9/24/10...Part 2 (See Below)

Friday, September 24, 2010

We made it to Aransas Pass, TX (about 25 minutes northeast, across the Bay from Corpus Christi) where we had rented, sight unseen, a 3 bedroom/2 bath town home. The crew to unload us had been arranged by a friend of the guy who did the beautiful job loading the original truck in K. C. (brother and cousin of the friend of the friend!...God bless them!) There were to have been 4 or 5 guys...only 2 could make it. So those two dear guys, Lisa and I all worked like dogs getting everything off the truck, trailer, and pick-up till about 1:30 a.m. I had a massive asthma attack and got sent to bed...literally crawling up the stairs.

I was awakened a short time later by Lisa's yelp...the main water supply line for the upstairs bath had exploded. Water was shooting everywhere...2" of it standing on the bath room floor! Lisa got the water valve turned off. We looked at each other and thought, "Where did all this water drain to?" Answer: The garage ceiling...sheet rock and fiberglass insulation...and half the Gulf of Mexico was now covering all the boxes we had just finished unloading off the truck. Water was flowing through the garage down the driveway, and out into streams in the street. I am not exagerating. We called maintenance. They stood and looked, shook their heads, and didn't have any answers other than repairing the pipe and waiting for the garage to dry out so that they could repair the wall and ceiling. I called my insurance company and went back to bed. I literally had no strength to do anything else other than leave it in God's hands and timing. So...my life now consists of moving, unloading, and inventorying damaged property for the insurance co. and for the Penske damage....(I've lost thousands of dollars worth of books from my professional library.)...getting new boxes to pack back up what can be saved but isn't immediately needed...trying to unpack and set up a new home, and refusing to completely lose my sanity over this. God is still good, and He is still in control...whether I like the way my life looks right now or not. And I've only lost a total of 4 lbs. in all this maelstrom! Now that is just not right!!!!! But then, I've had a couple of major neuro-muscular failures...MS like episodes, so I have to be very careful to pace all of this activity as slowly as possible. I refuse to lose all the health ground I've so carefully cultivated over the past 2 years by driving myself too hard or letting the stress win.

Meanwhile, Lisa loves her job and the people she is working with...she's in a 2nd year Chaplain residency program w/a major health network...specializing in crisis and trauma care and intervention. I won't be back at my writing and art work for who knows how long...We do like our new home, and we've been wading in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Corpus Christi Bay twice now. I'll post pictures as soon as I locate the box with the USB cable that fits my camera! The area is beautiful...shore and water birds of every variety abound on the beaches and marshes. Romeo loves it too...he's had to learn a hard and painful lesson about not sticking his nose into Fire Ant mounds, though...we had a scarry night sitting up with him last week, nursing him through the aftermath of hundreds of bites...poor baby! He's such a sweet spirit. He bore it all...glazed eyes, wobbly legs, mild respiratory distress, low grade fever...and has rebounded completely...and still trusts us and loves us. I think that is the lesson God is asking..."will you still love and trust me even if I 'allow' painful things in your lives?" We don't live in a perfect world. Stuff happens. God doesn't engineer it, and He doesn't always "magically" protect us. But He is with us to give us the strength we need to get through it...not maybe as much physical strength as I'd wish for...but I'm still "standing," so to speak. I haven't gone down for the count quite yet.

I read a great quote yesterday: "Life is short. Make the most of it. It has an expiration date."
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    Did you know there are professionals who can salvage water damaged books? We had an overhead sprinkler system malfunction in the new addition at church. Someone driving by saw the water pouring out of one of the windows and called it in. The books in the senior pastor's office were badly damaged. He lost notebooks with years of sermon notes. There was a company that was able to salvage many of his books. I can find more specific information if you are interested.

    What at ordeal you went through, one thing piling on another, topped with time crunch pressure to move so quickly.
    How are you doing now that time has passed and you are more settled in?
    3278 days ago
    That which does not kill us, makes us stronger?

    I've moved many times in my life and it's never gone without a hitch - even the truck! However, there you were in my neck o'the woods and I could have hugged you through some misery. A missed opportunity to meet you. :(

    I am so sorry you've experienced such "maelstrom" (good word!); your storytelling is superb. Poor Romeo. Poor you. Happy for your sister, and hope your lives are less stressful now that the hard part is over. I hope. :P

    emoticon on making it!
    3307 days ago
    I've been aware that most of the things I have in life are on the 'catch and release' plan. Gotta let stuff go... but DANG- this sounds like a major lesson in catch and release!
    3307 days ago
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