Monday, September 20, 2010

So, there's this lady that works with me, and the other night we were talking about losing weight. She was saying how much BETTER I look now that I gained 15 of the 43 that I lost last year..She goes on to say that I was WAAAYY too SKINNY last year! WHAT?? I had to remind her..listen lady, I was 150 POUNDS last year! That's NOT skinny by any means..I was healthy and FIT!

Maybe I pissed her off b/c after that she said, "ya know, Kim, maybe you're MEANT to be bigger!" WHAT?? I think time stood still and everything around me STOPPED!

I was COMPLETELY caught off guard..I don't know if she was TRYING to insult or offend me, but she did...She must've saw the look on my face b/c she tried to smooth it over by saying.."uhh, no, I mean your body has more of an athletic build, so you wouldn't be able to get that small." I just GLARED at her, but the whole time I was thinking, "Is this lady CRAZY or what?" First she tells me I was too skinny at 150 and now she's saying that I'm supposed to be FAT!!! WHAT??? I just let her try to explain her way out of it and I just walked away. She's older than I am and I was raised to show respect, so I didn't say anything..I just left.

Sometimes people just really need to mind their own business or just watch what they say..I did not ASK for her opinion nor did I want it..I'm MEANT to be bigger?? Ugh, What NERVE!
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  • no profile photo CD7827239
    WoW! I think more people need to be introduced to this site to realize some things about weight loss and appropriate comments, then maybe this chick would realize that it doesn't matter what she thinks or says It's how you feel comfortable (unless you actually become anorexic)
    Stay Positive emoticon
    3852 days ago
    Well I say, keep up the good work!! You're doing all the right things. You know what's best for You! So whatever You want to do, go for it!
    3855 days ago
    Is she overweight? Oddly enough we want to have friends around the same size. If she's larger, then instead of getting the motivation and inspiration from you to go smaller, she might be scared and want you bigger.

    Still, there's no excuse for that type of comment at all!
    3856 days ago
    It is shocking to me what some people will say when it comes to weight. I think that you handled that really well. I agree with the others, ignore her, its not worth the energy. Congratualations on your success!
    3856 days ago
  • RB2252
    wow rudeness! The only thing I can say is maybe she didn't mean it like that. Sometimes people are so retarded and they say things without even thinking what they are going to sound like. If you think about it would this lady really say something that was so rude? Probably not. Either way...brush it off. You know you look and then!!! :)
    3857 days ago
    She was totally inappropriate for sure... That girl needs a filter on her mouth!

    In her defense (not in her words, but maybe her thinking) when someone gets a new haircut or loses weight, they look SO different, it takes time to get used to. If most people are used to seeing you how you are now, losing weight can put people in shock over how you look. I've read other articles/blogs of people saying the same thing as you - if people aren't used to seeing you thin, I'm sure the change can make you almost look TOO skinny in their minds, even if you are more healthy and at a better weight.

    But really don't listen to that or HER! :)
    3858 days ago
    yeah what nerve she had people should keep their negative nancy opinions to their self. Girl you can do ne thing you want to in life and if you want to be a certain weight emoticon . I started this program jun 29 th and haver loss 26 lbs and still losing because I finally beleived in myself. I beleived that I could acheive my goals. No more saying oh I will never be that size again. went form 13 to a 9 in just a couple of month and well on my way to a 7 bcuz im not giving up. So keep on pushing kim you got this dont let people bring you down. Obviously she doesnt want to see emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon sounds like shes wants and is happy with emoticon .
    Im at 150 as well so emoticon to that. emoticon
    3860 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/22/2010 12:02:41 AM
    urghhh i get this all the time too! "you have a bigger build, you can never be skinny" or my all time fave "you are BIG BONED" omg makes me just wanna do bad things to them!
    but yeah its jealousy and you can't listen to them. 150 lbs is not skinny - its a helathy weight for you. if thats how you feel good then thats where you will be at.
    3861 days ago
  • CRBSMITH1968
    I would not know what in the world to make of that either but I commend you for not verbally kicking her to the curb. That's an admirable quality!
    3861 days ago
    jealousy girl! That's all that was...
    3861 days ago
    Don't you love that? I had someone tell me if I got too thin I would "lose my looks." WTH? I am overweight by at least 30 pounds. I really wish people would live and let live.
    3861 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/20/2010 5:27:56 PM
    You have every right to be frustrated/upset about this one!! Some people just do not know when to be quiet about such things. It sounds like she opened her mouth only to shove in her big foot! It sounds like you did the right thing in just walking away. I have heard that when people tend to say such comments, it is usually because they are frustrated about their own issues, and to compensate they talk about everyone else's. I know it may not be easy, but do your best to shrug off what she said--the bottom line is that only YOU can know how good you feel in your own skin, no matter what the number.
    3861 days ago
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