized home seems to have alot to do with this. I am a chronic procrastinator, I seem to never finish projects. I think the way my house looks de-motivates me. Day after day I work hard doing chores, ridding myself of items we no longer need, I am making progress, though slow, it will finally "one-day" be the way my family needs to live, in a clean and un-cluttered home. Today my prayer is that I make time for me too, to set aside time for exercise, to get away from the constant battle of trying to organize this place. I have great exercise equipment, I just need to use it more and remind myself of the benefit I get from it. emoticonto clutter, Hello to emoticon emoticonExercise. emoticonInga emoticon
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    emoticon all so much for your comments and help, a month later I am still fighting this battle, but have made several trips to donate things. It feels good. emoticon
    2791 days ago
    I have been working to clear my house of clutter! I took several suv loads full to Goodwill and church ministry. I am trying to keep it OUT now!
    2791 days ago
    The clutter in my house weighs me down and causes laziness and indecision. When I come home after work and see all of the stuff sitting there I just instantly become bored, tired, and disinterested. Not only do I have my stuff, but my daughter, S-I-L, and two grandchildren live with me and contribute to the madness. I have had a couple of yard sales and donated a couple of truckloads of stuff but that only makes me feel like I accomplised something for a short while.

    I have gone through the closets and the junk room a thousand times with the intent of getting rid of stuff but then I decide I can put it in the next yard sale. So, I still have it.

    It is a vicious circle and I am getting dizzy. To make matters worse my husband of thirty years walked out and left 98% of his stuff. He says he doesn't have room for it right now but still wants to get it later. What a crock. I need to get forceful and make everybody get all of their crap out of my house so I can at least get to mine.

    Okay, rant over. Have a great day!!
    2804 days ago
    Clutter is a very common frustration for us. It seems to multiply overnight! A few years ago I discovered FlyLady and it changed my life! Now I "bless my home" instead of "cleaning my house". And I set aside 15 minutes at a time on days when I'm busy with other things. You start with a shiny sink and I can honestly say, my sink is rarely anything but shiny anymore! It used to always be full of dirty dishes! This past week I cleaned out the medicine cabinet and threw away all meds that were expired. Do you believe I had a bottle dated 1989? That's 21 years!!! One bottle was something I was allergic to from when I had breast cancer 5 years ago. Why would I keep that?! Courage, my dear, and one day at a time. God bless you emoticon
    2808 days ago
    Hey Inga!!
    HUGS.... it looks like you are writing alot of peoples story..... including mine. You have to approach this the same way you do weight loss.... slow and steady.... be proud of what you have done instead of focusing on all you have to do. You succeeded in loosing weight, beating breast cancer over and over & you can certainly conquer this. Break it into baby steps one room at a time or even 1 closet, drawer or whatever at a time. Go back to baby steps on working out.... instead of remembering what you use to do, start small and build back up again!! When we are surrounded by clutter it sucks the life out of us and makes us feel helpless..... Don't let clutter ruin your life.... take charge but don't obsess over it.... I am here if you want to talk! Sorry I have been MIA for so long!!!
    HUGS, Kathy
    2810 days ago
    Thanks all for the comments, I have been on flylady, it is great, also SP has some ideas, all your ideas really help!
    2820 days ago
    I have a problem with clutter too! There's this dark area under the stairs in the basement, I think that's where it goes to reproduce. Then it sneaks out at night and spreads all over the place! emoticon

    I did read one thing last week that is becoming a mantra for me: don't put it down, put it away. And I do the 15-minute FlyLady - it really helps if you're consistent at it.
    2820 days ago
    I am in the process of de cluttering myself, I kept procrastinating b/c there were more important things to do but now I need to get the clutter out. You took the first step and that was donate and have a yard sale, you should feel great about that. You are on the right track Inga, I plan on doing the same. Keep up the great work! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2820 days ago
  • BJENKINS1014
    I'm glad to see I'm not alone with this clutter problem. You are all motivating me to find that 15 minutes every day to declutter!
    2821 days ago
    Have you seen the TV show "Hoarding?" I have been decluttering for some time now, and even though I don't have the problem to the extent the hoarders on the show have, it gives me insight into my own behavior and why I accumulate. And just how freeing it is to get rid of it. Thanks for your blog.
    2821 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Check out Flylady - the idea is to find 15 minutes per day to work in your home. I understand about clutter and procrastination. It has taken me many years to work on these issues in my life.

    Good luck, Inga!
    2821 days ago
    sounds like me but in a faster mode i am a little bit slower then you. I maybe set to give my stuff away but i still need my butt lit to get me going so you are not alone by no means julie
    2822 days ago
    My dear Sparkfriend; while reading your blog, i thought, : Did I write this;? I have been decluttering since I retired 8 years ago and it doesn't appear that I've gotten rid of anything. I gave thrown away junk, donated to Goodwill and gave away some clothes and still have boxes and closets full. My problem is I think I will need it one day. I AM CHANGING MY HABITS. THE CLUTTER HAS TO GO!!!!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2822 days ago
  • CHRYS13
    Blessings to you, Inga, as you de-clutter and tone-up! I, too, procrastinate in getting the clutter under control. It weighs me down and causes some stress. I just need to stop thinking so much and "let-go"!! emoticon
    2822 days ago
    Good luck!
    2822 days ago
    Oh what insight you have into yourself!!! Go get 'em girl! emoticon
    2822 days ago
    Alot of people have problems with clutter and I am one of them too! We can keep each other accountable. It just gets embarrassing if you want to try to invite people over. Or my case today-the smoke detector in my aparmtment kept beeping all the time this am to the point I had to call emergency maintence to come and help He came over and took off the smoke detector and he's coming back on now I have to scramble to at least get teh visible clutter done by the time he comes since I live in an apartment! LOL Maybe we should start thinking BEFORE we make someone gonna see it if an emergency happens! LOL
    2822 days ago
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