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I Fell Behind

Saturday, September 04, 2010

I know, I was supposed to blog every day, but, life got hectic. Thursday, I spun at home, went to school, got my hair done & then, back to school to finish up for Back to School Picnic. Ran to get my son from his school, changed my clothes and, back to school again. Got to sit in the sun from 5:00 - 7:00, handing out envelopes to the parents. In the packet, they find out what class their child is in. Rachel and I were quite happy. She got the teacher we wanted!! YEAH! Got home just in time to eat a little something (bad eating day b/c I wasn't home all day) and then, watched the first USC football game. GO TROJANS!! Yes, we won (played hawaii), but our defense sucked!
Friday, I got to the gym early. My son changed his schedule & is now taking zero period which means, he has to be in school by 7:10. Rachel doesn't have to be in school (when she starts) until 8:05. Can you say CRAZY?? Any how, I got to workout full force. Did 70 mins on the arctrainer & then, took a boxing/s.t. class for an hour. I was ready to leave & my friend says, "Come on girl. Let's do some more cardio!" What?? Yup, I did. Did another 25 mins on the arctrainer. I decided to kick her butt on it & did a great routine. Was exhausted when I got home. Basically, did nothing until I had to pick my son up @ 2:15. took him for a haircut & slurpees. DH took Rachel to the country club to swim. Not sure what I ate for dinner, but, it wasn't a great eating day again. Watched a movie & then went to bed.
This morning, took my usual spin class (she gave us an extra 10 mins of push!) and body sculpt class. Came home & DH said, "Want to go to Ventura to walk around and have lunch?" Well, duh, yeah. took a fast shower, picked up the dry cleaning, and got gas. DH, Rachel and I leeft around 11:45 (the other 2 boys wanted to watch football all day). can you believe we had traffic? It's crazy. It was a beautiful day. Chilly, but beautiful! Had some lunch, walked around. Found a chocolate store & my hubby was in heaven. He got a box of truffles. Got Rachel some Ben & Jerry's & Dh some Starbucks. We went to Calabasas on our way home to stop in at Omaha Steaks. Having company on Monday & wanted to pick up some good steaks. I ran into Coffee Bean to get my drink! Then, to Suzy Cakes for more goodies: whoopie pie, banana pudding & 2 cupcakes. How the heck is someone supposed to eat clean and healthy with stuff like that in the house? I will do my best, I promise. I can handle little bites of my DH's truffles and be ok.
tomorrow, I am so looking forward to my day. I get to reunite with my Mt. Whitney buddies (ok, Pagona is here & we get to see each other, but our other buddy is joining us from Seattle) and climb another mountain together! yeah. I will definately blog about that with pictures. Going to have a WW latte bar and relax. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

Until tomorrow (or maybe Monday, depending on how late i get back from all my activities)-
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