Summary of the last 5 days (Corset Pic included)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Okay, I will try to keep this short, but this is for myself first and foremost as something to read in the future and remember what it feels like to go back to old habits, even for a day or two...or three.

Friday, September 3:
Nutrition: I ate very well, watching my intake and writing everything down.
Fitness: I did a spin class followed by Pump It (strength training) for a total of 45 minutes. Walked the dog for 2 miles total throughout the day.
Grade for the day: A

Saturday, September 4:
Nutrition: Oh boy. Day started out great with me having 2 portions of cereal (Peanut Butter Crunch) with the reasoning for the double portion being I was going on the road for 5+ hours and didn't want to feel hungry. I then had a snack of red grapes during the drive down. We stopped at the halfway point for lunch for my daughter (bits of a nonbuttered, nonsalted soft pretzel) and Subway for my sister. I had green grapes for lunch. I then had 10 Chocolately Chip Teddy Grahams for a snack. While at the Southdale Mall, I scoped out all of the restaurants in the food court. I was not impressed with the offerings, and smelling the Subway in the car for 2-1/2 hours turned me off to that. I ended up having PF Changs with my family and daughter. I had 1 full plate with a lot of space in between each choice, and a few bites of my daughter's meal. What specifically did I eat? Garlic Shrimp with Snap Peas and Broccoli, Chicken Fried Rice, Beef Lo Mein, and Beef with Broccoli. I had Diet Coke with this.

Fitness: None, unless you would like to include walking in the Southdale Mall for a few hours in Edina, Minnesota (which is hard to calculate, because most of it was window shopping).

Grade for the day? B-

Sunday, September 5:
Nutrition: I started off the morning by having a banana. We then went to the Renaissance Festival. My God. The food! The horror! I may as well just put an itemized list here in the order I ate them and the portions:
1. Soft Pretzel (2 bites, rest went to my sister, mother, and daughter).
2. Turkey Leg (Ate half, was grossed out by the amount of gristle and fat, and gave the rest to mother).
3. Breaded Mushrooms with Ranch dip (Had 3 of them, gave the rest to my brother).
4. Pepperoni Pizza (had 4 bites and threw the rest away).
5. Beer Cheese Soup in a Bread Bowl (ate 3 spoonfuls, 1 bite of the bread, and the rest went to my mother).
6. Vanilla Almond Cupcake (had 1 bite of it; it was my sister's).

On the way home for the 5-hour drive, we stopped at the halfway point for dinner. We went to McDonald's. I had the Mushroom and Swiss Angus Burger with a medium fry and medium drink (which was Mello Yello, egads).

Fitness: Besides walking through the Festival for about 7 hours? Not a thing.

Grade for the day? D (would be an F if I had thrown portion size maintenance out the window).

Note: I did say no to a lot of things, like the Cheesecake Factory cheesecake my brother and sister bought after the PF Chang's meal (Godiva, Red Velvet, and Oreo). I also turned down the donuts (glazed mostly) that my parents bought for breakfast.

Monday, September 6:
Nutrition: I started out with grapes before taking off on a 7.17-mile run, which went as well as could be expected with a lot of wind, being chilly, and no music. I had a decent lunch that included a ham and cheese sandwich and soup. I had more fruit, and then the evening struck. I had pickles, tomatoes, a Skinny Cow ice cream bar, grapes, and then a bowl of Captain Crunch. I was a bottomless pit last night!!!!!

Fitness: Well, the 7.17-mile run was my fitness for the day. I did walk the dog once for 1.5 miles and did various walking throughout the day with my husband and daughter.

Grade for the day? B-

Today, Tuesday, September 7:
Nutrition: Oh, it started out very good again. I had a banana before hitting the gym. I then had a bit of a situation hit. My daycare lady had to cancel daycare for the day because her brother had a heart attack, so I took the time off work and was spending it with my daughter. Today's my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers, and I tend to not have food after 10 a.m. since I have done that since I started weighing in on Tuesdays in September 2009. It is a consistency thing, and I feel reflects my true weight loss. I am able to do that with focusing on my work and keeping busy. Well, with my daughter I am busy, but I am also making sure she has her breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, etc. so I am constantly seeing food...and wanting food. I COMPLETELY DERAILED TODAY, and this is the reason I am pouring everything out in this blog. The last few days? Sure, cause for a bit of concern food-wise, but nothing that was really that bad considering the circumstances. Today? I need to reevaluate things. Here is what I had after I told my husband I was NOT weighing in today (I used a flimsy excuse...that he needed to fix something on the roof after work and so I needed to just stay home and watch Kaylee). I also got out of running with the runner's group, but that actually was legitimate...I will explain in the Fitness portion of today. So, here is what I ate in the same order I ate it and the portions of what I had:
1. 10 Teddy Grahams (these are a snack for my daughter. Why am I eating these?).
2. 1 can of Chicken Vegetable Soup (which is actually pretty good calorie-wise, but a sodium bomb) and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich (made with regular bread...oh boy, but 1 slice of cheese and 2 thin slices of deli ham).
3. 2 hours later....a Nachos Bell Grande from Taco Bell. Yes, the LARGEST nachos they have. OMG. I felt sick after eating this. And get wasn't good. It was very gross actually. Yet I ate every last bit of it.
4. 1 cup of green grapes.
5. 1 Skinny Cow ice cream bar (Truffle bar...White Mint YUMMMM).
6. Dinner: Little Caesar's Pepperoni Pizza ~ 2 slices.

