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A rambling update

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

First.... Tooth update (sorry to be so obsessed with my stupid teeth, but they hurt so it's hard to think of anything else)

After nearly 2 weeks after I broke my tooth, and it was still hurting a lot. Friday I broke down and called the dentist and he told me to call a specialist to have it looked at. He also gave me a prescription for a strong painkiller and an antibiotic. The antibiotic I've been taking 3 times a day (as prescribed); the strong painkiller I've been trying to take minimally, mostly at night to help me sleep as the tooth pain has been keeping me awake. And I'm so sick of eating soft foods like scrambled eggs and canned pears by now it's not funny.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to call the specialist until Monday morning, as their office is closed on Friday afternoons. I called and got an appointment for yesterday. I went in, answered some questions, and the dentist tested my tooth. Yep, root nerve was damaged (as my original dentist was afraid from the beginning would happen, as the damage to the tooth was sitting right on top of the nerve and he didn't know if it was possible to fix it without the root canal.) So I had the first part of a root canal done. I'll have the core fill done in a few weeks, and then I'll have to have crowns put on that and my first root canal tooth.

Hopefully, it will hurt less now at least. For some reason it was really sensitive last night--I was trying to eat chicken noodle soup (though my husband sifted out the chicken so I only had shreds of chicken in mine, since I can't chew it) but it really, really hurt. I wasn't supposed to need to take the prescription pain killer, but it hurt so much even after the prescription anti-inflammatory (for my hip, but it helps with teeth too) and over the counter Tylenol that I ended up taking it anyway, and it still hurt most of the night. Owie. It feels somewhat better now, though, thankfully. So fingers crossed that it stays feeling better.

I have a very full 2-3 weeks planned ahead of me. I can't afford to be in pain that whole time, but I also can't afford to be so medicated that I'm groggy.

On another note, I am (very slowly) trying to get caught up on blogs, as some of you know. I apologize that I just haven't had time to stay on top of the blogs--I miss reading my friends' blogs. Once I get through the next 3 weeks, I should have some more time, but for now I'm doing the best I can.

Which is why I wanted to laugh when I read a blog today saying that if I wanted to find time to exercise and cook healthy meals, I could probably cut television time. Admittedly, I have watched more television in the last, month or two than I usually do.... but that's because I had 42 beaded flowers to make and I prefer to make them while watching television. But even so, I probably only watched tv at most 2 nights a week.

I have my "guilty pleasures"--that is, inactive recreational activities. I need to read, at least some, every day. If I don't, I pretty quickly become very stressed and generally unhappy. Though, to be fair, I've only finished one book in over a month and am close to finishing my second--and I can usually read 2-3 books a week. So, yeah, not spending a lot of time reading lately.

I also play video games. It' something I do when I'm really stressed or in pain or not feeling good (so I've been playing more when my teeth hurt, because I don't feel good and can't concentrate on doing anything else more productive) . But even then, it's not something I've done every day, and I get little enough "me" time that I admit, part of me resents the suggestion that I give up that time in favor of something I don't particularly enjoy, like cooking or the gym. I don't need the extra guilt trip every time I take time for myself.

I know, part of the problem is that most of the things that I really enjoy doing--beading, reading, knitting, kumihimo, video games, etc.--are inactive. There are also things that are active that I enjoy, too, and I'm trying to do more of those. For example, I'm trying to organize a group bike ride sometime Labor day weekend. But a lot of those activities aren't things I can do every day--especially if they require other people (like tennis). And most of those things aren't activities I can do after the weather turns cold, which since this is Michigan rules out part November-March at the very least.

It's a balancing act. I guess a part of me just resents the suggestion that I'm overweight because I spend all my time sitting on my couch watching television. Because, you know, I don't. I have a very, very full schedule, and I don't get enough "me" time as it is. Maybe I should sit down and do a time analysis... except that requires, you know, time. And that's something I just don't have a lot of.

And a lot of that I know is related to why my stress levels are always so high. I just don't know what to do about it, because I've already cut out everything I could.

But things will get easier in 2-3 weeks. Hopefully. At least, a number of big time commitments will be out of the way by the end and hopefully I can concentrate on finishing my dissertation etc.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm sorry about the toothache. I can totally empathize. I hope it is resolved soon! As someone said in an earlier, I wouldn't worry about the inactive recreational activities if you are not eating during them. It is all about balance and you seem to balance out the active recreational pursuits with the inactive. Enjoy your life!
    2850 days ago
  • ANU_20
    Gosh!!! Toothache sucks! I'm sending loads of positive energy your way so u feel better. Take care and dont bother abt all the indoor activities u r indulging in these days. You really need some thing to take your mind off that pain. And once u r fit n fine u will be back in action im sure!
    Take care! *HUGS* emoticon emoticon
    2850 days ago
    Oh, my gosh, tooth ache is the worst. I'm so sorry to hear you're having to go through that, but I'm glad that they were able to get you in and start repairing it.

