Curves? Yes, please!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Today was a fabulous day, and it started out pretty boring. I worked, I ate my food, and yes I did run 6 miles this morning, but overall...pretty blah, like the weather (rainy and grey out).

Today, my husband and I had my daughter for the evening, which is rare. Either my husband is working 5-midnight or she is being watched by my mom. So, of course she has 6 teeth now cutting through. The poor little girl was SOOO fussy, so after dinner (pork chops and pasta with broccoli and carrots) we took her to Target first and walked around (while I picked out grapes). She was obviously wanting out of the cart and wanting to walk, so we went to the local mall where she could walk around (and see puppies).

So, all fun, right? Well, at the end we went into JC Penney's, and for the fun of it I decided to try on various jackets for the fall and winter. All of the peacoats and Columbia jackets I tried on were MEDIUMS! YAY!! And the leather jackets I tried on were large (they always in the past fit smaller than regular jackets.

I modeled them for my husband, and on the way home he said that I looked beautiful in the jackets, that I now have curves and a waist! It made me feel so good to hear him say that.

Oh, and one more thing. The last pair of size 12's that I can still "wear" are now too big for me and I am now completely feeling good and rocking a size 10!! I am getting close to a size 8, too, and that will be my absolute pinnacle!!!

Well, off to bed....despite my best intentions, I went to bed too late last night (11 p.m.) and just didn't get enough sleep.

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