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Monday, September 20, 2010

So my husband and I talked yesterday about our diet and exercise habits. Didn't go as good as I was hoping. I was really hoping he'd be more motivated to make changes after spending three days in the hospital, but he's not. I brought up the American Heart Association website and was going through it with him.

Our first changes will be what we are including in our diet. We're going to work on having at least one serving of fruit and/or veggies with each meal. Once that becomes more of a habit I'll work on making sure we have lots of veggies and not as many fruits so it's more veggies than fruits that we're eating. We're also taking red meat out of our diet. My husband hasn't fully agreed on this but since I'm the one who does the shopping and the cooking he'll only get that at home. We like ground turkey instead of hamburger anyways. We don't eat a bunch of red meat so this won't be that hard. We're pretty good at having whole wheat products now instead of white so we'll just keep up with that. We also don't add salt to our foods so we'll just cut back on processed foods and wash canned foods to help cut back even more. We've also grown accustomed to having some type of sweet stuff around all the time. We're cutting that out Monday thru Friday and only have one thing on the weekends.

We're going to keep to this strickly during Monday thru Friday and be a little more relaxed on the weekend. We're not going to go crazy on the weekend, but splurg just a little so that we don't suddenly binge one day.

I explained that we need to work on portion size and cut back on the amount of meat we consume and increase our veggies.

My husband thinks this is going to be more expensive but in all honesty it won't. By eating more nutritious foods we don't have to eat as much. It doesn't take long to shrink your tummy down so that you don't feel so hungry. Besides, we don't have insurance right now and he just spent three days in the hospital having a bunch of tests run on him... yeah.. that's very expensive.

My husband also doesn't believe that all his issues (which all revolve around his digestive tract) were 100% completely preventable by having a healthier diet and getting exercise. He'll see the difference if he's just willing to make the changes.

As far as exercise goes we have a decent plan. On Saturday mornings we're going to start going hiking with the family. On Friday nights he's going to go play basketball with his brother in law for a couple of hours and we'll start taking nightly walks around our neighborhood every night. I have three more days of school and then we can begin all this. I'm also going to be doing my wii fit in the evenings. My husband was pretty competitive when it came to our wii fit so I'm hoping he'll do that too.

We have a clear path lined up infront of us, we just have to stay on the trail. I explained to my husband that he needs to follow the guidelines even when he's not at home. I think that will be the hardest for him. I'll keep updating how we're doing.
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