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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I didn't actually have 12 cookies (I had 2 1/2), but I did have to have some chocolate today. I was at the store to buy something for dinner (good choices), and really I've been craving. I'm sure I'm PMS-ing (although not as badly as usual), or something because I should be, but I just had this voice saying, "MUST. HAVE. CHOCOLATE." I couldn't satisfy it by saying I could have licorice (which I love), it had to be chocolate or nothing.

Obviously, nothing would have been a better choice, but I'm a little off at the moment, so that wasn't happening.

I spend 25 minutes looking at chocolate. Not an exaggeration. I looked at individual chocolate bars of all brands. I looked at little coins of chocolate. I looked at chocolate covered nuts. I looked at cake. I looked at ...oooh, no I didn't look at ice cream, but that would have been delicious. I had two requirements. It had to be milk chocolate (sorry dark, you and I just don't get along that well - if there was only dark chocolate in the world I wouldn't be a chocolate fan), and it had to have almonds. Not macadamia nuts (seriously Lindt, what is with the one-hit wonder in the nuts department?). Not peanuts. It had to be almonds. Hershey's was a top contender. You can get a single serving bar (if you can call 220 calories and 14 grams of fat "single serving"). Then I saw a smaller bar. Similar in calories and fat, but less on carbohydrates. Should have been my first clue.

For one, I don't actually NEED to watch my carbohydrates the way I eat at the moment. I am always under my carbohydrates, by a lot. I'm apparently on the Zone/Atkins/South Beach without even knowing how I'm doing it (could be that I've cut out sandwiches and cereal from my life...just a thought). I didn't need to worry about my carbs, so why was I even looking at that? I finally decided on the lower carb one because it had almonds AND toffee.

Low carb (it was the equivalent of "1" carb, which equals 15 grams of carbs), with candy and chocolate and almonds? Yeah, should have been clue number two.

I got home and put the brats on the grill, but I couldn't wait for the chocolate. I needed some. So, I ripped that package open (not unlike Augustus Gloop in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory") and started eating it.

It was bad. BADDDDDDD. Like, can-you-actually-call-this-cho
like-soap bad. I told my mom and she said, "Well that's great!" She thought my tastebuds had changed...hahahahahahahahahaha
. Good luck with that one. Nope, it was just awful chocolate. Talk about disappointing. I ended up throwing the last of it away. I go through all the effort of picking a decent choice and it ends up sucking. emoticon

It was a weird weekend for me overall though. I took Friday off from working out. I was exhausted after my two hours workout on Thursday evening, so I needed it. I did my two workouts on Saturday though (go me!)...but then I went to a dinner that I planned beforehand, and of course nothing went to plan. I had a beer (biggest small beer I've ever seen), and potatoes ended up coming with my meal of lemon chicken (pretty sure the sauce was mostly butter, not just lemon-white wine like they touted). Fine on potatoes, won't destroy my diet. But they slathered it in gravy! That wasn't on the menu at all! I had no idea it was coming with that! I left about half the food on the plate, but there was so many more calories represented that I still went over my pre-dinner estimate. Not to mention the beer that I didn't plan on having. Oh, and there was cake.

I'm just not evolved enough to pass up cake at this juncture in my life.

I had half a piece of the chocolatey-cherry Black Forest cake. Possibly the best part of the meal. I still didn't go over my overall calories for the day, but I definitely had more than I usually do.

I also didn't do my second workout today. I was out until 1am last night, I needed a little relaxation time. It was nice, but I did some bored eating (95% good choices on that-minus the 2 1/2 cookies I mentioned at the beginning, but still it was bored eating for the most part, not real hunger).

I would give the weekend a 7 out of 10 overall. Better than average, but hardly winning any awards. Just back to it this week then. Best part? I'm not beating myself up about a few poor meal choices, bad chocolate, and missing one extra workout this weekend. That's a little think I like to call...progress. emoticon
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  • IVY_13
    Yes, this is why I just have the real stuff if I'm going to eat it. I hate to waste calories on food that doesn't taste good. I usually do dark chocolate though. Once I went there, milk chocolate just wasn't enough chocolate for me. Lol!

    I took cereal out of my life once and I had a bad emotional reactional to the world around me without it. I also didn't lose any weight, but I did make some interesting discoveries. I keep it around now to keep me sane until I can work out the social kinks I have in my life. I'm trying to keep it as low in sugar as possible...and I eat less of it that way too. And aside from a few bad days, I'm only eating it for breakfast now, so I suppose some progress was made.

    Sounds like you're doing great on your plan! Making good choices and moving the old hindparts. ^_^ Progress is progress. Keep moving forward. ^_^
    2849 days ago
    Awwww... there's nothing worse than finally getting a treat you're craving which sucks the big one... But... 7/10 for the weekend is all good!! That is at least an A- (which is still an A!!)

    2849 days ago
    Yay for progress! And sorry about the chocolate bar. That really sucks.
    2849 days ago
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