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Monday, September 20, 2010

I'll tell you the problem with having Oreos in the house--they're so dang noisy! No matter what room I'm in, I can hear their siren song: "Come to me, baby! You know you want me. I'm here for you; I know exactly how you like it," and all sorts of b.s. that I swear that I won't believe the next time but I always fall for it. Always.

Now it's easy to say that I could just tune them out since I know from sad experience that they're lying to me--they really DON'T fulfill all my fantasies like they claim that they will--they just leave me feeling used and abused. "Come on, baby, just one--I promise!" I've heard THAT line a thousand times and I know that I'll just end up with a bag of Oreo crumbs, an empty feeling, and that dizzy, sorta sick queasiness that I know so well.

But I'm weak and they eventually wear me down. "Come get me--it'll be different this time." As if. "You can stop at one; you can stop anytime you want. Really." Eventually I succumb. Every single time they're in the house, I eat every last one of them.

The only way to break myself of the Oreo jones is to keep as far away from the lyin' devils as I can. I don't care if they're PAYING you at Safeway to take them off their hands--I'm not falling for it. I don't care if I have to get a restraining order--they're NOT coming into my house again!

Because as soon as they start their sweet-talkin' from the cupboard, ("Oooh, Baby! You know you want it. I won't ever leave you hurtin' again. We can be soooo good together...Just once for old times sake??") I know that I'm a goner.
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  • TREV1964
    Great blog by the way.

    Personally we do not have any form of biscuits in the house nowadays and this way if ever I want something like this I have to go three miles to our nearest shop to get them so I have to be really committed to source them.

    Not only are biscuits very moreish but when in your cupboard are so very instant and very easy it can lead to a binge just like that. I personally find that if the convenience and immediate availability isn't there the craving tends to go away almost instantly.

    If this is not so easily do-able try wrapping up the oreos individually in cling film so you can grab a packet of one and less than 100 calories as opposed to a full packet of 12 and the 1000 to 1200 calories that go with it. The same method of breaking up a bar of chocolate and wrapping up the individual chunks with aluminium foil before putting them in the freezer so you help yourself to a chunk instead of a bar. This works for me and others that I know and if it can help then go for it as an alternative.


    2778 days ago
    Resist! Kick that oreo habit to the curb! You can do it! And a good first step is just never bringing them in the house! : ) If it's in the house, it is pretty likely that I'll eat it. so help yourself by skipping that ailse in the grocery store.
    3836 days ago
    I have a baked goods rule in my house: If I didn't bake a low sugar, low fat version of "it," I refuse to eat it. I know if I bake it (which is rare since I have little time to bake) it will actually have nutritional value! If someone else baked it, well....prolly NOT!
    Glad to see you have kicked that sweet talker to the curb!

    3862 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6675752
    Ah, you're inside my head, only with me it's cookie dough. That siren song is piercing, and I know what you mean about not having them in the house. Your post made me cringe and laugh at the same time! We're so human, all of us emoticon
    3863 days ago
    I dumped Mr. Oreo. He is a sneaky devil. Right now I am struggling with Mr. Chocolate Chip Cake. I need to give him the boot too.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3864 days ago
    Brilliantly put... stick to your guns!
    3864 days ago
    LOL. I can relate. I have blinders on when I go down that aisles. I don't see the Oreos or the Chocolate Chip Cookies.
    3864 days ago
  • LLEWIS6879
    It's SO true... Trigger foods do have a draw that is almost sexual, and yet, empty calories, like empty sex just leave you feeling BAD.
    As a huge sugar junkie (way past "Carbs" I used to eat brown sugar out of the bag...) I could never understand that thing how people said they felt bad after eating too much sugar. "Too much sugar" was something that wasn't even a concept to me.
    Now that I've been eating differently...
    Well, at a Labor Day barbeque, I decided to forgo appetizers because I wanted the deserts. And I ate them, without reservation or guilt. Less than I used to but more than I should have...
    and I went to bed that night just feeling awful... head, stomach Blah...
    I actually thought I was getting sick!
    It didn't occur to me till the next morning that I had done this to myself...
    I just have a very difficult time having that stuff in the house. Don't buy it Elsie... It's like heroine! Crack!! Meth!!! An empty high, then a FALL!!!!!! The more you have the more you want...
    AND it's ALMOST as hard on your teeth.....
    "My name is Laura and I'm a sugar-holic..."

    3864 days ago
    3864 days ago
    I have the same problem with Double Stuf Oreos - I know your pain all too well. I took the same approach - just don't bring them into the house, and then they're easy to resist!! :)
    3864 days ago
    aaaaaaarrrrr.... They are talking in my head!
    3864 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5128667
    Yep - gotta HATE it when those $#!@# things speak to ya......

    3864 days ago
    Oh, man, they should be illegalized along with all their sugar-soaked friends! Addictive buggers. Get to your nearest OreosByTheBags Annonymous as soon as you can. You can do it! You've taken the first step against those lying, sickening, headache-giving, sickness-inducing yucky things. The next Safeway guy that tries to lure you back in, jist wap 'im upside thu hayad!
    My name is Stephanie and I am a sugarholic.
    3864 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8303045
    I love this. The sounds are so tempting, chip bags, cookie containers, all those things the family is snacking on that you are trying to refrain from the best you can. I even find that TV shows about food temps me. I was watching a cake making show and could not stop thinking how much I was wanting cake - even though I actually don't really like cake that much.

    But Oreos are among the worst, one is too small to satisfy a craving and more becomes just too tempting.
    3864 days ago
    3864 days ago
    *tee hee* I have an empty snack size oreo pack my son left next to me on the couch - luckily it is empty and I think there are no more packs!
    3864 days ago
    *tee hee* I have an empty snack size oreo pack my son left next to me on the couch - luckily it is empty and I think there are no more packs!
    3864 days ago
    3864 days ago
    Too funny, Elsie_Bee! Kick those lyin' bums outta there!
    3864 days ago
  • no profile photo FRIENDOFBACH
    Stick to your guns! and Bravo!
    3864 days ago
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