RTBP2W3D1 - Plyo Pushups

Monday, August 30, 2010

I thought it appropriate to document some of my workout efforts through the medium of video. Here I am performing an 'extra' five Plyo Pushups at the end of my Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps workout. It was indeed a great work out. I am pushing it here and there - and trying to up the weight; or the rep... sometimes both. On the Weighted Circle exercise tonight - during the second rep - I was shaking. So, I morphed into Capt Jack Sparrow, and said - ARRRRRG! I pressed through the last five motions.

Notice my T-Shirt? I saw this yesterday when I was out shopping at the Super Target store down the street from my subdivision. I couldn't resist! Welcome to the Gun Show - haha! I love it! Yeah - I had some zing-zang in tonight's workout - here I am posing for the picture; but rest assured - I ain't a poser! That's all sweat - mustered up from an intense workout - complete with grunting, groaning, and of course, Capt Jack Sparrow Specials - ARRRRGGG!

I entered into the kitchen this evening - post RTB workout - completely ravenous. I knew my sugar was a tad low; so, I grabbed some grapes. They were sweet, cold, and delicious. I cooked up some quick protein and of course I had to have some sauerkraut! All in all - it was a great way to wrap up my eating for the day. I then attacked the mountain of dirty dishes that accumulated while I was at work.

May your way be filled in Love - Keep on pressing! Oh, and I am adding this -

Expect Great Things Going Forward! - Lee

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