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Back 2 School Shopping

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I don't know what it is about fall, but for me it will ALWAYS be associated with getting a new wardrobe. That feeling of fresh, new beginnings - a new pair of shoes, and a pretty little something to wear on the first day that the weather turns.

I mentioned in my last blog how woefully neglect I am on clothing right now. I've been holding off buying ANYTHING because I don't want to invest only to give everything away in a couple of months - but the straights got dire my friends, so today, I splurged. I still have a little buyer's remorse, but overall I feel really good about all my new threads!

I had a good feeling about today. Sometimes you can walk into a fitting room and absolutely nothing looks right on you and you leave depressed and angry. But I knew that that wasn't going to be today. I had lots of time today to shop, so I meandered around Lane Bryant, touching all the fabrics, going through all the sales racks, holding up one shirt against another. I was there on a mission: bras, underwear, jeans, a sweater to go over tank tops, and maybe a couple of shirts if the funds allowed. I grabbed as much stuff as my arms could hold and headed to the fitting rooms.

I tried on the bras first, and sadly, was not as small around the ribcage as I thought I was, so I had to send those back for the next size up. Still fine though - the next size up was still down a full size from the bras I'm currently wearing. Next were the tops. Now I knew from what I have at home that I'm swimming in a 22/24, and an 18/20 is comfortable, but getting big - so I took a deep breath and selected a 14/16, pulled it over my head, and...IT FIT!!!! OMG OMG OMG. OK - don't get too excited - the shirt is a baggy one, so it's supposed to fit loose and it's definitely not LOOSE. Try another one. It fit too, and so did the next and the next. I was flipping out. I've NEVER worn the 14/16 size at Lane Bryant. I was already an 18/20 before I moved to the U.S. and so I skipped right by that size and went on to the next ones. Thrilled. With a capital T. Now the jeans. I had grabbed a pair in size 22 which is what I'm currently wearing at home. But the ones I have at home are from a Canadian store and everything there tends to fit smaller than the stuff here (made for us American big-bottomed girls) and they're getting a little loose on me now, so I also crossed my fingers and picked out a size 20. Well - I've already told you that I had a feeling about today. So you know I'm going to tell you that the 20s FIT! Oh yeah! I did a dance in the fitting room. Seriously.

Mission accomplished. 2 new bras (42B), 5 new pairs of underwear (size 18/20), 1 new pair of jeans (size 20), 4 new tops (size 14/16) and 1 new sweater (also 14/16). I won't even tell you what the price tag was - but that's ok. I deserve this stuff. I've worked hard for it. And I feel pretty! I never did get my 40 pound reward, so this is it. Wahoo!

The thing that excites me the most though is that quite possibly my next shopping trip could be to a normal store! (for tops anyway). Lane Bryant has been good to me. But I'm over her and her big bottomed ways. I'm ready for Ann Taylor, and Neiman Marcus, and heck - even JC Penny is looking pretty fly these days. Sizes have changed a lot since the last time I was here - and I know my body is different too, so it's strange to me that the last time I was a size 12 I weighed 180lbs and at the rate I'm going now, I should be in a 12 when I'm still over 200. Not sure how that works exactly except that there are fat cells and heavier layers buried deep, deep down somewhere that it's still my job to seek out and blast away to see the scale move some more. But I'm happy that for the time being my closet is reaping the benefits of my loss. Vanity sizing or not - a girl sure does feel pretty when the number on the tag drops!
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