losing a pound a week for the last 7 weeks.......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

its good....not what the instant gratification junkie in my head wants but my heart and soul know it is good! i am creating habits and living in a way that i could live for the long restricting just being balanced and getting in my exercise. i am so bad about posting pics but these pics i have on here are all so old i need to post my pics when i was at my heaviest and now.the anniversary of the first time i started the hcg diet is comin up oct 24th to be exact....and i am at the weight now i was when i started it last year! ugh what a rough year with my binge eating disorder and now i am comin full circle! also i am happy with the way i look today and proud of the woman i am and the way i live!yay! ill see YOU on the cross trainer in the am!night ;-)
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