Yes, Yes. I know. I WAS so cute.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sigh. I had a neighbor over who wanted to see our family pictures. Of course, I jumped at the chance to look over my chubby cheeked babies pictures. As I just knew she would, *grin*, she adored the pics of the kids, so I couldnt help but share our wedding album with her.

As soon as the first page was turned, out of her mouth flew 'No, that isnt you!'. I laughed it off and said 'I know, I know, I have put on some weight'. To which she replied, 'And it looks like you used to wear make up'.

I felt me stomach start to turn. I do wear make now, but in the land of toddlers make up isnt quite as important as it once was. To be frank, I doubt if my kids notice when I wear make up or not they are so little. It is applied for church, bible study, or any other event with more than a close handful of friends, and that's about it these days.

With each turn of the page there seemed to be a new comment. 'You were so pretty!', 'Your hair was so gorgeous', 'You were so cute'. It was all the 'WERE's that were bringing my insides to tears and total disgust with myself.

I sat patiently listening to her comments with understanding that it was all true. Believe me, this women woudlnt hurt a fly. She just doesnt think things through before she speaks. She looked, and I sat, and sat, and sat, just waiting for the album to be over. Then came the knife to any thread of feeling relatively cute that I had left in me... Get ready for it, DUN, DUN, DUN......'I wouldnt have never known that was you if you wouldnt have told me.'

Oh friends, this makes me want to crawl in a cave and eat Dove chocolates until I meet my Maker. I havent quite come to the place where those comments are motivating factors. I will, because I am a glass half full person. It just may take some prayer and encouragement first!

Hey, Rachie Kae

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  • VICD25
    I'm guessing your neighbor has never gained a pound? I'm sure (as you said) those comments just fell out of her mouth without thinking how they would affect you. If she realized how is sounded, I'm sure she would be MORTIFIED!

    I can echo your wonderful SP friends here. You are GORGEOUS! (now and then both!) It seems to me you don't NEED any make-up. You have a natural glow and.. . wait a minute. . . is that confidence??

    Go Girl!

    3864 days ago
    You are gorgeous, Rachael!Your current profile picture is beautiful.

    I have come to the conclusion that people are clueless. I am 6 ft tall and have been since I was 13 years old. I remember my (former!) favorite uncle's comment on seeing me at age 14- "I hope you don't get any bigger!" So many comments like that.

    Don't let it push you over the Dove edge! Take a deep breath and press on!
    3864 days ago
  • SARAH2106
    You are beautiful!! We all change and don't look like we did a few years ago (I am sure you friend doesn't look the same as she did 4-5 years ago either). I know it is very difficult, but try not to let other's people's comments go to your heart. You are an amazing mom and wife and beautiful inside and out!
    3865 days ago
    I defenitely have to agree. You are just as good looking in your pic's on your sparks page as you are in your wedding pics. So please put down them Dove Bars and step away. Also, remember this. God sees and knows who you are. You will always be a beautiful flower in his garden.
    3865 days ago
    Those are beautiful pictures that you posted. You look so happy. :) As hard as it may seem, with comments like that you've just got to let them roll off your back. as you said, that woman wouldn't hurt a fly.
    3865 days ago
    First of all, let me just say Welcome to Spark! :) Glad to have you here and wish you all the best on your journey to good health!

    As far as I can see, from EVERY picture here and on your main page..........YOU ARE CUTE, IN FACT, LOVELY. Right here, right now. So, take those comments she made, close the book and put them away. You are stronger, smarter and CUTER than that. Put the Dove down, girl.........walk away! lol....

    You have got more support here than ever! You go, girl!
    3865 days ago
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