OMG. I felt and still feel SO BLOATED.

Fitness: Tried my FIRST EVER Zumba class and LOVED IT!!!! My shins, however, HATED it. My plantar fasciitis? It is yelling at me right now and has been all day. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical, walked around a few places with my daughter, and did a 1-mile walk with my dog. I planned on running with the running group tonight, but my legs and foot hurt so bad, I backed out. A part of me feels like I made an excuse, but the logical part of me knows that I am not pushing myself and therefore lessening my risk of an injury that will hurt my chances of doing my best at the half marathon I am hopefully running in a month.

Grade for the day: D (would be an F if I didn't work out).

So, there....I have written it ALL out. Every last bite I many of them. I am weighing in tomorrow morning with my husband (I think he is concerned, as well, that I am jumping off the wagon). I know it is going to be painful, but also that it will be a good starting point.

I had a conversation yesterday with my husband. I told him that I want to only lose 5 more pounds and stop. I am sick of losing weight. But, I am not happy yet with the way I look. I may not ever completely be happy with my body. I need to learn to live with it. By it, I mean the spare tire that has taken permanent residence around my midsection. If only I could wear a corset for the rest of my life! I kid, I kid, but seriously, here is me in the corset and blouse I spent $250 on, and spent the next 24 hours wishing I spent that money on a Garmin Forerunner and a new pair of Asics GT-2150 *sigh*

That is me on the right trying to breathe and instead feeling ribs crack :o}

And a couple of other pictures, why not?

My daughter and I at the entrance to the Renaissance Festival:

A try at taking a picture of me and Kaylee:

Here's to a new day tomorrow, and putting my health first, and really consciously taking control of what I am putting in my mouth. As you can see, I have no trouble with fitness. It is the food, and possibly the emotions or boredom behind it.

If you have read even part of this, I thank you!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Erin you look fabulous! Don't get too discouraged - maybe after these next 5 pounds try maintaining for a while. Then if you want to try getting lower then you can reevaluate! I know that you can do whatever you choose! Good luck and I am here for you

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2815 days ago
    You look great! You know, I think you have a great attitude about all of it!! I totally understand about the food issues. I'm still struggling with my own, and it's so frustrating. I feel like, having been on this journey since April, my little progress is due to my food issues! But you're a great example to me of how things work!
    2816 days ago
  • BRENDY_28
    oohhh... corsets. love it!
    2816 days ago
    I LOVE the corset!
    2816 days ago
    Btw, beautiful corset!!! And I hear you on the spare. I told my hubby I want to lose 5 more pounds and then I'm done too. I really think I'll never be happy with my body either. I'm happier, but with all the effort, it soul be nice to not have the hanging lower tummy.
    2816 days ago
    Man, did I write this blog. Seriously, it really is like I wrote this. Since Friday, my days have started out good too and then spun out of control. Today I'm back on track( knock on wood there are 2 more hours of today left). I don't know why I'm acting like a bottomless pit too. I feel like crap and am full but keep eating. Ugh, couldn't weigh in this week either. Good luck with your weigh in and getting back on track. A few slip ups don't matter as long as we pick back up with our good habits!
    2816 days ago
    I read the whole thing! Your weekend sounds like my weekend with the eating and fitness lacking, but you at least got your run in, and I am still trying to figure out when to get mine out (tomorrow definitely). But, these weekends happen, and as long as we can pick ourselves up and keep going forward, then its all ok. Because we need to enjoy life too!
    2816 days ago
    I read it all! =) Kudos to you for being so honest. My son's birthday weekend turned into a cake eating feeding frenzy for me. I fear this will not be a good weigh in for me. Hope your feet/shins feel better soon.

    You have done so well. Don't beat yourself up, okay?

    2816 days ago
  • HHI0901
    You're welcome ;) have a great week!
    2816 days ago
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