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Friday, September 03, 2010

Since my husband was let go from work. I've somehow managed to not lose any weight, but I've continued to work out and eat fairly well. Not sure why I'm not losing weight though. Guess the ole cortisol hormone is working overdrive because I'm still majorly stressed.

Which I know I am because I am RAGING... all the time. I'm just PISSED OFF. and I hate it. I don't like being this way. I'm having road rage screaming, well yelling a little loudly at idiots. I am frustrated as all get out with my husband and I know he's trying to get a job, but GEEEEEEEEEZ... I'm so sick of this. It's more of the stupid stuff he is doing to piss me off. Letting his daughter get by with taking a dog to another person's house without asking them (and they don't have animals), telling my supposed friends about this and they are telling me to blow it off and let him handle it... he won't that's the issue. I'm so sick of their attitude well he's with his daughters... so you don't care that one of his daughters TRIED to break our marriage up.. just as long as he sees his daughters, all is good. SCREW that.. SO I guess I'm mad at my "friends" right now too. Not like he doesn't seem to be hiding something because every time the daughter calls he ventures off into another room to avoid me hearing the conversation. That just perturbs me even more. I'm not a raging bitch, really I'm not, but yeah I have some issues with this daughter. She shoplifted, I ended up paying the fine... WHILE I was working TWO Jobs, he was unemployed and we were coming off the hardest layoff (mine) in the last five years. and he bitches at me because I get pissed off because her lazy ass can't load the dishwasher? ???? But yet he can complain about my daughter who is in school, in student council and working two jobs. and YET can still come home and clean the house while his lazy daughter is sitting on the couch watching TV?

I'm mad can you tell? and yet I'm mad at my friends so I can't even vent at them.. and you guys get it.

But... I had a good workout today. Went through it fairly painlessly with minimal foot pain. So.. to have a WONDERFUL Weekend while I put on my happy face.

ARGH and I'm dealing with a MORON at work. Brought in to do something that he has absolutely no idea how to do. I hate THOSE POSERS

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    I hear ya'. My ex and I had such similar frustrations when my stepdaughters were teens. The good news: 1) workouts work! keep that up!, and 2) they really do grow through it. We went to h#!! and back, and his girls are lovely adults now with families of their own.

    Having said that, my ex has been unemployed for nearly 3 years, and I'm the sole support for our daughter, now 16 too. (Luckily, she's fantastic!) I sometimes find myself with the same "get up and do something!" frustration... before I remember that I'm the one who needs to GOYAAM, lol!

    3rd tip... laugh when you can!
    3146 days ago
    The work-out was the best thing you could do. It helps to blow off some of the steam. I'm finding my work-outs help me through so many frustrations.

    3147 days ago
    Sorry things aren't going your way, still. It will get better. I don't know when, but it will.
    Why are men so clueless when it comes to their children?
    3147 days ago
    Sherri, You know, I know where your at, cuz I'm there too!! I do feel like the "raging bitch"!!!! Hang in there......eventually they will grow up(kids and men!!), and hopefully things will get better!!!!!
    3148 days ago
    Sounds like you have got plenty of reasons to vent. I really hope things get better in your world. Time to get rid of the cortisol with some endorphins.
    3148 days ago
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