Thursday, September 02, 2010

Was August a good month for me? I'll let you decide that for me! I know it has been a rough month for me!

1) Last Friday I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis! I was injected with 4 shots! One in each hip and one in each knee! I hate shots, but we do what we have to I guess to get through something! I was given a brochure explaining about the shots and also given a brochure explaining something called Lapbanding! Do I want to do it, absolutely, positively NO??????Am I going to do it? Did I tell him that emoticon emoticon! He's well the weight has got to go! No duh! I told him I had already lost 20 pounds and that it was! He didn't say anything more!

2) I woke up Tuesday morning with my old friend UTI! I had to walk over to the GYN office from the hospital and be cathed! I got some exercise in, and that's good! I will probably be sent to another specialist the nurse said! The other specialist is in Wilmington, NC! I think I will wait until Earl emoticon disappears first though!

3) Went to see Mrs. Lisa, (diabetic educator) today to weigh in! It was something I was so emoticon to have to do! I just new my efforts this month had been useless because I couldn't exercise like I have been for the pain! I hopped on the emoticon and I was emoticon ! I got off the emoticon and then got back on emoticon ! I had lost 5 pounds this month!!!! Everyone in that office was doing the Happy Dance with me! Can I count it as exercise? God is good! I just want to Thank Him and emoticon for your support!!! emoticon

New orders I mean goal from Mrs. Lisa! Lose 6 pounds by the end of the month! emoticon

So now, you tell me good month or bad?
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  • no profile photo THIAGRAM
    It's now Nov. 13 and I hope September and October showed good numbers on the scale and that the pain in under control. Having pain is difficult and stressful and certainly takes the fun out of life. Bless you!

    emoticon emoticon
    3556 days ago
    Here's to the next six pounds - you can reach that goal - you've been doing great!!
    3616 days ago
    I just read your blog and once again the insensitivity of doctors sometimes amazes me! They sure didn't choose their career cos they were endowed with people skills! I have a friend who used to reply to any sort of criticism of her weight with 'well, if you don't comment on my weight, I won't comment on your...(whatever she could find was a little off normal with them)' The look on their faces proved they now knew exactly how she felt, she said, but I never dared try anything like that, just in case I needed a shot, lol.

    You did so amazingly well to lose 5 pounds in that month! Specially with nowhere near your normal amount of exercise. I clocked up 1,500 minutes, my highest amount in any month ever, and lost 1 pound. Maybe your wonderful Mrs. Lisa has the secret formula with the restrictions she placed on your food intake...

    I am so glad at least the scales reacted in the way they should have for you. August has definitely been a emoticon month for you!
    3625 days ago
    sounds like you need a new doctor who is not so oppinionated about the weight.. I had a nurse practitioner who critized my weight when I first got married.. and I was less than 180 then!
    tell him to stuff it! you are doing great and congrats on the 5 lb loss! woohoo!
    3626 days ago
    emoticon on the 5 lbs emoticon . Let's keep focusing on the positive instead of any negatives, so YES you had a great month. Despite your health setbacks, you are losing weight, and more importantly , maintaining a healthy and positive outlook despite it all.

    Keep taking it a step and day at a time...you ARE doing it! emoticon
    3626 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6687446
    You are taking care of business and that is a good thing, Ms. April. And I know you can lose the 6 pounds. I'm so glad you're taking care of you. The body is an amazing creation, and can recover from a lot. God bless you on all your journeys!
    3626 days ago
  • MISSY455
    First emoticon on the 5 pound loss!!!! emoticon

    You have lots of supporters here rooting for you to loose the next 6 pounds. You can do it!
    3627 days ago
  • LUCYLIN101
    I think you are doing great and I love your blog with all the little emoticons! It inspires me to be more creative. I hope that September proves to be a very successful month for you! emoticon
    3627 days ago
    Sounds like it was a challenging month on many levels... but you ARE getting results. Hang in there. Many good things happen as the weight slowly comes off... I'm in there emoticon for you!
    3627 days ago
  • REJ7777
    Congratulations on the 5 lb loss! emoticon

    You have a big challenge to overcome with the osteoarthritis, but it's not insurmountable. I would think that gentle physical activity would be good for your joints, but I don't know. One thing I do know, it's that weight loss can only help joints like your hips and knees. My back has improved a lot since I've lost weight and started walking more.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3628 days ago
    I really believe August was good for you even though some parts were tough. Like the diagnosis and the shots. I hope the shots helped relive some of the pain.The positive part is that you lost 5 pounds! You are still doing what you can to keep going!

    I have mixed feelings about the lap band procedure. I think you need more than one opinion on that one. There can be very serious complications from all I have heard. Don't rush into it. Take time to think about it. Try to find some people who have done it and listen to their stories.

    I have been thinking about you and Earl this week. I was worried Earl might visit you. I hope he skips by and heads out to sea. Stay safe my friend.

