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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I failed the fitness test in Michaels's book and then I looked at the exercises she has outlined in it. There is no way I can do those exercises at home, and honestly, they're way tough for me -- some of them at least. But I kind of wasn't planning to follow the fitness regimen anyway. I work up a good sweat with 30 Day Shred, so that's good enough for me. I checked out Making the Cut mainly for the diet portion of her program.

There's this three page quiz on your eating habits to help you figure out what kind of diet works best for you. I turned out to be a "balanced oxidizer" which means something but I don't remember, and don't particularly care. All I care about is that according to the book, I should be eating about 1900 calories per day, and those calories should be 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. (I was a bit surprised by the 30% fat actually.)

I looked at her recipes and will try a few of them, but I've ultimately come up with my own plan for following her regimen. First of all, she recommends eating four times a day, every four hours. So I broke down 1900 calories into four meals and figured out how many protein and carb grams I need to have at each meal. I refuse to count calories. I hate it. But I can add up my protein and carb grams, and my thinking is that I should be able to come pretty close that way.

So this morning was a mad scramble. I could only have something like 46 grams of carbs and 30-something grams of protein. How the heck am I going to find all those grams of protein? I've been eating oatmeal, cheese, and yogurt for breakfast for a long time but I'm sure the oatmeal puts me over on carbs so I didn't even look at it. I started with eggs. Then added a cheese stick. And a yogurt. And I was still shy on protein grams. So I ate a tablespoon of peanut butter.

I felt a little weird just licking peanut butter off a spoon for breakfast, but the neat thing is that I did feel nice and full. But I can't eat eggs every day for breakfast. Never mind the debate about whether or not it's healthy to eat that many eggs, they just don't agree with my stomach very well. So I printed out a couple lists of foods high in protein so that I can plan a good breakfast.

I like having an 'automated' breakfast -- same thing, every day, so that I don't have to think about what to eat. Just put it out the night before then pop it in the microwave or take it from the fridge and eat. AND I don't want to have to cook. (Another reason I don't want eggs every day.) Not first thing in the morning. I only cook breakfast on Sundays.

So breakfast was out of the way -- packing a lunch was next. I pulled out my regular lunch stuff then started counting protein and carb grams. And wow. Everything I ate was higher on the carb end. Higher than 40%. I really had to struggle, again, to get my protein grams in. I ended up with a yogurt, a protein drink, a cheese stick, and a baggie full of almonds for my first lunch. My second lunch (at the end of my work day, between lunch time and dinner time) is...gee I forgot what it is. But it's equally small. I was worried that I would still be hungry after eating.

Well I am in the process of finishing my first lunch now. And wow -- it really filled me up. It must be the protein.

I bought some protein drinks from Costco this week and today was my trial run with one. The box declares that they are "great tasting" but I've tasted enough protein drinks to be wary. It actually wasn't too bad though. It wasn't exactly "yummy" but I didn't feel like I had to choke it down to get through it. No worse than a slimfast type diet drink. (Which, by the way, have a lot of carbs in them. I couldn't include one in my lunch because the carbs were so high I'd have to eat a side of beef to make up for the protein.)

So, so far, so good. I'm a little concerned about dinner. I'm thinking about making a pizza tonight but I'm afraid I'll have to load my slice up with an entire package of pepperoni to get my protein grams in! I will probably track my calories for this week just to see if I'm right that counting my protein and carbs should keep me more or less on track, but I don't want to count them forever.
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  • -LORI-B
    Maybe you can flip things around some. example.. if you prefer your oatmeal in the morning then cut some carbs back later in the day? I dont know. Im starting tomorrow off fresh. GL on the food plan. Hope it works out for you!

    2799 days ago
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