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How to Stop from Feeling Like “Throwing in the Towel” on Myself?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Have been of SP for a couple of months because I felt overwhelmed and depressed with how my life is going and just felt like I couldn’t focus on one more challenge, like my weight loss. Unfortunately, I have now gained back all the weight I lost, plus some, and am at the highest weight I have ever been. I know this is probably a common story for other members on here, so I am asking for help, advice, etc., how do you get past it? How can I not feel like it’s too hard and just give up? Because right now, these feelings are overwhelming me and I feel like crying constantly. I have no one to help me watch my son and not enough money to pay a babysitter in order to make the time for myself to sort things out, talk to someone, exercise, whatever. I do try to give myself pep talks everyday, but they feel phony, like I am lying to myself, and I can hear the other voice in my head that is sad, angry, etc. I try to plan out my time and something always seem to pop up and take over anything good that I had planned to do for myself.

I am hoping that someone here will tell me something I haven’t already heard and strike a chord in my heart that will motivate to take charge of my life and start really paying attention to what I am doing to myself, rather than eating or drinking away my feeling. HELP!
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  • JUS911
    Thank everyone for making me feel supported! I really, really appreciate it emoticon
    3028 days ago
    I completely know and understand how you feel. I had such high goals for September and haven't followed through with one of them yet. I think sometimes when I think "I'm going to have to do this for the rest of my life" that's what really makes me think that I can't. But I read somewhere, "if I can do just ONE thing today, for 30 minutes, and not have to do it for 24 hours every day, then i CAN DO IT." Not the exact wording as I don't remember it, but something along those lines. I think what it means is to not focus on the WHOLE, but just tiny parts of it. Here I am preaching, and what I need to do is practice. Why is it easier to GIVE advice than it is to DO the advice I give and get. But maybe this will help you to know you are NOT alone in this, and that we all struggle no matter where we're at in our lives, weight or fitness level.
    3028 days ago
    Please don't give up! I sympathize with you, and I give you credit for being on this site and posting this! :) As a single mom, you need to be healthy for your son. A lot of people on this site have struggled with yo-yo dieting- I'm notorious for it, believe me. But you need to stop and take the time for yourself. Little things count. Even if you just get up 20 minutes earlier while your son is still sleeping, and do a quick workout video, or take a walk at lunch. You can eat better even if you have no time. Instead of grabbing pizza at lunch, you can get a turkey sub for instance. All this stuff adds up, and this is what keeps the weight off in the long run. When we jump in to everything full steam ahead, we lose that steam quickly. But if we're sensible about it, and make small changes that we can stick with, we start to see results, albeit not as quickly as the full-steam ahead diets/exercising, but eventually you'll start feeling better and seeing results. And remember, exercise releases endorphins! I used to suffer from severe depression, but since I've been working out consistently, it's very minimal now! :) I really hope things start looking up for you!


    3029 days ago
    First of all - here is a cyber hug for support emoticon

    2nd - try doing little things like simply drinking more water. You may not lose LOTS of weight but it will help. Even when I gain weight, I have to remember that I am still getting healthier - albeit slowly - and the weight will eventually follow. Don't forget that exercise doesn't have to be a controlled class or workout - cleaning you house with a little extra stretching or moving is still exercise. Playing catch with you son also counts.
    3029 days ago
  • SLM1988J
    So sorry that you are feeling this way.. It can devestate a whole "diet-life changing "plan. I know that it simply easier to throw in the towl... but dont. Things may look bad and probably the worst for you now...
    I have done the diet yo-yo thing for years. I too, am at my highest weight. I have surpassed my prenancy wt by a few pounds. Let me tell you what I have learned and what works for me.
    1.I have found this site benefical to logging my food. I was amazed at how food adds up so quickly.looking at amounts daily I have learned that grabbing that cookie in passing a few times is just no good and that can ruin a day of numbers for me..
    2. My downfall is exersice. I hate it, I still have physical pain with anykind of movement at this time. I have learned that I am never at this time going to be able to do any kind of long endurance stuff.. so little steps for me. I park my car further away then need be. When cleaning, moving things room to room I take one item at a time and try to get as many steps in as possible.
    3. I think first and formost you need to be mentally ready to make these changes and that can be the hardest of all. forgiving yourself and letting go. I have done that many times in my life.. always comparing myself to others and setting my self up for failure.. sometimes writing a journal helps with alot of emotional sorting.
    I am a single mom of a young son myself. I work 3rd shift. So my day/ night schedule is always screwed up..
    Little steps and stay positive.. try to release guilt. Let things go that are in the past. Find something in you life everyday that gives you joy, that makes you smile.. no matter how little it is.. emoticon

    3029 days ago
  • 329109
    You posting your feelings shows that you have the committment and motivation to do what you need to do. The dr. told me to start small lift weights while i was watching tv, don't eat after 7, drink plenty of water. I am and have been where you are losing and gaining but I think if we know what are triggers are whether they are boredom, anger etc. we can learn to control them. Work 15 minutes into your day for exercise or do three ten minute bursts. I wish you the best. Remember to look at what you have accomplished each day and not look at what has happened in the past. I wish you the best.

    3029 days ago
    I don't know if these are any new words of wisdom or not, but I'm in the same boat. The highest weight of my life. For a while I was depressed and angry about it, but then I just decided that those feelings didn't help at all, I needed to take action. So I started with something small. I have a tendendency to dive in over my head and then fail completely because I'm overwhelmed. I ditched P90X. The time committment just isnt' right for me right now. I def am going back to it, but I need to get my mindset right. Small goals for me work better and then incorporate more of them. For me it was cleaning up my diet, logging EVERYTHING and drinking more water. Then I added the 20 minute video 30 day shred in the mornings. I figure, what's 20 minutes? As soon as I'm comfortable doing that, I'll add more goals in.
    Good luck to you! I know you can do it!
    3029 days ago
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