    3628 days ago
    Good for you. Don't let osteoarthritis set you back. I've had it for years, and the more I walk and do my exercises, the better I am. I'm not having the knee pain and stiffness except occasionally (used to be daily). And my feet are doing better. So is my hip. My neck has been iffy lately, but my back is okay. So don't sit around, get up and move to the best of your ability.
    3628 days ago
    Take the bad and dig a hole and get rid of it!! The Celebrate the 5 pounds! Yes count the Happy Dance as Fitness emoticon ! Do everything in your power to loose the 6 pounds in September!! YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS!! You WILL do this for your health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am here to cheer you on!! emoticon ! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    3628 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5080021
    5 pounds, that is terrific. I think you have had an excellent month. YAY! I am so proud of you. And to stand up for what you believe in is not always easy either. Dr.'s can be very intimidating, and we tend to go their direction. You will do this April, I have faith in you. emoticon
    3628 days ago
    Take the good with the bad and average it, that way the good will always come out on top! emoticon Six pound loss always makes a month great! emoticon
    3628 days ago
    Everyday is a gift and you had to wait till the end of the month to see yours. congratulations on the weight loss.
    3628 days ago
    Your did such a splendid job the month of August working towards your goal. I'm sooo proud of you my friend.. emoticon
    Heres a good chuckle~also have the dreaded osteoarthritis. Doc left the room to get the needle to inject my hip, upon his return I told him I didn't want to mess with any cortisone period. The look on his face was priceless. I know it's a matter of choice to get injections. I just keep the ol parts movin...& lean on the lord daily~ so far it works like a charm.

    As for the lapband another personal choice....I prefer to work on me, it is scary cause who wants to be that person with the side effects it might create. Let's emoticon Woot! Toot! & Woot! for another successful month.
    3628 days ago
    I think August was a very good and successful month. I am sorry to hear of all of the challenges you faced, but it sounds like you came through them very well!

    Keep up the fab work! emoticon
    3628 days ago
  • SROUS1340
    I think you had a great month! I'm so proud of you April. You did persevere thru all the hard times. That weight is going to go, you've got Chunky on the run now!
    3628 days ago
    I think you had a terrific month! You are making progress - moving in the right direction. You stood up for your decision to continue making healthy choices. And you had an opportunity to happy dance!
    Keep on going. This is a journey, not a race! You CAN do this!

    3628 days ago
    You've had an excellent month emoticon !! Next month will be even better.

    3628 days ago
    I think August was an awesome month for you. Life threw you some Curveballs, for sure, but you dealt with them and kept on Sparking along.
    I am glad that you got the Happy Dance from Mrs. Lisa and her Staff. It sounds as if the Dr just didn't 'get' it. Or maybe I just didn't read that correctly?
    I am not "Dis-ing" Lapband--I know it is a useful tool for a lot of people. But in my limited experience it seems that medical people are too quick to offer surgery without stressing that even with the surgery you will have to do the same work--Portion Control & Exercise--in order to get results. Plus, you have all the complications and issues that go along with any major surgery.
    emoticon Sorry for the rant. I will step down off my soapbox, now.
    3628 days ago
  • LIS193
    Weight-wise it was a god month
    emoticon losing 5 pounds

    Health-wise maybe not so good but you're dealing with it. Losing the weight may help with the pressure on your joints and exercise is great for them too..

    3628 days ago
    Very good month, my friend!! Sounds like you have been making the right decisions - now, I might have stuck my tongue out at the person who gave you the brochure, but YOU are much nicer than I am!!!!! emoticon
    3628 days ago

    August was a success without a doubt!! A great month for your weight loss considering all of the stress you have been under with other health issues. You have a full picture of your health issues and steps are being taken to address them to keep you healthy! How can that be anything but WONDERFUL!! Nothing worse than having things wrong and not being diagnosed, misdiagnosed or ignored and told it is all in your head!

    You are moving forward with getting things in order to take your career to where you want it to be...

    You are following Dr's orders, Lisa's orders and you are DOING AMAZING!! You have a wonderful team of health care professionals behind you...you can't go wrong!

    Your spirituality and attitude are a wonderful example for us all.

    Keep up the amazing work!
    3628 days ago
  • DBELLE39
    emoticon month sis! Congrats on the 5# loss!
    3628 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6484093
    Sounds to me llike August was a good month. You had some trying moments, but you are addressing your health issues and you lost weight. Can't get any better than that, can it? Keep up the good work.
    3628 days ago
    Good month!

    1. You're now getting help for a condition you didn't know you had.

    2. You have health insurance!

    3. You're losing weight and getting healthier.

    On top of it all, you have faith and a positive attitude. Sounds like a winning month to me.
    3628 days ago
  • 1NIMUE
    August was absolutely awesome for you! I'm especially impressed with the way you handled the lapbanding. Doctors just can't seem to realize that drugs and surgery is not always the best answer! emoticon
    3628 days ago
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