Giving up cake...HA!

Friday, September 03, 2010

I've read a few blogs in the last few days that have mentioned how little they want sweets and treats. Even cake and brownies don't appeal to them.

Now, I'm all for healthy living at the moment. And within 6 months I think I'll even be able to say, "I'm all for healthy living." Period. But there is a line that I won't be crossing any time soon, and that is the cake line.

I could probably give up most sweets in my life. That isn't to say I could give up most sugar, because I like my carbs and I like my almond/peanut butter. However, if I never had a candy bar again I would probably be okay. If I never had a cookie again, I could probably be okay. But if you told me I could never have cake again...well frankly, I'd probably go at you like a rabid animal.

Cake is probably my ultimate downfall. My friend (the one who is a size 0/2 and who has the mentality of a binger...frankly, she has the actions of a binger too, but her metabolism is such that she just won't ever be overweight. At 30, she is probably pretty set in how her body is going to be over time) always relates her food addictions as this...

"The average person might eat a piece of cake and towards the end be thinking about the second piece. By halfway through my first one, I'm thinking about my third or fourth piece." I've seen her eat 7 pieces of cake within 15 minutes.

I'm not quite that bad, but by bite two of my cake I'm trying to figure out if I can/should/will have a second piece or not. I will probably always do that. It doesn't matter how cleanly I live, how healthy I am, how healthily I eat, I will always want at least two pieces of cake. And never will I be throwing away anything but the frosting on a single piece of cake. I'd lick up the crumbs if it wasn't embarrassing to be caught doing that.

The other night I had cake. I wasn't supposed to, but I ate the cake of the guy whose birthday I was out for! I mean, he offered it, so it wasn't like I bogarted the cake out from under him, but I still ended up eating 3/4 of the cake. If it had been my own piece of cake, I would have had it all, but because it was his...well, I guess I do know how to toe the cake line sometimes (I'm mixing up my metaphors aren't I? Ah well). It was left there after that though, and I seriously thought about that cake for twenty minutes after we walked away from it.

The one type of cake I might be able to give up though...is cake from a box. I made cookies with cake from a box the other day, and it was just so chemically tasting that I ended up throwing the rest of the cookies away. Unpleasant. Same thing with some cookies my mom and dad brought home. I had, literally, a quarter of the cookie and it tasted so funky from whatever they put in it to make it fresh that I didn't have anymore.

My taste buds are certainly changing, but give me a cake with whipped topping on it (I hate most frosting, but that I love) from a bakery and I'm definitely going to be having two pieces (or more).

Don't get me wrong, I'll work it off at the gym over the following days, but my butt will NOT. BE. GIVING. UP. CAKE.

Okay, let's eat.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think the great thing about Spark People is that it would never recommend completely giving up cake. You are in the right place.
    2820 days ago
    I share your love for cake. If you don't believe me, check out my personal info on my page. LOL.

    Great blog!
    2821 days ago
    You don't ever have to give up cake to eat healthfully! Nothing is off limits so long as you practice moderation. As long as you don't eat it everyday, but rather as an occasional treat, you can go ahead and eat it without feeling guilty!
    2821 days ago
    Ahh cake... it is a rather tasty little dish.

    I can justify eating it for breakfast ("It's carrot cake! There's nuts and fruit and vegetables in it!"), oh who am I kidding?! I can justify pretty much any cake at any time because there's bound to be some sort of nutritional value in it somewhere!

    If you ever feel like trying out a slightly less guilty sort of cake, let me know. I have a fabulous cookbook that uses quinoa in everything but nothing ever tastes like quinoa. I'm a big fan.

    And it has one of my favourites - carrot cake!

    Bon apetite!

    ~ Belle ~
    2821 days ago
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