Couch to 5K: Week -1

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My husband and I are starting the Couch to 5K program. Our first day was yesterday. I promised him that we would stick together and support eachother no matter what. So yesterday I get home from work and get my workout clothes on and he's already dressed and ready to go. We stretch a little bit and start our walking. Here's some info about our situations:

Husband: 5'6" 180 lbs.
He was honorably discharged from the Army a year and a half ago and quickly put on weight. He was 140 lbs. when he was discharged so he's gained 40 lbs. in 1.5 years. He wants to get in shape now because he's taking EMT/Firefighting classes and his libido is way down.

Me: 5'3" 190 lbs.
I was anorexic in high school (weighed about 95 lbs.) I started gaining weight when I went to college and in the last 5 years I've gained about 90 lbs. I'm ready to get my body back without taking extreme measures to get there. My goal weight is 148 lbs. I just want to be healthy.

Ok, so we start off walking yesterday around our neighborhood. He's telling me about his day. We get about half a mile into our walk and he's stopping to take several breaks. I'm trying to be supportive so he doesn't just quit. Then he heads back home. I had to go with him. He just couldn't do anymore. I was just getting warmed up. I feel bad because I didn't know he was in such bad shape. Just a year and a half ago he was running 2-3 miles at a time with no problem! I didn't say anything to him last night because I want him to stick with this. I told him we'd walk again Wednesday and just keep walking every other day until he was ready to start week 1 of the program. However, I feel like I'm holding myself back. I feel like I could start day 1 of the program with no problem. How is this possible? I weigh more than him. I should be the one who can't handle it. I don't get it. So, do I go and do my own thing and leave him behind or do I stick with him and support him until he's at my level? I love him so of course I'm going to stick around and support him. It's just a little frustrating which I guess is why I'm writing this blog. I feel like he didn't push himself at all yesterday but if I push him, he'll quit. I know he will. Anyway, thanks for reading. I'll keep updating as the program continues. Your comments/advice are welcome! emoticon
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    I had a similar issue with my husband. He HATES running... hates it. He likes biking though. I'm doing the C25K thing on my own... but maybe when I can get enough endurance up, he can bike while I jog. But if I wanted him to do it with me, He would totally quit. It's important that you do things for yourself! Don't make him feel guilty, but just tell him that you're going for a walk. maybe he'll surprise you one day and say he wants to come. Good Luck!
    3681 days ago
    I loved the C25K program! I can actually run now; amazing feeling. Good luck on your journey!
    3688 days ago
  • LILBEAR2008
    Thanks for the comments!!! I appreciate them!
    3688 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7240764
    Wow, talk about dang if you do and dang if you don't. I understand about how you want to support your hubby. And also, I'm sure your hubby doesn't want to hold you back.

    I would ask him if he wants to walk, and if he's not quite ready to walk again, just ask if he would mind if you go by yourself. And then the next day you two can go together.

    This way, your not pushing him, and your not holding yourself back.

    Good luck!

    3689 days ago
    I think its great that you and hubby are working together to get healthy. My husband is very much like that he has put on about 25 lbs and just has low energy. I had started riding my bike and encouraged him to walk. He absolutely hated it, but then we borrowed another bike and he started riding with me and he loved that! For him it was finding something that he loves. I run but I know he will never run and its ok. I just need to find something that he can do during the winter months as I am not going for the riding bikes on the snow, no way no how :). You may need to talk to your husband and see if he is as ready to commit as you are or if there isn't something else he wants to start with first before running. If he isn't you can't force him or your right he isn't going to stick to it. emoticon
    3689 days ago
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