Rocking the 8.. and the sporty new tendonitis band

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's been an interesting week and a half to say the least. We've had some changes at work that have NOT been perceived as good. We all still have our jobs, but there is going to be some movement out the door. Too many bosses demoted, too new of people promoted (because they are the big boss's buddy) and too much confusion and not enough organization around the reorganization. Nothing is getting done and lots of gossip in the halls. Unfortunately my back stepping on his way to the top boss got promoted to be seenior director over one of the directors that has now been demoted and been here about four years longer than him so he is rocking that ego. But the underlying gossip is... um... diversity. You had a black man and a woman at the top echelon and now it's... all white males, two of them known buddies of the CIO and one of them a suck up. Hmmmmmm... things that make you go hmmmmmm.

So what does that have to do with rocking the dress. Oh, absolutely NOTHING. I've been a little moody and not even hormonal moody, just going from rage to emotional tirades. True class bipolar but I don't have bipolar, just the stress manifesting it. Oh well, I'll get over it.

But, you know what I did determine, I can control ONE thing in my life. Did I say that before. Actually it's two things. My eating and my exercising. I can't control my job status other than what I do now which is perform. I can't control my husband getting a new job. I can only control which bills get paid to an extent. I can control if we have to sell the house versus foreclosure, but that's still aways away because we've actually managed to survive that pitfall so far. I can't control my children. But I can control my health. I can continue to eat well and exercise regularly. Of which, I have been doing. At this point in my stress cycle, I would have already said (excuse my french) phu ck it and gone back to my emotional eating. and since I've been on a plateau, it probably would have been a double F..IT. But I'm still out there trying. So what has this accomplished... I'm rocking a size 8 from a questionable 14. Yeah it could lie a little flatter over the tummy, but that will be next week. and it's actually the thighs and bubble pulling it up. Abs are doing pretty good. Someday I will do a pic of them.

So the attractive black band fashion accessory.. you see that huh? Yeah. I've had tendonitis in my right elbow for almost three months (which makes it VERY uncomfortable to do upper body work). I do the requisite two weeks off, attempt to go back to strength training and it flares again. Well hell.... Yeah my legs could use some work, but that requires some maneuvering of weights too so that's not healing it. Oh and don't think I am not doing strength training of the legs. Did you see the BUTT in that picture. That bubble has GOT to go down. Well actually it's the thighs that need the work. The bubble just needs firming. I like the bubble. Got no girls, but I got bubble. I digress... yes I know again. I finally went to the doc and said hey, need a shot. So, I got a cortisone shot. It felt GREAT while I was in the doctor's office... then I went back to work and yeah that flare up stuff happened. Wussed out, went home, blew off the workout, and decided me and Vicodin were good friends. But overnight, me and the arm are friends again. I can sit here without crying any more. Actually I don't cry in pain... weird that way, and a high tolerance. Oh yeah and the doc said I pretty much have to wear this stupid band ll the time now, and especially when I go back to the weight room. Now WHY aren't neoprene and bands in Flesh color. Tell me this. Black is just so THERE and it's a big "woooo look at me"... and of course I get the "what did you do now".... I didn't do anything.. I'm freaking OLD and my body hates me sometimes. Oh, digressed again... sorry.. not really.
and she wants me to do.. hahahaha, physical therapy. Yeah I love the whole physical therapy thought and wanted to be one myself, but doc ya see... I can't pay my bills, I can't add a $70-$105 a week co pay to my non existent budget. So... we are going to have to hope for the best that I'll make it without therapy and just manage my stretches.

Well, peace out all. I know this wasn't that motivational to some and it was pure venting and bragging from me. But I thank each and every one of you who actually read it and comment or not. My mood is improved today, but who knows what tomorrrow brings. I will try to keep from reverting to Debbie Downer. She's kind of a drag. I really appreciate this site because my "friends" at home just kind of blow me off at this point with my exercise habits and my rage feelings especially toward my husband. Sherri, you picked him with all his baggage. I FREAKING know that, just let me yell for a minute. And you guys let me do that.. THANK you. All better now... smile is back. emoticon emoticon Have a great sparky day.
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  • KEAMOM1510
    I love the line, "the bills get paid to an extent". Too funny and totally relatable. You look fabulous by the way! Just remember, living well is the best revenge!!!
    3001 days ago
    I just love your attitude and you are rocking that dress! Pink is your color for sure.

