Thursday, September 02, 2010

Disappointment is word that I think scares a lot of people but it is something that we all face on a day to day basis. I'm rather disappointed in myself as of late. I had been keeping up with spark and monitoring everything I had been taking in as well as walking everyday. But lately, I've slacked off big time and there is no legit reason for it. I need to get my crap together and just stick with it.

I have registered for a zumba class so I am planning on getting my food right in the next week so that I am ready for exercise once the class starts. That means, no more pop and sticking within my ranges everyday. It's hard to keep a grip on everything and remain focused but my health is at stake. My tiredness I attribute towards being overweight as is my back pain and such. I'm really hoping that since I am paying for these classes, I will be more motivated to keep it going.

The thing about losing weight is knowing that you have to be really ready to do it ... similar to an alcoholic who needs to stop drinking. They will always drink like a fish until they are absolutely ready to stop drinking. Same with those of us who are in need of losing weight and getting healthy. Something has to push us to that all-time low in order to be absolutely ready to stop a previous lifestyle of not exercising and eating poorly. The change has to come within and has to come for yourself rather than for others. The reward will be amazing but to stop any sort of addiction, it takes hard work, dedication, and motivation. Without one of these things, it will not work. I pray that I can keep it up :)
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    Hi there! I hear you even from England, that's how clear and loud your voice is! emoticon Go on you can make it! It's difficult but the only place you can find that motivation is within yourself.

    I saw a message in the previous post, suggesting not to set yourself to fail and I totally agree with it. Don't set yourself to fail, you have all your life to keep being on the journey of losing weight, why are you on a rush? Make small, permanent changes in your life and slowly you won't even realise you have changed, but you will have!

    Set yourself a goal of 5-10 lbs a month loss. I know it's not much, but if you lose little but exercise as you lose it, in reality you will be building up muscle mass and getting rid of the fat at the same time. Focus on the INCHES and not on the scales. That's what matters, how many inches you lose, and not how much you weight.

    A big hug and keep it up! emoticon emoticon
    2795 days ago
    Very well said, and you will be fine. I've heard about the class you are taking, and hear people at the YMCA that I go to talking about it. It sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it.
    Once you start the class, and you see some of the pounds coming off, you are going to be so motivated. And, the more pounds that come off, you're going to have more energy than you will know what to do with. With that energy, you're going to want to move more, and exercise more. Then, you'll be losing even more weight, and getting more energy, and do more exercises. And when you are thinking about exercise more than food, you'll have an easier time chosing the right foods, and you'll not think about the "junk" that you don't need. You won't even want it. You'll look at it, and instead of saying "yummmm", you'll be saying "ewww, poison!". So, you'll be eating nothing but healthy foods, drinking lots of water, getting lots of exercise (running to the bathroom from drinking the water counts as exercise too!) and the pounds will be melting away.
    You may wanna go ahead and start saving up for a new wardrobe now! Before you know it, you're not going to be able to wear anything that you own.
    Good luck to ya! I wish you the very, very best in your journey. And remember, you're NEVER alone!!
    2818 days ago
  • MSJONES2831
    You are not alone. I have gotten off track this last week as well. I have also been doing a bit of emotional eating which is awful. Keep working toward your goal, success is within reach.-MJ
    2818 days ago
    I hear you loud and clear. But emoticon
    2818 days ago
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