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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello Sparkies~

So, I've been stuck in a rut and getting frustrated....and I decided to have a long talk with myself.

I agreed last week to start tracking my food/water intake again (since this helped me lose 35 pounds), and you know what, I stopped, why? Because I didn't want to enter what I had ate that wasn't good for me....and so while I was having this talk with myself....I realized something!

I know that when I colored pictures when I was younger and now sometimes with the little one....if I get a smidge outside of the line....I tear out the page, rip it apart and throw it away. And I can remember my Mom and brother asking me what the big deal was....."it isn't perfect" would be my response. They would start looking and ask what was wrong with the picture and I would show them where I could see "blue" outside of the line.....and they would just "pffffft" me!

So with this situation I find myself in (in a weird way) they are definitely similar. Apparently, I have the same attitude towards tracking as I do towards coloring.....if it isn't perfect....I don't finish it!!!

So dang it....this is a personality defect of mine....and I am choosing to deal with it....head on!! No more of this tracking only if I did my intake perfectly.......Where are those crayons?


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    I can relate wholeheartedly. Although I was never a perfectionist as a child, tramatic events changed something in me. I find my self in an all or nothing mind set. If I mess up once I feel like I have totaly failed. But thats not true! We can get through this. Making mistakes is part of the process. We just have to learn to forgive ourselves. Hang in there!
    3916 days ago
    And this my dear Carrie, is why we are friends. Perfectionists unite!! Seriously though, that is exactly what I do. I don't bother tracking when I've had a bad food day. I figure, I know I sucked, why do I need to know exactly how bad?? You can do it. This is the start of the rest of your journey. Now that you have realized the problem, you can succeed! I have faith!

    emoticon emoticon
    3926 days ago
    Good for you. I'm the same way, so all or nothing and a perfectionist. If it's not perfect, I just don't want to do it. So I'll track if you will!
    3926 days ago
    Great realization and great blog post. Good luck with your tracking!

    I have also fallen off the wagon with tracking, and am a recovering perfectionist. But I have really felt that after 6 months of tracking and measuring everything, I'd just lost patience for it and the commitment to make it a priority, timewise. I am trying to get back into tracking a couple of times a week. I will definitely say that it's easier for me to slip up if I don't have to write it down!

    For me, maybe I have to realize that I can track without being PERFECT about tracking. Like, I don't have to measure everything to the ounce and level tablespoon. Even a rough estimate would help me keep tabs on things.
    3927 days ago
    Color on, my lovely!!

    I love this and what better analogy for a situation like this than what you used here...I have been in the very same boat - not tracking diddly squat other than my water intake. Yes, it's because I haven't been such a good girl lately - and it's starting to show.

    Getting a smudge outside the lines is just our reminder that no one's perfect - and that we can work on these things to make better "us'".

    Thanks for the reminder...I will start tracking TODAY!

    e emoticon k, you are the BEST!
    3927 days ago
    Nice catch! Amazing how our habits establish patterns for so many other aspects of our lives. Hopefully now you're set for an imperfect food log! :)
    3927 days ago
    I love the connection you made here. Congratulations on recognizing this about yourself and being strong about confronting it.

    Wishing you continued success.....
    3927 days ago
    As a bit of a perfectionist myself, I can totally relate to this blog. I not only want to have things look "perfect" but I also need to have everyone else only see my "perfect" days- so I too have fallen off the food tracking wagon- lol!

    But also like you I have made a recommittment to myself as of today to begin tracking every day- whether things are ideal or not, I have to do it! Ironically, I think doing so actually keeps me in line more than if I "wing it" in my head.

    Kudos to you for figuring this out about yourself and making the necessary changes to stay on track. You can do it!

    emoticon , Cinnamon
    3927 days ago
  • STORMY96
    for me, i think it was the same...if i fell off i didn't want to see it in writing. its almost like if i didn't see it, it didn't happen! Now i Track it all, it just reinforces that im not doing what i have to do to make it happen. the bottom line is this, u are not fooling no one but yourself. so lets get on track and just do it. rem none of us are perfect! good luck! Luisa

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    3927 days ago
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