Some Things I Would Have Never Done Before

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yesterday I did something I likely wouldn't have been able to do before, a few things actually.

I picked Ethan up from school around 11:30pm. (Where I got a nice boost from his old teacher as she said not once, but twice, "You look good!") We headed over to Ravenswood to assist in the decorating of the C-Team's float for the Homecoming Parade. I hung signs and streamers and generally made myself the best asset I could be so that the boys and girls (Cheerleaders) would have a nice float to ride through the parade route in (on?).

At one point a parent wanted a red marker, which I knew Ethan had in his bookbag, so I headed back to the car to get it. No problem, right? Problem! My left foot found a small dip in the grass right in front of my van, my foot twisted and I fell down hard on my right knee. It hurt, but my pride made me pop right back up and pretend I was alright. I got back to the float and forgot about all the pain when I realized I had to help settle the kids and make sure they were occupied enough to not really realize that they had to sit there for a half hour before the parade was to start. Once they finally took off, I headed ahead of them to get some pictures as they headed down the parade route. It was an interesting parade.

I didn't quite get it, but there was a superhero theme throughout.

No, I don't know who Tyler is...

Okay, so that made me chuckle...


He was big and beautiful, and looked great in his jersey! *lol*

Now THERE are our C-Team kids!

After the kids passed, I got in the car and headed to Wendy's to get more water. Ethan and I had both had a bottle of water each before the parade started, but sitting/standing in the sun so long made us even more thirsty. (The other kids were too. Next year remind me to pick up a huge pack of water from Wal-Mart for all the kids!) I picked up 4 more bottles of water and left 2 in the car while I headed to the next part of the parade route with the other two. It took me a while to figure out where Ethan was on the float, but once I realized he was on the other side, I realized I'd have to run through the parade to get to him. That's right, I jogged across the street and hurried to give him his bottle of water. (Later he said, "Mom! You were running!" *lol*)

He said a quick thanks and then was on his way.

After the parade was over, I had to rush back to the van and drive over to the practice field to pick up the boy. I stood around some more once they got back, and stripped down the rest of the signs and tape off the trailer. Once I was sure everything was taken care of, Ethan and I finally stopped by Taco Bell and then headed home. I ate and then took a nap. Why? Well because I still had to get to the gym later. I promised my instructor I'd do that Zumba Toning class, right?

I was a minute late for class, but thankfully there were 4 people there - enough for class! YAY! It's a short class, just 30 minutes, but I sweated much more than I even do in an hour long Zumba session! My shoulders are super sore today from that workout! *lol* I followed the 30 minutes with 2 30-second planks, 30 push-ups, 80 crunches, and then hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes of a cross training session. My right elbow popped during my second set of push-ups. That didn't feel so good. *sigh* I stretched after, and then headed downstairs for some ST on the machines. I got to just the second machine and my knee popped. OW! I tried to continue but I had to cut it short. Every machine hurt my knee, even just the arm ones. I don't know why, really. It just did. So I stretched and left. I had done enough right? Right?

I mean, in one day I stood from noon until about 2:30pm, with just a couple sitting breaks in the car. I did a new class - Zumba toning. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical. I did all my crunches and push-ups and planks, so cutting short my ST session on the machines wasn't a total bad thing, right? RIGHT? *lol*

I took a bath last night too. It wasn't really relaxing at all. *sigh* Either way, I got to bed before midnight and woke up around 9am this morning. And this morning? SORE! All over! I'm thinking of just taking a rest day today. The scale has me down to 354 today, so at least it's going in the right direction. I don't think a rest day would do any fact, I'm thinking it might help me a lot! I'll drink lots of water and get some stuff down around the house without worrying about how many calories I'm burning. (Who am I kidding? I'll still worry!) But yesterday I did a lot of things I never could have or would have done before. I was with a bunch of kids for hours without worrying about what they'd think of me. I was on my feet most of the day. And I ran at one point! *lol* Small victories make it all worthwhile!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Do something you didn't think possible before! It worked for me...
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