Things are looking up....including my weight

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well call it happy weight....but it doesn't make me happy. Sorry folks I have been MIA for a few months, but in my absence secured a possible dream job in my field (so far so good! and it's MUCH better than what I was doing before!) and sold and moved I've been a busy girl! But when I don't track, and when I am busy I tend to be lax w/ my eating and use the "too busy to workout" excuse far too often. I have not updated the tracker yet bc when I weighed myself the other day it was mid day, clothed, after eating, and TOM comin so it may be a few lbs up ( I am hopeful that is why). Will update soon!

I know I have been slowly gaining over the clothes are tighter and I feel gross. So today I decided that things are starting to get settled enough that I can begin to make this a PRIORITY again! No matter how many times I go astray I always get back on track! It's so important to me to have the structure that SP provides.

So back to my pros/cons for the I used to do....

+got my spark back!!
+logged every morsel
+stayed in cal range

-decided to work some more instead of going for a walk (will feel better once I am organized!)
-didn't drink enough water (I see this hasn't changed!)
-didn't have enough protein
-the above 2 led to craving carbs

I still need to do some more grocery shopping. I went last night but didn't get all that I should've. With the long weekend coming I am hoping to get down to TJ's and/or make some meals/snacks ahead (in btwn cont. to unpack!)
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