The Politics of High School Football.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Tonight I went to my son's football game, and drove home in tears and feel so frustrated and angry. My son has been conditioning all year, played Lacrosse so he would be better in football, lifted weights since last football season ended. He currently is one of the top weight lifters, the fastest defensive player and can pancake almost everyone on the team. Yet he sits the bench so a kid who was cleared this Monday could start tonight while my son stood and watched missed blocks, runners allowed to go down field because of missed blocks and watch his team lose because this kid who has not practiced one single day since practice started and another who he was not aware of was playing defense because he played offense for the scrimmages till the last one and only the simple team is starting in front of him. The boy with the knee operation has a popular last name, and the other boy his dad coaches Youth league football.

I know life is unfair but to do this to a young man, is so wrong, and to tell him he has improved 10 fold then totally ignore him because this kid with the last name can play without ever proving himself to anyone, just showed up and played. The same kid had someone sitting in front of me while watching the game and I said something about he should not be playing informed me the doctor cleared him on Monday and he was allowed to play now, and that I needed to shut up. What was worse was that was not even talking to the B$$@Qh.

I know that he could easily go to college he had colleges tell him to send footage this season from a one day camp and one of the colleges is a Division I college - West Virginia. But that is not going to happen because he is not playing so those who he pancakes in practice can play because of their daddy's.

The thing that upset me probably more than anything was that his father, my ex came to the game with my other son and his mother. They drove 3 hours to the game and are driving 3 hours home, and he did not look good at all, and has stage 4 Renal cell carcinoma or Kidney Cancer and he looked the worse that I have ever seen and he was not walking with surety and seemed frail and weaker than last week for some reason. It is not that I love him, but it upset me that he drove that far to watch his son be in 5 plays.

God is not suppose to give us more than we can handle guess he thinks too much of me because I am really at my wits end right now, and it seems like everything is wrong and just keeps getting worse. My Mom says that if were not for bad luck then I would surely not have any and seems that is what keeps happening, but why my son?

The final insult of insults tonight was several kids are now playing both ways and no matter how bad they screw up they continue to play and yet most kids stand on the sideline and do nothing while these kid wonders miss tackles, let players slip through there hands and run down the field. I can not in any way shape or form understand how a team of 85 players would need to play 5 or 6 kids both ways. Yet we have a complete different group to go out for kick offs and punts, then back off the field so the so called 5 or 6 wonder boys can go back out and lose the game because they think they are better even when in practice they get their butts handed to them.

SORRY for venting, but I am so angry and so tired of pretending that life is good when it is the pits and just keeps kicking me down.
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  • no profile photo 4REALA
    I just read your article and I would like to say that my husband is going through a similar situation with his son. A high school in Florida went through some rough and disturbing times the past 2 years. Head Coaching changes were like taking out the trash. Then when my husband thought matters couldn't get worse it does. There's a player he's competing with that is clearly not fit for the position starting over him. My husband coaches football but his son stays in another city with his guardian. My husband drives 2 hours to see his son standing on the sideline. Also I forgot to mention that the player my husband's son is competing with has a dad that decided to start coaching on the same high school team. Granted this dad has only 2 years of coaching experience on a youth football level. Also he's funding the teams uniforms and coaches apparel. He spends his time during games coaching only his son and causing confusion by talking down about players to other coaches. My husband is gonna talk with the Head Coach in a coach to coach talk but don't think that much will be done since the situation is already deflated his son's confidence. it's a shame that high school football is at this point in some areas of the states but there's very little that can be done unless you have connections in the school system.
    1423 days ago
  • no profile photo CONSIDERED15
    Hi, I just found your article during researching high school football politic. It gave me tears, because I just went through the same situation for my son.

    My son has been just like yours, working extra hard almost everyday with his dad, best in shape when high school camp started, all coaches were very impressed. Then, you can guess what happened on the game day.A kid whose daddy is a college basketball coach in town, the other who is the biggest punk in school, and so on...

    My son just came back from fracture. He has been training with the cast on, but coach just made him stand on sideline. He got 0 plays.zero!! His feeling was hurt badly, and I couldn't do anything about that.

    I'm just wondering how your son is doing. Did he get to go further in his life with football, or he found something else? I feel like, we're at the decision point right now.
    Thank you for reading this, and I truly wish you and your family the best.
    2142 days ago
    The Serenity Prayer would be a good thing to focus on - Congratulate your son for doing the best he can to keep in shape and be ready when his turn does come to play. It may be years before you see the results of all of his inner strength. Please don't teach him to whine but to see things as they are - dealing with flawed human beings. His efforts are not in vain. They just aren't visible yet. Keep going and celebrate the good things no matter how small they are. Then you will see them increase.
    3890 days ago
    There is a lot to highschool football-expense, time, and the politics. Wishing you and your son the best of luck and patience during the season. I hope things improve for the both of you.
    3899 days ago
  • JENNY712
    That was sure hard on your son. Life is not always fair. Praying for your husband, son, the couch and as well as the team. Jenny emoticon emoticon
    3942 days ago
    Yes my ex is still doing the Budwig Plan, and he looked bad to me. However the Cancer is being defeated, and his last test most of the cancer that had spread through his body is almost completely gone, and he continues. He had a good talk with our son, and it actually helped because he reminded him of his fight, and he said he had to go fight this out. There are still colleges interested, which in more than we can say for the other two who are playing. In fact the interest is based on a 1/2 day football came at Otterbein College, which says it all.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3972 days ago
    So sorry about your son not being allowed to play, the scholarship, the missed opportunities, the unfairness of life. He is being taught a valuable lesson however bitter that influence can make the world go around.

    I don't know what your spiritual beliefs are but I will pray that other doors be opened for him - "doors no man can shut".

    I'm sorry I just have to ask - your ex that looked horrible and much worse, is he still on the Budwig diet do you know?

    I hate that verse sometimes, it often seems MORE than we can handle . . .
    3972 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Sometimes life seriously sucks. I am sorry that this happened to your son (and you)!! Hopefully the coach will get some sense nocked into him!
    3972 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having,it doesn't seem fair that they treat your son that way. It's a team sport and the whole team should be able to play no matter their last name or who their daddy is. I hope everything works out for the better! emoticon emoticon
    3972 days ago
  • DIANE7786
    I feel badly for your son. The same thing happened to my friend's son his first year of JV. He excelled in football and baseball since pee-wee league. Every coach and trainer said he was so good because he had natural athletic ability. He made he JV team last year. The coach preferred playing his friend's son. My friend's son stood on the sidelines, playing a few seconds most games. His parents stressed the team concept. He didn't sign up for football this year. Now he plays baseball, your son can play lacrosse. Both boys learned a hard lesson. Life isn't always fair even when you do your best--are the best--but you pick yourself up and move forward. Maybe the experience will turn out to be a valuable lifelong lesson.
    3975 days ago
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