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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wow... summer is offiicially over. I'm sad. Another summer wasted in my life with no vacation, no time with my children, just work and stress. So in the words of Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon.. "I'm too old for this sh**".

My weekend started at the neighbors house. Went over for a "drink" that turned into several drinks and I finished my rant and hated on the world. Then I went home and gorged on pizza and then went to sleep. Got up the next morning thinking I wasn't going to work out because I figured I would feel like caca after my little binge the night before, but I did go. Spent my requisite hour in the cardio room (still not lifting yet). oh yeah.. also found out why the rage was a little extreme. Seems I had a visitor this weekend. TOM came to see me and I wasn't expecting her. Came home and packed up for the lake, went and got the stepdaughter and we went to the lake, without the dog (previously mentioned in blog prior to this). Not sure who made the SMART decision to not bring a dog but thankfully it happened.

Got there and my friend came up from the water, said You are looking good, get your a&& down here. That was the order to put on my swimsuit and come to the water I think. So I joined them. I'll have to remember that if I am late (which we were), to start drinking at home. They were so funny. Anyway, hung out on land and at sea (well lake but you get the picture).

We had a little drama. Said hostesses son was at a party where a random hunter's bullet hit one of the boys. So some of the crew was out there going to get him and the shot boy was taken to the hospital, so definitely a lot of drama with that and just plain fear. We are still keeping tabs on that issue.

Went on a nice little sunset boat ride. It was relaxing and fun.

I ATE and DRANK all weekend. I thought about calories and then I didn't care. I think I'm on a calcium withdrawal because ice cream became a fad for me this weekend. I ate more this weekend than I have ALL year. But I don't feel guilty. and I don't feel sick and I don't feel bloated. It's so weird. I ate a lot of protein, more meat than anything, but I had chips, I had ice cream and I had beer. I missed two days of working out.. well one was technically a rest day, so I really only missed one.

This week I'm going to figure out how to shake up my routine in the gym. I may start some P90X at home for my secondary workout. I really do not want to quit my lunch time workout. It ensure that I get it done and it breaks up my day from a job I despise, so I would actually be counterproductive for me to stop that workout.

The other good thing. My puppy did NOT destroy anything major this weekend. We actually left him with full reign of the house (doggie doors) and there was a minor casualty to a koozie but other than that, he was good. (he has separation issues). We have been leaving the TV on and I think that might be helping some, that and when we are gone for an overnight, we have the neighbors periodically check on him to ensure that he's not misbehaving. They had thought he had knocked a shelf down, but we told him, no that's some previous separation anxiety issue damage. Anyway, that's my weekend, how'd ya like that???
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