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Squats Made Easier!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Squats Made Easier!

My 87 year old dad has been given squats to do daily and he was advised to hold onto the sink.

I promised Dad I would do every exercise he is required to do and my walking buddy decided that if an 87 year old on dialysis can do them, a 45 year old cancer survivor can too! Cathy is the one that came up with this neat trick for doing squats!

If you put your feet under the sink (most sinks have a "cutout" for your feet) and put your fingertips into the sink it is easier to do.

You can safely squat down without fear of falling and you no longer need to watch to make sure your knees don't go past your toes! If you do, your knees will hit the cabinet first!

We are doing our squats and keeping our backs straight now! And, Cathy and I are "squatting" lower than ever before since we know we cannot fall or fail!

Try doing 5-10 squats every time you take a potty break!

I realize that my fingers are doing a bit of the work - but I think keeping my back straight and being able to tuck my tummy in counteracts that.

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