I walked further today than I have in years!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Without a shopping cart to lean on or my power chair to do the work for me I finally got somewhere under my own steam! I live on a little country road in a teeny tiny town with three stores and two of those close at 6pm and my 'errand runners' weren't going to be home in time and the other shop is too expensive for tp and lightbulbs so it was do or 'die'. My youngest rode along on her bike and I just chanted 1-12 to myself while i concentrated on keeping upright (I've been riding that chair for two and a half years) and walked as well as I could while watching out for things to trip over. I got there! No charlie horses so the elliptical work has been helping! and then I made it once around the store for my items. I was going to ask the cashier to call the owner to see if I could borrow a cart for the walk home (its a very tiny town) but I decided if the pain etc. got really bad I could ask my daughter to bring my chair to me. So, I balanced my bags and started my chant again, partly because my brand new pedometer doesn't work and partly because it reminds me to breathe properly. I lost track of the 12s I counted to but it was at least 600 feet not counting the interior of the store. So that is what I used for a measurement and well its something I couldn't do yesterday but learned today that I could! So I am going to keep climbing onto that elliptical machine if it means I can walk further next week and maybe I'll stop charging that power chair (tho I've barely broken in my new 'leg' but that's another story...) Thank you SparkPeople for giving me the information and the inspiration to get up and move! emoticon
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