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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Phew! Today's ride was tough, mentally tough had to give myself pep talks every lap -- ok it's only 4 laps, one down 3 to go, you're half way there, last lap to go. LOL, knees and legs are screaming for rest - I planned on not riding tomorrow, I need some rest.

Below are my stats;

Distance - 11.88 mi
Duration - 1:06:57 hr/min/sec
Exe. Time in Heart Zone - 23:45 min/sec
Cal burned - 642 kCal
Pace - 5.64 min/mi
Speed - 10.65 mi/h

I enjoy the freedom I feel while riding but today I had to drag myself out of bed, the excuses were pouring out like a defense mechanism and makes today's ride such a huge accomplishment. I feel tired, achy & sleepy but at the same time I super happy with myself for riding this morning. The roads were wet, I have mud all over but proud of them!

It's not always easy to stay focused on your goal but these are the times where it counts - - if you stray off the path it's ok don't beat yourself over the head get up, dust yourself off and keep it moving!

I strive to be both physically & mentally strong, ask any athlete in any given sport and the two go hand in hand. We are not alone in this battle just at different cites of the battle grounds.

Keep strong!

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