    I totally agree with you about the whole, "Cut out tv time to cook healthy or go to the gym". While it may be true that being inactive and watching too much television is part of the problem for some people in managing their weight, it's not a blanket truth. And it is kind of an insulting implication.

    As for gyms, I decided a long time ago I'm done with them. I hate the environment, the smell, the commute. Aside from fancy machines, a gym doesn't have much that I can't do for myself at home and not have to have people distracting me trying to talk to me or wait around for somebody to finish.

    It really can be hard finding active, enjoyable things to do alone or that don't require being outside. Or that don't feel like busy work, or just one more thing to do. Do you like to move just for the sake of moving? Sometimes I put on some good music and just dance around. I don't think about what I look like or whether I have great rhythm (I don't). It's just fun me time. If I'm feeling really silly, I'll dance with my broom. (He's a very good partner. Perfect posture, really.)

    I think it's good that you recognize the importance of you time, regardless of what you do with it. Too many people forget that and get wrung out. Hopefully after things settle down a little, you'll get more of it.
    2850 days ago
  • KOMAL53
    Dear God---Tooth ache is REALLY terrible!!!Even when I had my root Canal done it really hurt that evening and I had to take the Painkiller that night.The next ime when I went for the filling the Dentist was surprised when I told him this---he said that after that nerve gets treated the pain stops----so he thought I was too sensitive perhaps!!!It's reassuring to kow that I'm not alone in this!!!
    Take care and come back soon----I'm waiting for you to swing into full fledged Spark action again---missed you a lot!!!
    I have one request though----could you post pictures of your Bead Work sometime???I love seeing such things---not many people do it these days!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2850 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Ouch! Sorry to hear about the tooth pain. Hopefully it will get better soon, especially after it is capped. Good luck there.

    I had to laugh when you mentioned the take time from TV to plan and cook healthy meals. I'm right there with you on the yeah, right. You try... and see how you do. LOL! I mean my down time is usually starts about 8PM. Bed at 10PM. During that time it's mostly time to connect with my DH, play a game or read. I suppose I could give up some of the computer/relaxation time. Nope not gonna happen. If I don't get it I get cranky. And nobody likes a cranky Cyndi.

    Good luck getting through the next couple of weeks and I'll see you when you have more time.
    2851 days ago
    The tooth situation sounds awful, I'm sorry you're in so much pain and that it's taking so long to fix the problem. As for the other, you just have a lot going on right now, a lot of stress, and you need that down time. That article wasn't talking to you! Really! Relieving stress is an important part of fitness also, so you need those things. What kind of video games do you play? Do you do any of the Wii sports? Those are fun, and it's active also. Well, some of them more than others. My son tends to sit on the couch while he plays tennis, lol, but I get up and actually pretend to play. There's also a game called Walk It Out that I've been wanting, a lot of people have said it's fun. I'm sure you'll think of something once this 2-3 weeks of non-stop stress is over. emoticon
    2851 days ago
    Maybe you will actually lose weight because you can't eat. I did when I had my wisdom teeth removed. After I was able to eat again I decided to keep that weight loss and build on it.

    Sorry about your pain.

    2851 days ago
    Tooth pain is one of the worst pains just b/c it is such a sensitive area and hard to not think about! One suggestion that u cud try is either numbing it somewhat to dull the pain and the other suggestion is that u try what my mom had to do for several weeks when she had some anchors put in her gums to hold her dentures in place. She used to take regular food (she's a vegetarian but I'm sure it cud work for u too) and she wud process it in the food processor so that she did not need to actually chew on it. An adult version of baby food LOL

    Good luck and be assured that u r doing the best u can and reducing stress levels is paramount to a healthy living style.

    2851 days ago
  • RAIN454
    Eek...tooth pain is the ultimate worst. We joke with my dad all the time because he's endured being attacked by wild dogs, a hammer falling on his head AND a triple bypass, but nothing scares him more than tooth pain. I think its because it consumes all of you when it happens...there's nothing else you can think about. Speaking of which, playing video games is totally understandable...since you're actually involved in it, it helps more than watching tv or reading a book (imho anyways).
    Dont stress too much about the inactive recreational long as you're not eating while you're being inactive, then I don't think it should be a problem. And like you said, those might be the things you do during your leisure time but since you dont have that much leisure time as it is, then it really doesnt matter in the long run. Maybe you can start make a goal to do 10 minutes of some sort of active activity before you sleep...maybe after the crazy 3 weeks are over, you can up the anty to like 20-30mins/day. Good luck, Zanna and hope all your teeth issues are fixed up soon!
    2851 days ago
  • SAASHA17
    aww take care. tooth stuff sucks. hopefully u feel better. I guess all the stress for the next 2-3 weeks doesnt help either. My mom had root canal done and she said cold ginger tea helps. So maybe u can make a tall cold glass of that and sip on it.

    take care
    2851 days ago
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