    3001 days ago
    Cool picture! Excellent attitude!

    See if you can find a physical therapist that will put you on a payment plan. Sometimes there are different programs in place for that. Years ago I worked in the finance office of a doctor's office and we allowed smaller payments for special situations.

    You might find that a few sessions will do the trick for you. The therapist may even be able to give you mostly exericises to do at home rather than doing them all at the office, which could also save on expenses.

    Congrats on the size 8!
    3002 days ago
    You look so good and don't you know booty is in style. At least it appears to be round and perky, mine on the other looks flat when I gain weight. Go figure. I am seriously thinking about the Brazilian Butt Lift exercise program. Great attitude about what you can control, the other stuff you can't just gives you a headache. If you can stay focused on your goal under extreme stress you are doing great, keep it up.
    3002 days ago
    Wow lovwe the picture. You look great.
    You are rockin' the size 8.
    Keep up the great work and yes we are always here for you. Debbie downer or not.
    3003 days ago
    It's a great little machine. 20 minutes and I'm done. It's helped my bone healing tremendously and when my knees were giving me fits before the weight loss, I would just put it in the area to be treated. Not sure if that helped my issues or just losing 20 pounds, but hey, whatever works, I'll do it.
    3003 days ago
    I LOVE ultrasound therapy!! I've so wanted to own one when doing my arm therapy!
    3003 days ago
    Hang in there...I'll send a prayer your way too. That's a lot of stress all at once. Great job on sticking with the eating & exercise. You look great in the dress...you are rockin!
    3003 days ago
    UGh.. I need a salon appointment. Need a cut and some highlights... bleck

    3003 days ago
    Well the cool thing is she mentioned ultrasound at therapy. I have an ultrasound device that I can use on the elbow. I received it as part of my foot therapy because my bones don't like to heal very quickly. (they don't break very easily but when they are forcibly cut, they don't want to repair). Anyway it's for use on the whole body, stimulates blood flow and everything she said the therapy would do. So, I'll start that tonight. Was too doped up last night to remember it.

    And husbands.. aren't we supposed to vent about them a little bit? Mine for the most part is pretty good. He just has those little things. Thank you for the prayers, need them. As for the kids.. .I have a great girl and now I hear my son is applying for college, so I'm very proud. They are beautiful well adjusted for the most part kids who respect authority and don't act like total moronic spoiled brats. (so I'm a little biased)
    3003 days ago
    Oh man, I love it - I feel like I was working through things in my mind with you! You look amazing in the dress and I can so relate to the husband rage...although if mine were out of work, I might have to kill him for the life insurance (shhhh, you didn't hear that)

    I'm bummed for you that you can't do the physical therapy, but I wonder if you could possibly look online for the same type of exercises they would recommend? I know it is doing wonders for my foot issues and I can actually run again with minimal pain now...might be worth of a shot to do a web search if you haven't already.

    I'll pass a few prayers up to the big guy in the sky and see if he can't help out with the $$ issues...I know how stressful that can be and I am super proud of you for sticking with it through all the crap you are enduring! One of the best realizations I ever made was that I can only control me...my reactions, my actions...I can't do crap about the hubby smoking, chewing and drinking energy drinks like they are going out of style...I can only up the life insurance! I can't stop the kids from being idiots, I can only try to teach them lessons from their mistakes and move on...and their behavior does not reflect ME! As long as I am punishing, teaching, whatever, then what they do is not a reflection of me and my parenting, it is a reflection of having 2 teenage boys! :)

    Keep the positive attitude lady and keep up the hard work...if I hear of anything that can help the elbow, I'll pass it along!
    3003 days ago
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