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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Is there such a person?
Well I might be the first discoverer!
Where are you: psychiatrists and human scientists? Am I right? have you recognized such person?
I never heard of his presence. NOW HEAR MY STORY:
I am retired in about good health and good weight.
Living alone in the center of the city
Have good income
Around my condo there are two superstores for poor people and two expensive ones
I have to spend time in walking and going to the local public library and community center, in my way I enter into one of the stores, and each time there is a "SALE" on an item of the food or nutrition things.
I got tempted, Actually I feel happy and enjoy the buying. Cannot resist.
when I return I keep phoning all my friends of what "ACHIEVEMENTS" I made.
Next morning in opening the refrigerator I got those things which I bought a week ago are going to get damaged so I have to eat them and so my weight is never going to be right
I JUST CANNOT RESIST BUYING. IS this forced eating?
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    I saw 3 very tempting Danish pastry cakes today, with a 'buy one, get one free', so I could have had 6 danish pastry cakes, for what amounted to just 99pence! A real bargain. But then I thought, 'if I buy them, I shall have to eat them so they don't go to waste', and despite my strong desire, I passed up.

    Temptation like that is just for the moment. As soon as I walked out of the shop, I forgot about them, and it was only upon reading this blog that I remembered, and I shall probably forget again as soon as I leave this page!

    If you can just hold out, avert your eyes, don't linger over the nice, tempting, cakes, or whatever, savouring the smell, because you will surely give in.

    Some time ago I wrote in a blog that it was time I learned to start loving my ideal body image more than I love food, and it really helps. I have made it a goal in September to eat fewer calories than I burn. It's going to be hard sometimes to resist temptation, but as Rena said, make a list and stick to it!

    Good luck.

    Love... Jonathan x
    2788 days ago
  • DIANE7786
    I think walking, finding the deals of the day (the thrill of the hunt!) and talking to friends is entertainment. I’m assuming your “achievements” are healthy foods. Like your Mama said, put your toys away when you’re done playing! After talking with your friends, prepare some “achievements” for the freezer and plan to use the rest within a couple days. Nothing a deal if you feel you have to eat it all at once or throw it away.

    Forced eating is making another person eat, like a parent who makes the children eat all their dinner to avoid consequences. It would be compulsive shopping, one of the obsessive-compulsive disorders, if you were buying more than you can afford or buying extra refrigerators to store your bargains. You could consider putting a daily dollar limit on your “achievements.” I think you’re just having fun.

    2788 days ago
    emoticon wow it takes will power to resist shopping i also make alist i go through my fridge ,pantry and see what i'm low on and only buy whats on sale and i also cut cupons when the wed. paper comes i get my coffee ,paper ,pen and startcomparing prices and make my list .i also have a shopping note pad with a magnet on the fridge as soon as i run out of something awrite it down right away shop only once aweek, good luck i save enough money every year that i go on nice holidays,canada, eruope, went on a medeteraian cruise with my daughter but this can only be done if you save and cut back buying needless things you don't need ,hoping this well help put your self on a budget aloha janet emoticon
    2788 days ago
    My solution for impulse buying and why I have to do it:
    - When I was in my 20s, I went into major debt. MAJOR. All due to impulse buying. I will finally pay off all that debt by next year when I am 42. I can't imagine all the things that I would have loved more that I could have purchased or all the trips I could have taken with the extra money I spent on junk and paying off my credit cards.
    - What I do now? If I am going to the shops, I make a list of what I need. I do not deviate off that list. If I see something I really want that is not on the list, I have to wait 2 days and come back and get it then. I also only bring a certain amount of money (cash) with me that I can afford to spend. And I don't use credit cards any longer except for plane tickets or other big items like that...and then I pay the credit card off immediately.

    Best of luck to you!
    2788 days ago
    I totally agree upon SETTING RULES..
    It has helped me with my compulsive behavioral patterns.
    Set rules like
    going to the library is merely going to the library..no compulsive deviations..
    buying only things previously listed and refuse anything else even if it is offered gratis..
    Sometimes purchases trigger our HUNTER'S INSTINCT...and we take pleasure in hunting bargains and stuff------------WELL , my proposition is to EXERCISE which will satisfy primitive urges like "hunting and winning" and fill you up with ENDORPHINS..
    Good luck, dear friend
    2788 days ago
  • RENA1965
    1. make a list of stuff you have to buy- zone out the super market and just purchase these items..
    2. if you have to purchase something I do less damage in good will shops- I purchase my jeans and t-shirts used.. many times shops drop the prices- so I refuse to pay heaps just to see it on special later.. the money goes to cancer- the homeless or thirdworld countries..
    3. I wait now and look at shop commericals- I only purchase good stuff like computers, phones and mp3 if the offer is over and above good..

    I have ADHD and I also made rules for spending money. I purchase stuff if it is needed. It has helped me get a check on aimless spending.. I look a million dollars and have purchased stuff helping other people..
    I also purchase a kiddies bar of chocolate at 85% cocoa.. I don't jump on the jumbo size this is direct disaster in my kitchen zone.. My kids hide it or it is eaten. They also get directions to purchase own junk food so no need to purchase stuff for them.. They have money and are covered..
    2788 days ago

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