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Chicken Ramen Stir Fry

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm attempting a new recipe tonight and thought I'd blog about it. So far my blogs have only been happening about once a week, but I'm trying to do better. I just haven't had anything worthwhile to say! :-)

So I'm hungry and need to eat dinner and I've been thinking about making my own concoction of ingredients I already have in the house. I have three packages of Oriental Ramen Noodles that I need to use up. Oh, what can I make with Ramen noodles that can still be considered low fat. Sure, I could eat the whole package, but BLAH!!! What's the fun in that? Wasted calories for sure!!

Here's what I came up with:

Ramen Noodles + Baked Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast + Shredded Carrot/Broccoli/Cabbage Slaw mixture + Seasoning = A Tasty Treat!

I'm going to stir fry all of this, add a little seasoning, and call it dinner. The oil might get me a little here, but I can use my butter spray and it will work pretty good I think maybe. Yep, I am fore going the egg rolls. How sad!! lol. I could really use some broccoli and other veggies to put in it, but I'm waiting til my aunt gets home so she can take me to the store.

I looked at the frozen Chinese food dinners in the freezer section today. Every time I would see the calories of the SMALL 1/2 cup servings, I would GASP! This one lady saw me and starting laughing!

Chinese food is my ultimate temptation. Well, that and Mexican. But, I can pretty much go light on the mexican. A couple tacos aren't that many calories. It's all the chips and salsa (or cheese dip) that get me there. I used to love cooking Chinese food. I have one friend who will ONLY eat my Chinese food. He can't eat restaurants because it upsets his stomach. I can't even tell you the pounds of chicken, egg roll wrappers, and veggies I used to buy when I lived in OKC. Sadly, I haven't made it in quite some time. It's just so much easier to GO OUT! And, so much higher in calories. At least I can kinda control that at home. It's still a temptation, though.

As is the commercial I saw today for the Never Ending Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden. Okay, ENOUGH!! I'm gonna make myself hungry!!

Thanks for letting me BLAB!!

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  • DMC10241
    Dee... this is d., lol... just had to do that, anyhoo. I just made my version of Chicken ramen stir fry just a day or two ago. I use just a little soy sauce and water it down ( A LOT), add some ginger and a little sugar. This last time I used Splenda which was a good idea but forgot I don't need as much then so was a little sweet. Too, if I don't have the time to cut up all those broc., carrots, celery, etc I buy them frozen. Well, all except the celery, lol. But yeah, Chinese is my favorite food too. My trick is now to go to the fresh fruit buffet first and try my best to get my money's worth there and then head over to the others once I'm filling a bit full. That way, I get my fix but not as much :o)
    3637 days ago
    I just did a version of this recipe not too long ago, too! But I decided to skip out on the ramen seasoning and make a sauce out of soy sauce (no more than 1 tbsp), juice from a fresh lemon (or orange), and a little cornstarch, which I added at the end of the stir-frying process. I like my noodles crispy, so I just threw them in the pan and let the moisture from the veg do the rest of the work. Stir-frying garlic and adding a bit of chili sauce before adding the rest of the ingredients also works.

    Hope this helps!
    3638 days ago
    Oh, yeah! I forgot about the Sodium. I can't even imagine how high my Sodium intake was before now. I used to eat Chinese food several times a week. It's amazing how changing a few little things can affect our whole life. I can't even imagine how many calories I was consuming daily before SparkPeople....or let alone, when I lived in Missouri by myself. My friends and I ate out nearly even meal I think.
    3638 days ago
  • AIMEEM77
    Ohhhh yummy! That sounds the sodium in that Ramen-it's killer! I loe Chinese food too. There is this local place called Young Chow's where they do this sushi called mexicobe rolls and they have a grill menu. I kill my calorie counter every time I go in there!
    3638 days ago
  • GRACEISENUF can cook me Chinese anytime, LOL! I love it as well but the sodium does not love me...UGH!

    I especially like kung pao chicken, (hope I spelled that right). I also love, love, love egg rolls. My son likes orange chicken so if it's just the two of us we share two dishes.

    Hope your cooking creation turns out divine!

    Toodles for now,
    3638 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7156572
    your ultimate temptation is Chinese food.... oh my goodness girl... are you sure we aren't related! When I want to have a day where I don't worry about the calories, I always go with asian food. Now I will admit although I like Chinese alot, that my fave foods are actually Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese. I love sushi rolls, kim chee, spring rolls, curry dishes. The sad thing is that Mark HATES it so I usually don't have anyone to go to those places with :( I think we should make it a point to go splurge on asian food at a buffet once a month!
    3638 days ago
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