I should have never pulled in.....

Monday, September 20, 2010

A little over a week ago I got the urge to get taco bell. To make a long story short, its brought back my craving for fast foods. Which was always one of my biggest issues. Its so easy. So convenient. Pull in, pull out - its right there. I thought I would be okay one night getting something small not realizing over a week later I would have gone a FEW times. Im now down money that I could have used for MUCH better things. And here I am again feeling like SH!T.

I know Im not on a diet, Im trying to make a lifestyle change. I know ill NEVER not eat any kind of fast food again. But I wish I never allowed myself to that day. Ive been craving sh!tty food ever since. For breakfast & lunch Ive been doing pretty good.

All I know is I DO NOT want to gain this (almost) 30lbs back. I will die. I will not allow fast food to run my life like that and make me miserable. My body feels so much better already then what it did when I started. Im doing so well, I know I am. I workout a few times a week also. I just have worked so hard and feel like Im letting myself down right now. This is what Ive been working so hard on since the end of July to move so far from.

I know people fall off the wagon every now and then, but how do I pick myself back up. I have no problem starting over tomorrow. Its the battle with the cravings thats gunna get to me for the next few days till I can overcome this. BLAH.

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    just keep tryin to be strong sweetie and remember we can only do our best!! and you will get through this like you said you feel so much better body wise. get back into your mind set and remember just keep tryin YOU CAN BEET THOSE CRAVINGS
    3661 days ago
    Fast food is a bad, bad culprit! BUT.. if you cut it 100% out of your diet, it might make you want to binge on it more. I had Taco Bell about 4-5 months ago..and it made me literally SICK the rest of the day. I do eat a little fast food (Subway, McD's Salad, or something nice) and once in a while a sit down restaurant but not much. Once you get use to not going, it's easy to forget or not want those foods anymore. When I was 282lbs, I ate out 3 times a day. McD's for breakfast, BKing for lunch and Taco Bell for dinner. Serious. I felt horrible all the time though with my stomach. Just.. before you drive in, think about it 5 minutes and I bet you will change your mind. I do that ALL the time and it works!
    3661 days ago
    It happens to all of us, but the sad truth is you can't avoid fast food 100% of the time. I installed an app on my phone called "Fast Food Calculator" and it has all the most popular fast food nutrition facts on it. If I'm out and I have no other choice I just look through the nutrition facts and try to find the better choices on the menu. Or if you are craving fast food jump online and look up the nutrition facts on what you are craving, sometimes just seeing those numbers will change your mind. Don't beat yourself up, just try to stay strong!! You've come to far to back out now!! emoticon

    Oh also try typing in fast food in the Spark search bar you can find lots are articles that might help! :)
    3661 days ago

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    I completely feel your pain about fast food - especially taco bell!!! I do have a couple of thoughts on this though.
    A: If you completely deprive yourself of something you crave you might cave in and do much more damage to your diet than if you had just accepted that craving, ordered something with an acceptable "diet-cheat" level and then adjusted your daily calories to accommodate that cheat.
    B: If you do accept the fact that sometimes you are going to eat fast food, try to get a taste of it without going all out and ordering a 1000 calorie meal. Instead just do the miniature version of your favorites: a taco instead of the burrito, the small nachos instead of the bell grande. then you get what you want without the guilt/remorse and extra cardio to make up for it! ; ) emoticon emoticon
    3661 days ago
  • STIPER23
    Don't beat yourself over about and don't feel guilty. Fast food will always be a there and will always be a temptation. I think your choice to get fast food is now presenting you with a new hill to climb, a new challenge. You know you can't avoid fast how will you cope? What can you change? You have also been reminded why you DON'T want to left fast food ruin your journey so far. Stay strong! :)
    3661 days ago
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