Watch me throw it AWAY/ & week 2 & 3 Vlog challeng

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey everybody.... i am sooooooooo sorry this is so long... But it is like 3 vlogs in one... lol... if you watch it all thank you.. if you don't... i get it.. lol

This is the link tot he spark recipe I made... 2 thumbs up !


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    AWESOME VLOG!! I agree with Jackie - you can really sense your enthusiasm in this vlog when you are talking about your 5 things!! Im also with Dana - I guess I have to give in to the green smoothie revolution!!!

    Im a big advocate of the fact that not all calories are created equal. I think that for a while you can still lose weight by just eating LESS of the bad stuff....but eventually your body NEEDS the good stuff! I have noticed that every single fast food restaurant has sodium packed to the roof!!

    So, for me I can eat a 100 calorie apple or a 100 calorie serving of chips - they are the same ... except my body will respond better and feel better if Im eating the apple and not the chips. I reserve things like the chips for special occasions :o)

    Im so proud of you for throwing away the candy!!
    3289 days ago
    This vlog was so motivated--loved your casserole and your 5 things--your level of motivation and commitment is so clear in this vlog!
    3292 days ago
    I love you girl!!!!
    I got all smiley when you mentioned my name.. I am soooooo glad to have reffered those things to you, and than you love them as much as me! I played walk it out today for the first time in over a month, and it was amazing... I really sweat my butt off.

    I have missed my green smoothies!!! I need to make one asap.. I think my spinach has gone bad. :(

    That casserole looked amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love mushrooms and taters.. mmmm
    I would say about your whole balancing act with what you eat... as long as you are getting in your green smoothie, and your fruits and veggies in..... Then as long as you are eating enough calories, and you go by how the food makes you feel!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, babygirl!!!! That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't second guess your successes.... OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! The pumpkin mix!!! I enjoy them.. and my husband LOVES them. why don't you return them??? The best thing about them... is that sweet buttery smell they have... LOL some rotting meat!!! lol omg.. I laughed so hard. YOU KNOW WHAT I FOUND??? sugar free peeps!!! they were pumpkins... 3 were 60 calories, and they were pretty good. Hubby really loves peeps so I got some for him, and I snagged one.

    Great vlog, oh how I have missed you.
    3293 days ago
    Loved watching the casserole cooking show. Made me realize that I could do it to!! :)

    As for the ice cream for lunch? I think you've got the right thought -- you're getting fruits and vegetables (good for you!! I can barely get one in a day -- maybe green smoothies are the answer?) If depriving yourself of even an occasional treat sends you into binge land, then like you were saying, overall changing your foods to better ones is a right path, instead of being harsh and absolute in your "good" food.

    I'm a candy buyer too. And a big-time self-sabotager. I am SO proud of you for taking a serving out and tossing the rest. There are whole issues about food addiction that can say that kind of thing is bad, but only you know for sure if the candy is a trigger food. For me, if I have the bag on my desk, I absolutely WILL eat the entire bag in one or two sittings.

    WHOA! GOOD job putting them in the meat juices!!! (I'm commenting as I watch...) That's a definite way to keep yourself out of them!

    I LOVED having a TV episode time with you today! Hope you get to feeling ALL the way better!

    3293 days ago
  • DANAB1106
    I love this! I love that you go into editing. Your Camera man is awesome. That looks really good. My family would love it. Thank you for posting it. I love that you came back and did this. You make me look like a slacker. I need to do it now!

    Ok...I have got to start the green smoothy thing. I feel so left out.

    I did the weight loss to find a guy. I found when I was myself I found the one that love me for the inside and not for the outside. He likes the outside, but he loves loves loves the real me on the inside. I want to teach my daughter that.

    OMG!!! I love that Candy! I was so thinking about those on the way home yesterday! I was thinking "hmm I probably could still eat them." Good job only getting out one serving! That is what I will have to do. I have to have some candy corn this year. Oh the steps we take to keep our self from eating things we shouldn't. Good Job!
    3293 days ago
    Robin it looks yummmy. The cawliflower pizza recipe on sparks, that one is really really good. I can't stop making it. lol.
    3294 days ago
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