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I have to vent a little...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I try to visit other Sparkers' pages on a regular basis (you inspire me!), but, lately, I have been finding it a little sad/ frustrating, too. At the risk of offending, I have to say this.. only because I WAS that person and I don't want to see anyone else fail unnecessarily. Consider this an intervention.

A lot of people seem to use their page to list all the reasons why they've gained the weight, why they've arrived at today unhappy or unhealthy, why they can't climb stairs without panting or feel comfortable in their own skin. I've seen countless stories blamed on baby weight (been there), on health problems (done that), or on life circumstances (that too). I look at those stories, and I'm struck with a profound sadness for the individual. Because I WAS that person and because I've known many of the like, I know that these particular Sparkers probably won't be around long enough to reach or surpass their goals. (I call them New Years Resolutioners.) I've made the excuse. I've conjured up the reasons. I've given up because those excuses and reasons were stronger than me (they'd HAVE to be, right? or I wouldn't be so fat or so unhealthy or so unhappy). Here's the secret. Are you listening?

Until we have the strength to admit that WE are the reason that we are where we are, until we can take responsibility for doing this to ourselves, we cannot succeed. Until we admit that this was OUR choice (MY CHOICE) to be fat, unhealthy and unhappy, than we can never choose to be fit or healthy. And we can never choose to be happy.

I'll be the first to say it (now):
I chose fast food over good cholesterol. I chose quick fixes and easy answers over change. I chose to be fat when I could have been skinny. I chose to be sick when I could have been healthy. I chose to be depressed when I could have been happy.

But today, I choose otherwise.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I agree! Sure there are other factors but in the end it comes down to you and your choices!
    2755 days ago
    Excellent post. I put on baby weight but only because I CHOSE to. I can't believe I let myself go so much but I did and now is the time to CHOOSE to remedy that ... and I am emoticon It's taking a while but only because I'm choosing to let it be so and I have no one to 'blame' but myself. I am so happy to be sparking it and I will get to my goal because I CHOOSE to and I CHOOSE to take the appropriate actions to make it so emoticon
    2755 days ago
    A lot to think about. Thanks for sharing!
    2779 days ago
  • MRE1956
    Great post!
    2780 days ago
    I agree!! My mom tends to "blame" everything else but herself for her weight gain. She has had some major health problems such as open heart surgery and an artificial heart valve plus some serious stress. Prior to her heart problems she lost weight and got down to a size 6 using ww's. She even became a ww's leader! The last year she has really put on the weight. She blames medication (which I know some have weight gain as a side effect) for most of her weight gain. However, what I see is her making bad choices and lots of excuses. I have struggled with weight most of my life so I can relate and we talk about it. I believe the same thing as you.....I can only blame me...I made the choice of french fries over a tossed salad, I chose not to exercise, etc. I just hope my mom will figure this out soon as well. Thanks for posting!!!! emoticon
    2780 days ago
    I think you're absolutely right about what many people do when it comes down to explaining something they don't like about themselves, it's human nature to want to distance yourself from the parts of you you're not so proud of. So we make excuses and we find a way to reconcile what we want to be with what we've chosen to do.

    I know that after reading the stories of people who are handicapped by medical conditions and have so many real legitimate reasons exercise is difficult or even painful but have still done what they could and in spite of those hurdles improved their health and dropped the excess weight that my little complaints of not feeling well or being tired have little validity. The truth is I lack the determination to succeed on those days.

    The real change most of us who make excuses need to make is to see that we don't need to make excuses about our behavior so we can like ourselves in spite of being overweight or out of shape, we need to like ourselves because we recognize we want to change something and are willing to change our behavior in order to make it happen.
    2780 days ago
    Yes we have to be accoutable for our actions. Good post!
    2780 days ago
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